The Ardennes: June 18th – June 24th

Hello my blogger friends!

We’ve returned home safely yesterday evening after a great week in the Ardennes. I’m taking you on a little trip of what we’ve been doing the past week.

Friday we spent most of the day in the car. Due to traffic jams the trip took us over 5 hours instead of 3. So when we arrived in our bungalow we were tired and didn’t do much more than go out for dinner at night.

Saturday morning I took my first run of 3.5K. I’m not used to running on hills and as there were plenty of those it was a tough run and a short one but I enjoyed every minute of it. The weather wasn’t that good on Saturday so in the morning we visited Durbuy, the smallest city in the world, and went back to the bungalow in the afternoon to watch the soccer game The Netherlands-Japan. In the evening we went back to Durbuy to have dinner.


Sunday was a cold and rainy day too. In the morning we went to a place called Anseremme. Here was the start of a motor pleasure ride which R. was supposed to join too, he knew a couple of those guys and wanted to go there. After that we went back to the bungalow as R. wanted to watch MotoGP. When that was finished the rain had stopped and we decided to go for a walk with Bella. We planned to go for an hour or so but the trail we took never seemed to end and we kept walking and walking. I think we walked for about 10 to 12 K (6.2 / 7.4 miles) which took us about two and an half hours. We had to carry Bella for a while because she is still to little for such a long walk.

The bungalowpark where we stayed

On Monday the weather was getting better: more sunshine. From that point on the weather kept getting bettter and better: no more rain and more and more sunshine. We went to visit the caves of Han-sur-Lesse and took a guided tour for an hour and an half. The cave was beautiful.

Cave of Han-sur-Lesse

Tuesday morning I took another run of 4K this time. The weather was great and I enjoyed this run very much.
We drove to a town called La Roche where we visited a ruin of a castle from the middle ages. After that we took a tour through the town in a mini train.

La Roche

The castle

The weather was perfect for a day on the water. So we rented a kayak and paddled down the river for almost 3 hours. We stopped twice to sit down by the water. Bella loved it but curious as she is, she fell in the water 5 minutes after we took off. That was her first experience with water but she wasn’t scared of it, just very wet.

The kayak

View from the kayak


Take a short break

Our last day. We decided to go home because it was getting hotter and hotter and it was too hot for Bella to take her everywhere. Besides that the bed in our bungalow was terrible, we haven’t been sleeping well for one night and we had a huge desire to sleep in our own bed again.  Before we drove home we went to Stavelot. Here was a F1 museum about the circuit Spa-Franchorchamps. R. went to visit that alone as I’m not very interested and there we no dogs allowed inside. So Bella and I waited outside in the grass.

After that we drove to Coo. The waterfalls of Coo are kind of famous in Belgium but I have to admit that I expected it to be higher. This was just a little waterfall. We’ve been in Umbria two years ago where we saw a much bigger one. We didn’t stay here very long and decided to drive home after this.

Waterfalls of Coo

We’ve had a great week and did lots of fun things. Eating was not good at all but that’s okay, I’ll pick that up again next week. We’ve been very active this week, did lots of walking, kayaking and running (only me). But there’s no place like home and I’m glad to be back home again.

I’ve missed reading your blogs and will catch up on that this weekend. We have two more weeks of vacation which we will spend at home. The weather forecast for next week is great: sunshine and about 25 C (77 degrees).


16 responses to “The Ardennes: June 18th – June 24th

  1. Sounds like a fabulous trip! Being in the US, I just love seeing pictures of the architecture in other countries because it seems so different from what we have here.

    Love that you got some exercise in there as well. Running in new places is fun 😀

    Welcome back!

  2. I have missed you my friend, welcome home!
    You vacation looks lovely and what’s even better is that you get to have some more time off at home and do what you want to do, how great is that.
    Thanks for sharing your pictures with us.
    The outfit pictures are up, not the best photos in the world, but I was in a rush because my battery on the camera was dying 😉
    Thought of you on Father’s day my friend, hope you got through it ok.

  3. Welcome back – I’ve missed you!!!

    Wow, the towns that you visited are so lovely – the cobblestone streets, the castle, the stone buildings…you just don’t see that in America – well, unless you’re at Disneyland, lol. Beautiful scenery, and I love seeing Bella – she looked like she enjoyed the canoe ride!

    You look great, Fran – of course my favorite is that pink top, but the blue outfit is so pretty. You are very stylish and I’m always looking to get ideas from what you wear. 🙂

    Hey, don’t forget about that Bondi Band…

  4. WOW!! All of the pictures look amazing! I am so happy that you had a wonderful time!

  5. Welcome home! Glad you had a safe trip.

    Love all the pics. Makes me want to go to Europe again…except I am too scared to fly that far…maybe I should sail.

    I love the pic of Bella at the end.

    Way to get in your exercise while you were enjoying your time away!!!

  6. Welcome back Fran! I am so loving all of your lovely pictures:) I have a smile on my face….ear to ear:) Wow, I want to go visit where you went! Durby is absolutely charming! I love the countryside and the gorgeous waterfalls:) Thank you so much for sharing!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  7. Looks like you had a wonderful little holiday. I just love the look of all your buildings over there. So different from here. Lots of great pics – especially of Miss Bella. Why is it that dogs always take good pictures?

    Welcome home! Glad to see you back.

  8. I had so much fun looking at your holiday photos. Bella looked like she was having fun. I loved the cobblestone streets. It looked like they were everywhere. I also loved the pictures of La Roche. I am hungry for green grass, to see and not eat, and just the greenery everywhere. Thanks for sharing your holiday with us, Fran!

  9. Loved seeing your pictures – funny you were so close by! I know what you mean about those beds in bunglalow parks – sometimes they are really bad. At least that makes getting home all the better! Other than that it sounds like you had a really relaxing vacation. Glad to have you back – I missed you too!

  10. Hello and welcome back home.
    Your holiday sure looks like a short but GOOD one…
    Loved the photo’s of the castle, the old village many interesting places to visit in Europe as there is so much history this part of the world.
    Bella sure got to see lots as well..
    I liked all your different outfits you wore on holiday…colorful and very summery.
    Chat soon.

  11. Such lovely pictures, beautiful scenery. We don’t have that many places here in America that aren’t built up nice to see that there is still some nature left in the world.
    You look fabulous in all your outfits! Yah for getting your exercise in while on vacation. Bella is so cute!
    Good to see you back safe and sound you were missed!

  12. About my fear of flying…the good news is I have been to Europe twice, so if I don’t get back it won’t be that bad…maybe…LOL!

    I am going to try to fly this summer for a little over an hour. Hopefully I don’t freak out.

  13. It sounds like a fabulous trip! Love all the photos you included; I haven’t been able to visit much outside the US so it definitely “opens up the world” (per se) to see them all!!

    Welcome back!

  14. What a beautiful country side and it really looks like you were in some lovely places. I’m glad you enjoyed yourself and didn’t get all caught up in what you were eating. It sounds like you got lots of exercise. Good for you for running on vacation too! How many countries have you run in now? I like to count. I have run in Canada, United States, Germany, Spain and the Netherlands. 🙂

    I’m glad you’re back!

  15. Dear Fran,
    Thank you so much for posting these pictures! I cannot tell you how much I thoroughly enjoyed looking at them and reading about your vacation time. It is endlessly fascinating to me to see your part of the world. So lovely!! Wish I was there too 🙂

  16. onelittletrigirl

    So much green! Thank you for sharing- where I live there is so much hussle and bussle it is hard to find time to enjoy these landscapes (plus, there aren’t many of them!). Glad you had a great vacation 🙂

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