Weight challenge + Workout goals: July 2010

Weight Challenge July  2010

Starting weight: 89.2 kg (196.6 lbs).
Target weight: 70 kg (154 lbs).

Weight on July 1st: 80.6 kg (177.6 lbs)
Weight on Augusts 1st: 80.9 kg (178.3 lbs)

This months result: + 0.3 kg (+ 0.6 lbs)
Total loss: – 8.3 kg (18.3 lbs)

Fat percentage: 40.2 (last month 40.6)
Muscles percentage: 30.4 (last month 30.0)
BMI: 27.0 (last month 26.9)

Well there’s nothing positive to say about the weight. Not going to either. Have taken actions and started the final countdown so we’ll see what that brings for August.

I am pleased with the fat % that’s going down and the muscles % that’s going up.

Now on to more positive things ….

Workout goals 2010, update July


I’m happy to say I’ve reached my goals this month. My goal was 15 workouts, I’ve done 16 and doubled the time spend on it.

My running goal was 75K and I did 76.9K. Almost doubled it compared to June.
I’m very happy with this. For August I’m setting the same goals: 15 workouts and 75K (46.6 miles) and see if I can do better than July.

One of my goals was 12 months, 12 runs. Due to the winter weather the first 2 months of this year when my runs were cancelled I was already behind in March. I don’t like to run races during Summer because of the heat.

I’ve completed my schedule to 12 runs. Distances from 5 to 15K for this year. Most of them are close by home so that I don’t have to travel a lot for it. The race on November 5th will be for fun, it’s a night race and it’s supposed to be special, I’m doing this one with my best friend K.

Number and time of workouts in June:  12 workouts, total time  5 hours and 59 minutes.
Number and time of workouts in July:  16 workouts, total time 10 hours and 2 minutes.

Goal July: 15 workouts

Running goals:

  • Goal kilometres/miles in 2010: 900 K / 560 miles.
    Goal July: 75 K / 46.6 miles
    Total July: 76.9 K / 47.8 miles

    Total June: 42.8 K / 26.6 miles

    Total till 07/31: 319.4 K / 198.2 miles
    Total running time: 37 hours 45 minutes

  • Run a 5K < 35 minutes -> 34:06 on 12/13/2009
    Run a 5K < 32 minutes
    Run a 5K in about 30 minutes
  • Run a 10K < 1.15 -> 01:11:17 on 03/13/2010
    Run a 10K < 1.10
    Run a 10K < 1.05
    Run a 10K in about 1.00
  • Start training for a half marathon -> started on April 19th

12 months, 12 runs:
In 2010 I want to participate in a run every month.

1. March 7, Trappenbergloop Huizen,
4K -> 00:26:51, 8.9 km/hour, 6:43/km.
2. March 28, Zandvoort Circuit Run, 5K -> 00:32:36, 9.2 km/hour, 6:31/km, new PR 5K.
3. April 18, Nike Ladies Run Hilversum, 10K ->01:13:49, 8.1 km/hour, 7:23/km, new PR 10K.
4. August 25, Emiclaerloop Amersfoort, 5K
5. September 3, Muiderslotloop, 10K
6. September 19, Dam tot Damloop Amsterdam, Ladies Run, 4 EM/6.4K
7. October 10, Hoge Veluweloop, 10K
8. November 5, Bergrace by night, 5.6K
9. November 21, Zevenheuvelenloop, 15K
10. December 4, St. Nicolaasloop, 10K
11. December 11, Koude Polderloop, 5K
12. December 31, Sylvestercross, 9K.


11 responses to “Weight challenge + Workout goals: July 2010

  1. Its a new beginning with the weight…so am exited to see where you go from here and remember I am watching you so no excuses….its 100% or nothing, thats the only way I lost my weight….Now while maintaining I am a little easier on myself in the food department, but one cant be when losing…you have to give it your all, no matter how tough it gets at times, its very worth it in the end.

    Good to see you are running more again, when I met you on blogs you were running lots, so I saw the interest come and go in that department as well..
    Running is something one has to make a part of your lifestyle..

    I spoke to my running ladies today and said we must enter a fun run, for 5km before I go to SA end Oct, they must find us one to do as I cant read German so have no idea where to begin looking…
    I think that will be great for us as a group…then from there we can look at 10km…I’m ready for a 10km as can run 8 quite easily but think I want to do it with the ladies first as it will be my and their first run besides the one lady who has run the Berlin marathon 42km!!!!!!!! I would die I tell u.

  2. There is nothing like running a race with your best friend – so happy that you have the Nov. 5th race to look forward to! And congratulations on exceeding your workout goals – that is fantastic, Fran!!! I’m sure with the way you are addressing your food that the weight will change. Shoot, I’m still so impressed with all of your runs – you are inspiring me to do better.

  3. Mission accomplished, congrats. One race per month has always been my impossible goal: only one time in 25 years of running. However I am sure you will succeed, go Fran!!!

  4. Great job on the exercise goals!

  5. Congrats on the exercise goals! A run at night sounds exciting. That or it doesn’t take much to excite me anymore. When you measure your body fat ect. how do you do that? Just wondering. I am thinking of making goals like you do. I am all into marking things off and I think that might just help me out.

  6. Hi Fran,
    You are doing awesome with your goals! Congrats on all of your accomplishments, I am so proud of you!

    I am a little jealous of your racing schedule…you have one! I am still attempting to figure mine out:)

    Enjoy your week!

  7. Great job on your exercise goals! I can’t believe how many races you have lined up for the rest of the year. Do you have a huge variety to choose from? Are there lots of races with other distances to choose from? How big and or popular is running in your area?
    Keep up the great job, don’t let the little things get you down and by little, I do mean weight. It can occupy too much of our thinking sometimes and you are doing a lot of GREAT things for your body so keep it up!

  8. Congrats for your 13 workouts 76.9 Km in July an good luck on your goals this month! Great plan, Fran! You are going to run 3 race in December. I’d like to run a race in Netherlands.

  9. Look like good plans and congratulations on meeting your two exercise goals in July! It is so motivating to accomplish what we set out to do. Now we just have to buckle down and tackle the food side of things…

  10. Congrats on your achievements this month! Sounds like you have good motivation and a plan….looking foward to reading more.

  11. I feel like a lot of people are struggling with their weight this summer… More + than -… Must be all the tempting summery treats ;o)

    August will be a good month for you…I can feel it!

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