A day in my life: Sunday July 11, 2010

Boy oh boy, we’re having a heat wave these days. It’s so hot that there’s nothing more to do than sit still and don’t move. Yesterday night it cooled down a little as we had a storm with heavy rain, thunder and lightning but right now it’s heating up again.

Friday it was the hottest day of the week with temperatures of 35C (95 degrees). R. went to the store and bought a children swimming pool for Bella and she loved it. Every time she was a bit hot she went back in the pool. It was so cute.

Friday night my best friend T. cooked a delicious dinner for me. We had a great time which involved a bottle of Prosecco each. R. came around 9.30 pm to have drinks with us and her husband and we went home around 1 am.

T. and I

Today is the last day of our vacation. Three weeks have flown by and tomorrow it’s back to daily life and back to work. I don’t want to go back to work yet as I’ve had such a great time these 3 weeks but on the other side I’m glad to be back at my normal routine especially where it concerns eating healthy.

But first tonight we have the World Cup Soccer final against Spain. I have to admit I’m not 100% confident we will win this one but we’ll see. I sure hope so.

Fran’s Summer Challenge:
The challenge is for 12 weeks. Start Monday June 7th and ends on Sunday August 29th.
I’ll update my challenge every week on Sunday or Monday.

Goals (week 5):

1. Lose some weight every week.
Week 5:. Gained again, 0.2 kg / 0.4 lbs
0 out of 12 weeks

2. Exercise at least 60 out of 84 days.
18 out of 60 days.
Week 5: Tuesday 4.4K run. Wednesday 4K interval run. Friday 8K run.

3. Do something active every day (this can be working out, running, housekeeping, walking with Bella, going for a ride on my bike and so on) for at least 30 minutes.
29 out of 84 days.
Week 5: Monday housekeeping. Tuesday 4.4K run. Wednesday 4K interval run. Thursday:nothing. Friday: 8K run.

4. Run at least two times while we’re on vacation.

5. Follow the half marathon plan and don’t skip any runs.
3 out of 12 weeks
Week 5: week 3, training 1 + 2 + 4 done.

6. Eat more fruit and vegetables.
Week 5: Done.

7. Try a new recipe at least once a week.
5 out of 12 weeks
Week 5: Taco’s with avocado salad and clubsandwich with makarel.

8. Take Bella to the beach for the first time in her life.
We did that on July 7th.

9. See “Eclipse” (Twilight Saga).
Went to the movies Monday July 5th.

10. Read at least 6 books before August 29th.
1. Tess Gerritsen – Life support

2. Stephenie Meyer – The short second life of Bree Tanner.
3. Stieg Larsson – The girl with the dragon tattoo

4. Karin Slaughter – Broken
5. Stieg Larsson – The girl who played with fire.

What’s for dinner:
Friday dinner at my friend. For starters goat cheese with a baked apple and salad.

Main course Summer stew with tomatoes and red peppers with potatoes, green beans, carrots and a salad with strawberries.

Dessert a watermelon granite.

Saturday a clubsandwich with cream cheese, tomato, cucumber and mackerel.

Quote of the day:
Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces us up, snow is exhilarating; there is really no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather.
John Ruskin


12 responses to “A day in my life: Sunday July 11, 2010

  1. It sure is hot and am loving it totally…As it will be over before we know it and winter will be here, so I am grateful for this good weather right now as loving my forest runs and not wanting to go back to gym to run on the treadmill.

    Today Sarah, the girls and I went for a 7.6kl walk/run ~ it was 25 degrees out, besides Sarah and I who love the heat the rest kept on saying * too hot * LOL, but this sergeant major kept pushing them ~ Sarah did well and burned the most calories in one workout so far.
    I of course didnt get much for a workout as my HR didnt get to go up, but i love the interaction with the girls I don’t actually mind at all to be honest.

    I am hoping Holland wins today ~ will be supporting them….so know I am cheering tonight. We going next door for a chicken bbq and get together.
    Have lots of fun..AND GOOD LUCK TO HOLLAND

  2. We’ll be rooting for Nederland also tonight, it could be a really exciting match!

    Only a couple more days with this heat – by Tuesday it should be cooler! We are leaving Saturday for the Loire Valley in France – we have rented a house (with a swimming pool) and hope to visit lots of castles with the kids.

    I know what you mean about being glad to get back in your routine – I feel like that every year in September when the school holidays are over. Enjoy your last (hot) day off!

  3. Love the pics. of the food. Always so colorful & fresh & yummy!!! I love the heat myself! It could stick around forever but maybe I am odd like that! The pics. of Bella in the pool are to cute! I love seeing dogs that aren’t afraid of water. Don’t hate me but I will be cheering on Spain. My grandpa is from Spain so I am rooting for the family tree!!lol

  4. You look adorable with your friend!!

    So glad you’ve had a good vacation….and you have still been keeping up with your goals.

    I saw New Moon again last night and I’m going to see Eclipse today!

  5. Hi Fran,
    Bella is such a smart dog! I love the pictures of her in the pool:) I hope that you enjoyed your vacation and that you make an transition back into normal life. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  6. The food looks great!

    Hup Holland Hup!

    The Octopus says Spain will win…I hope he is wrong!

    Bella is so cute in her little pool. Glad you had a nice night with friends!

  7. Our heat wave broke for 1 day anyway. You need to get into that pool with Bella 😀

    Dinner looks scrumptious – especially that cheese with apple thingie. Anything with cheese is good in my book.

    Sounds like you had a great vacation!

  8. Best wishes to Holland (in this moment 80° minute 0-0). Bella is a very beautiful (bella) dog and you were so kind to buy for her a pool. Sorry if the vacation is over but, on the other hand, by now you can follow a regular training program. The food looks delicious. Hi from Italy.

  9. What a yummy-looking meal your friend made! The dessert especially looks good!

    Bella and her pool – love it!

    Good luck to Holland in the World Cup!

  10. Sorry to hear you’re having the same heat we are having. It’s been pretty tough to deal with. Bella looks so cute in her pool! Stay cool and we’ll just have to keep hoping for a break in the heat. We’ll get our running mojo back soon!

  11. That heat is hard isn’t it? I hope you get a break soon. I love the doggie in the pool – so cute! That club sandwich looks amazing.

  12. Bella is turning into a real water dog. Bet she loved that pool.

    Your strawberry salad looks SO good. I haven’t had that in so long. Must have soon.

    I’m sorry for you that Holland didn’t win. I was cheering for Spain (historically I enjoy watching them, plus as they beat Germany, I kind of wanted them to win). It was a dreadful game though, very boring. Not impressed with alot of the “play” from either team.

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