A day in my life: Friday July 9, 2010

Wednesday R. suggested we took Bella to the beach to see if she liked it. Most of the beaches in Holland are forbidden for dogs from April till October but about a 20 minute drive from home we have a “doggy beach” where dogs are allowed the whole year.

We took her toy and threw it in the water. At first she was a bit scared of the water and waited for her toy to be washed ashore before she got it. But she got a little bit further in the water every time. At one moment I went in myself and called her, she couldn’t stand at that point so she had to swim which she did. She really enjoyed it so we will go more often because we had fun too.

Yesterday I finally bought my new running shoes which I got from R. for my birthday in May. The sales man looked at my old shoes which really needed to be replaced and took a pair of the same shoes (I had Brooks). They were red with white so I asked him if he didn’t have more “girly” shoes as most of my running outfits are pink/black. He had a pair of Asics in white/pink which I loved immediately. I had to run a bit in the store and he recorded that and we watched how I ran on those shoes which was good. After that I went for a little run around the block to see if I liked them and I did. So here are my new beauties:

After that I stopped at a shoe store which had a sale and as I’m a shoeaholic as you know I couldn’t resist and bought myself two pairs of new shoes:

I did my long run which I usually do on Saturday this morning because I’m visiting one of my best friends tonight. We don’t exchange birthday presents anymore but cook for each other. So tonight she’s going to cook for me as a late birthday present. And I know that I will drink a lot of wine and go to bed late so I’d better had that run in this morning. R. will join us later in the evening with Bella as her husband is a friend of his and we can have drinks with the four of us. I really look forward to tonight.

I left the house at 6.45 am as it is going to be a hot day again. And it was too hot for me to run (again) so after 4K I took walking breaks at every K to drink some water. No matter which way I go in my neighbourhood: there isn’t much shadow anywhere so I’m always running most of my runs in the sun. My run wasn’t about time, it was about finishing and that’s what I did.  I can’t wait till it gets cooler here but have to wait till Tuesday before that happens.

Weather: sunny, hardly any wind, ± 24C / 75 degrees.
Distance: 8 K / 4.9 miles
Time: 01:00:54
Average time: 7:37 /km
Average speed: 7.9 km/hour

Fran’s daily outfit:

Friday a dress you’ve seen before:

Meg asked me to show my shoes also as she is a shoeaholic just like me but during my past 3 weeks of vacation I wore my Crocs flip flops everyday. Meg: next week the shoes will be added to the daily outfit.

Book review:
Broken – Karin Slaughter

Slaughter brings her Grant County and Atlanta characters together for a second time (after Undone) in this superb thriller. When Dr. Sara Linton returns home to Grant County, Ga., for Thanksgiving, she hopes to steer clear of the police, especially Det. Lena Adams, whom she blames for the murder of her husband, police chief Jeffrey Tolliver. Yet when college student Allison Spooner is found dead in a lake and a local boy, Tommy Braham, is arrested for the murder, Sara reluctantly agrees to consult. The investigation soon spirals out of control after Tommy dies in custody. When Sara calls in Georgia Bureau of Investigation special agent Will Trent from Atlanta to take over the case, the local police greet Will’s arrival with suspicion. Will must weigh Sara’s personal vendetta against Detective Adams with the facts of the case, which grow more confusing the deeper he digs into the small county’s secrets. Slaughter keeps the emotional tension high throughout.

I’ve read all of her books so when I heard a new one was published I immediately pre-ordered it. And she didn’t disappoint me. It is a Karin Slaughter book as one of her books should be. It had all the ingredients why I like her books. I won’t tell anything about the story as some of you may want to read it but I think it’s a great book which I finished in about 3 days.

What’s for dinner:
Wednesday we ate spaghetti carbonara, forgot to take a photo.

Thursday taco’s filled with minced meat and cheese with a salad with onions and avocado.

Quote of the day:
“Life is partly what we make it, and partly what it is made by the friends we choose.”


13 responses to “A day in my life: Friday July 9, 2010

  1. Love all the new shoes! Your pup is so cute…looks like she really enjoyed the water.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog–I enjoy getting the European perspective on things.

  2. Thanks for sharing the pics of Bella with us in the sea, great to see her having so much fun. Like children sea water and sand are all new experiences that take time to get used to. Love watching children the first time they hit the beach, its either love at first sight or they hate it. Most love it.

    I’m loving the hot weather, as I write this comment its 32 degrees…I do notice that the German’s suffer a lot more in this heat than I do…even when we do our runs at 28 degrees they complaining, I ignore and make them carry on….
    I never carry water with me when i go for a 8kl run, I drink before I leave and then again when I return, I see there is this belt u can wear that one can carry water with you ~ the neighbor carried a bottle the night before, I had to take it from her at one stage, not nice running with something in your hand…

    Have a great evening with your friend tonight.
    I have a client seeing me tomorrow at 9.30am about their wedding photo’s then Sarah should be here around midday…if hot we will hit the pool so they can cool down.

  3. LOVE the action shot of Bella leaping out of the water! Glad she had fun – and that’s how we were able to coax Paco into the lake the first time…we had to go in first.

    Your new running shoes are so pretty! I have Asics that look very similar – I use them for workout, but I run in Brooks. I do with that my Brooks were more girly, though. And I love your new shoes, especially the heels! Glad you will be showing shoe-shots with your outfits. 🙂

    I agree with you, when running in the heat, it really becomes just about finishing, which you did – woohoo!

    Enjoy your dinner with your best friend – I’ve been reading you long enough that I remember this tradition from last year!

    And bella looks right at home in the water, what a cutie!
    Enjoy your dinner and you make me want to pick up a book and read, if only I could find the time 🙂
    Have a great weekend Fran!

  5. Fun! Looks like your little puppy had such a fun time!!

  6. Awww, I love the pictures of Bella at the beach. So fun to watch little one’s withtheir first experiences.

  7. Yummy! I love tacos.

    Cute pictures of Bella in the water.

    Love the new shoes, very girly.

  8. Bella is so darn cute! These pictures made me smile 😀 Have a great time with your friend!

  9. Love the pics of Bella! We just came back from visiting my brother-in-law, and he has two puppies. The toddler is totally in love with them!

    Love your new running shoes and the other pairs. I really need new “simple” summer shoes! Well, maybe I should check the garage first to make sure there aren’t any shoes stored away that I could wear… Yes, I love shoes, too!

    Have a great weekend!

  10. Your doggie is just as cute as a button! Mine is scared of the water. You’re lucky she likes it.

  11. I hope you enjoyed your new running shoes and the late birthday present 🙂
    I hope you’ll have a nice weekend.

  12. Hi Fran,
    I love the shoes, outfits and your dinner:) Your dog is so flipping cute too…I love the pictures! I hope that you are having a great weekend!

  13. Have a FUN dinner, that sounds like a neat friendship. Enjoy!
    Bella looks darling in the water shots, especially the one with the ball. And finally, the shoes! Again, my favorite part of any outfit…they are so cute! I love the leather heels and your new running shoes the best. I just bought some wedge sandals and I’ll take a picture of them tonight when I wear them out with friends. They are super comfortable, I guess wedges are like that. I’ve never worn them before. Have you?
    Enjoy your fun!

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