A day in my life: Friday June 11, 2010

As expected the election was won by the parties who were in the opposition in the last government. I was undecided till I actually had to vote and I’m still not convinced I made the right choice. The party that was the biggest winner is the PVV, it’s an extreme right party. It’s possible they will be in our next government. That concerns me because although they have some good points concerning the economy they also are against foreigners in our country and we already have some racial hate in this country. I’ve decided yesterday to show more interest in politics to see where this is going and that I can make a better choice the next time we have to vote.

Yesterday evening we had a bbq from work. It was the finish of a project that a lot of us worked on for the last 2 years. Although the humidity was high and there was no sunshine, it didn’t rain. This is the view we had:

Today the World Soccer Cup has started. Soccer is the biggest sport in Holland, a lot of people do it and even more watch it. Holland has qualified for the tournament so the whole country is excited. I’m not a big fan of soccer and neither is R. We watch the game if we’re home but we won’t stay home for it. Our first game will be played next Monday in the afternoon and we both work. But a lot of people have taken the afternoon off. My neighbours asked earlier this week if we would mind if they hang up some flags and we don’t, so this is what we’re looking at from our house. This is modest, some people have made their entire house orange.

I had such big plans for working out the rest of this week but from Wednesday on I’ve been so tired. Don’t know why, it just happens. I was at the beauty salon Wednesday night and when I had my face and shoulder massage I fell asleep, never happened before. Thursday morning I had planned to run early in the morning but stayed in bed for another hour, the rest of the day I didn’t have time to go. Today I had planned to go to the gym to do some cardio but again I didn’t. Halfway the afternoon I got so tired again that I have done nothing more than sit on the couch since I got home.
But … I will go to bed early tonight and I will go running tomorrow morning!

What’s for dinner:
Yesterday BBQ, the meat (you can’t see it very well unfortunately) and the salads.

Today we ordered food (didn’t have energy to cook): “shoarma” with fries and salad.


10 responses to “A day in my life: Friday June 11, 2010

  1. For such a big country Canada has very little World Cup fever. But I guess it’s a pretty big deal? 😛

    Thanks for stopping back in to check on my mini. She’s got her mojo back. 🙂

  2. Looking at those pictures, now I’m hungry!!! NOT FAIR! 🙂

  3. Oooooo – that BBQ looks yummy. Wish I could have come over for that!

    It’s always good to see people get informed about voting instead of just voting along party lines. More people need to do that.

  4. I think it depends on where you are in Canada. My city definitely has World Cup fever. My dad brought my son back a really cool orange World Cup shirt from Holland…they better win!

    The food for the BBQ looks spectacular. The salads look so fresh and tasty.

    Hope you are feeling more energetic soon.

  5. Hello Fran! I am sorry to have been away so long! for awhile I was blocked out of your blog and then I was so caught up in my Little Red biking event that blogging fell by the wayside. i’ve been going over your last few posts. I hope you are feeling rested and ready to run tomorrow.

    I have officially started my training build up for a half marathon the end of August. Run or walk, I just want to finish it to signify that my back has indeed improved to a significant degree.

    Lots of blogs to visit and leave messages. Take care and have a great weekend Fran!

  6. Hi Fran,
    It was hot and humid here too! We also only saw the sun for a few hours. I went for a 5 mile run tonight and it sucked rocks! I hate running in this type of weather.

    I need a massage….I would most likely fall asleep too:) Enjoy your weekend!

  7. Very cute about your neighbors – we are kind of like you and R. – will watch “big” sporting events (Superbowl, World Series) but don’t go out of our way to watch a game.

    The salads and veggies at the BBQ looked great! Nice of them to do that for you all.

    I can’t wait to take Ricky Bobby out for a run on Sunday – I’ll be thinking of you running with his twin!

  8. I was in Holland one year during the World Cup – oh my gosh, all the orange everywhere! Belgium didn’t make it this year, so things are a bit more subdued here.
    I hope you get over being so tired soon, that is so discouraging and I know what that feels like. I had that for several years, but then I was diagnosed with hypothyroid. Things are a lot better now, I have loads more energy. Keep an eye on it, Fran – if you keep feeling tired like that for a long time it is worth having your thyroid checked.

  9. Hello there this Saturday afternoon ( after all my shopping 🙂 )

    The weather there looks like Germany..humid but NO sun!! So I keep taking my Vit D pills as I cant rely on the sun ~ with MS I need Vit D!

    I think those flags outside your house make it very festive. I am NOT a soccer fan at all…we love Rugby, that is our national sport _ but with the world cup being held in South Africa I am really interested for the first time..and want to see all the BIG games…
    Yesterday’s game between SA and Mexico was so tense _ I was on FB with all my SA friends, was great to share the excitement with my people as H was driving from airport while the game was on, the moment he walked in and said * Mexico will win * _ Mexico scored a goal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The braai looks good, we off to one with the neighbors this evening…my mommy friend I train, we been invited there _ and next weekend the other family in our street, so my social life in Germany is starting…am very excited.
    Those salads on your photo look very tasty…I am such a salad lover.

    Wonder why you feeling so tired….are you taking your vits and are you getting enough sleep….good that you are listening to your body.
    Hope you get to run tomorrow and have a good one, I will also be out running tomorrow after taking Friday and Saturday off.

    Enjoy…will be having some wine this evening..;)

  10. That food looks amazing! It is so humid here I feel like I’m back in Florida. Fortunately today was my day off from exercise so I didn’t have to fight the heat.

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