A day in my life: Sunday July 25, 2010

Those new running shoes seems to become my Achilles heel. First I ordered a pair at a webshop and got a message they were sold out, they offered an alternative: a size smaller. Duhuh why do you think I order that particular size? So order cancelled, got my money back.

New webshop, ordered them there and they had them in stock. Got them delivered in a day and opened the box. What the …. ? They were lime green and I ordered blue ones. So returned them too, got my money back and still no shoes.

So another webshop (at this point it’s getting an obsession: I WANT BROOKS ADRENALINE GT10). They didn’t have them in blue but did have a special edition of the shoe with red/pink accents so ordered them. I ordered them yesterday so the story is to be continued!

I came across this saying last week. Perhaps you know it already but I liked it very much especially since I’m running in the morning these days.

“Every morning in Africa a gazelle wakes up. It knows it must run faster than the fastest lion or it will be killed. Every morning a lion wakes up and it knows it must run faster than the slowest gazelle or it will starve to death. It doesn’t matter if you’re a lion or a gazelle, when the sun comes up, you better be running.”

Fran’s Summer Challenge:
I haven’t given up on my Summer challenge but I’ve decided not to update every week anymore. I’ll give an update after 9 weeks and after that in week 12 the final results of the challenge.

Yesterday my long run was scheduled. Had to do 8K. Decided to use the run-walk-run method. I walked for a minute at 2K, 4K and 6K and it helped. I wasn’t tired at the end and ran the same pace that I did at the start of the run. In fact my pace was too fast for a long run but I felt great and just kept going. Came home, uploaded my Garmin and guess what: despite the fact that I walked for 3 minutes in total during the run, I ran a new PR on the 8K: 54:57 (for example two weeks ago I did an 8K and broke down after 4K and had to walk a lot, my time was 1 hour that day and an 8K without walking earlier this year I did in 58 minutes).

I couldn’t be happier and felt great afterwards. I’m going to use this method on my long runs as it seems to work and will split a run in 4 pieces so I have 3 walking breaks on the run. Mentally it worked well because I had to run 2K every time which was better to handle in my head than 8K.

Weather: clear, a little bit of wind, ± 15C / 59 degrees.
Distance: 8 K / 5 miles
Time: 00:54:57
Average time: 6:54 /km
Average speed: 8.7 km/hour

Fran’s daily outfit:
Today I wear the same outfit as yesterday.

Saturday & Sunday outfit

With of course the weekend flip flops

What’s for dinner:
Saturday some bread with two baked eggs with ham and cheese. Sunday a piece of pork tenderloin with mushroom sauce, baked potatoes and salad with olives, feta cheese and dressing. For dessert a bit of Ben & Jerry’s chunky monkey icecream.

Saturday dinner

Sunday dinner

Sunday dessert

365 days photo challenge (day 1 and 2):

I´ve seen this at Marcelle´s blog and I love the idea behind it and asked her if I could use the idea too. The idea is to take a photo every day for a year long. It’s going to be a challenge somedays as my life is sometimes very boring, meaning that a lot of days exists of working, exercising, housekeeping, sleeping but I’ll give it a try. I’ve started this yesterday. I’m not a very good photographer but I like taking pictures and this is an opportunity to take more.

Saturday I’ve bought myself a new purse and wallet.

Day 1

Sunday when I took Bella for a walk I passed this mill in our village. It’s completely rebuild to how it used to be. It’s not in production, there’s a restaurant in it (where we haven’t been yet).

Day 2


11 responses to “A day in my life: Sunday July 25, 2010

  1. Hello there before I log off for the day
    Another day where I sat on my butt and editing photo’s all day.
    Thank goodness did do a 8.8km walk with the group of ladies today.

    I hope you get the shoes you like ~ I like the Asic Gel’s for road running and the Salomon’s for the forest ~ so totally get how u want what u like…so wait for them!!

    Nice Sat and Sunday outfits…I wore the same top as well for Sat and Sunday ~ I had short pants on Saturday but today am so cold I got longs on.

    Great to see you are doing the 365 Photo a day challenge….
    Excited to see what you bring
    Love the white handbag and pink wallet…nice combo
    That picture of the mill is fantastc, I am mad about photo’s with reflections, so this one get a huge tick from me!!!!!

  2. I certainly hope you get the right shoes soon!

    Love the picture of the windmill.

  3. I heard back from Lori who was at the same race I was. Get this. When she looked at my report and pictures her husband is standing next to me at the finish!

  4. Great job on the PR!! You are turning into such a runner 😀

  5. I love the pictures you took! I hope that you will get the right shoes this time. I like your weekend flip-flops.

  6. Cute outfit! And congrats on the long run.

  7. Beautiful post with many interesting topics. Watching at the windmill I can say that I miss The Netherlands. It is frustrating not to get soon the shoes, isn’t it? For this reason I always order 2 pair of shoes together. I like the sunday dinner.

  8. Congratulations on the new 8k pr! Good job! I do think the walk breaks help a lot, too.
    Thanks so much for your well wishes for my dad…so far so good…

  9. I can’t believe that about the shoes!! I would be sooo annoyed. I hope that you have a great day!!!

  10. Fran, you made me laugh so hard with your comment!!! LOL! I meant to put bedroom closet for one of the chores. I will change it. Thanks for noticing and for the big laugh!

  11. Awesome. The run/walk method seems to be working well for you. I’m very happy for you and congrats on a new PR.

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