A day in my life: Friday August 6, 2010

We went to the vet yesterday and Bella is as healthy as a dog can be. As we don’t want puppies we are going to fix her. Best is to do this before she is in heat the first time. This means she’s going into surgery on September 2nd. After that she has to take it easy for a week: no running and no jumping. That’s going to be a challenge because that’s what she does almost the entire day long.

This weekend I’ve got a 11K (6.8 miles) run scheduled. I have never run a longer distance than 10K (6.2 miles). To be honest I’m a bit nervous, after this week there is one more 9K (5.6 miles) run next week but after that it’s always 10K or more.

I’m going to do it on Sunday morning and use the run-walk-run method. Time isn’t important, what’s important is that I run this distance. Normally I do my long run on Saturday morning but R. leaves early in the morning and I don’t want Bella to be alone in the weekend if it’s not necessary. This is because she stays home alone 2 days a week now and for me that’s enough. After all she’s still a puppy.

Yesterday morning when the alarm went off, I really didn’t want to go running. But then I remembered reading many blogs Wednesday about running that inspired me that I decided to go. It wasn’t the best run ever but it was okay. Had to do 20 minutes according plan and just ran without watching pace.

Weather: cloudy, ± 16C / 60 degrees.
Distance: 2.9 K / 1.8 miles
Time: 00:20:06
Average time: 6:56 /km
Average speed: 8.7 km/hour

The final countdown:


Breakfast: 2 slices of bread with “filet americain” (kind of raw meat), an orange and soya milk vanilla.

Morning snack: a low fat sponge cake.

Lunch: 2 slices of bread with cheese and tomato, 2 kiwi’s and a low fat yogurt drink (flavour lime)

Afternoon snack: 3 fudges

Dinner: Chicken breasts, French fries and Mexican salad. You might wonder why I ate French fries: well it was in the plan. The plan has French fries on the menu every now and then. I did eat less than the plan suggested. Plan said 150 grams (don’t know how to recalculate that for my American readers) but I took 100 grams which was plenty for me. Personally I like this because I know I get some “fast food” every now and then and won’t be tempted to eat it if it’s not in the plan.

Evening: a small glass of red wine.

Calories: 1545 (goal 1500-1700).
Calories burned:
257 (2.9 K run)
Notes: Been on my eating plan and tracking calories for a week and I find the tracking part easy this time.. The meals taste all very well and I am never really hungry. I also lost weight but won’t mention that earlier than in my August recap. First week = SUCCES!

Fran’s daily outfit:
Thursday day off = casual.
You might have noticed I don’t photograph my face a lot, that’s because I think I never look nice in pictures. I did put my face on this photo because I went to the hairdresser and coloured my hair and had a haircut.



Shoes Friday

365 days photo challenge:

Day 8 – Saturday July 31
Fruits bought at the farmers market.

Day 9 – Sunday August 1
Trying out a new running route by car.

Day 10 – Monday August 2
My hydrangeas blooming, I love these.

Day 11 – Tuesday August 3
Walking during lunchbreak at work.

Day 12 – Wednesday August 4
Dinner with my best friend K.

Day 13 – Thursday August 5
At the hairdresser. I hide behind my book on purpose because let’s be honest: who wants to be caught in the act like that with paint in your hair 🙂

Day 14 – Friday August 6
My motivation wall with my medals, my goals, my training schedule, a schedule for my eating plan and an action plan which is more a reminder (eat less, move more, drink water, sleep enough).


12 responses to “A day in my life: Friday August 6, 2010

  1. I love your Friday picture with Bella nipping at your heels.

  2. I know you can do 11 K on Sunday! I will be running too (I have to do 7) and I will be thinking of you. Don’t even worry about the time – the important thing is to get the distance under your belt. And you can do it!!!

  3. Hi Fran,
    Oh, I love Friday’s outfit and shoes! Who and the hell doesn’t love a rocking red pair of heels?

    I need to go in and get my hair done again soon too:) I always feel so much better after a trip to the stylist! Your hair looks great:)

    Good luck with training runs this weekend and take care!

  4. “Time isn’t important, what’s important is that I run this distance.” That is so true. Training is not always about how fast you do it, but that you do the whole thing.

    I am not so sure about the raw meat for breakfast thingie…..

    You should put your face in photos more, it is a part of you and deserves to be in them. You have a lovely smile. 😀

  5. Well done on doing your Thursday morning run! Those are the best ones, when one overcomes the obstacles. I really liked the look of Thursday’s lunch…..one of the things I loved about Holland (when my husband was moved there), was all the different kinds of milk you can get. We also got into the habit of drinking milk all the time – it was great…alas, we seem to have lost that!

  6. I’ll bet with your run/walk method that the 11K will be great. And congratulations on having such a successful first week with your food plan!

    Love your black and white blouse, and I agree with Lori – you have a beautiful face and should not be afraid to put it in more pictures!

    I like your motivation wall – those medals are so pretty!!!

  7. Hi Fran, all that food looks delicious. When you are referring to the plan you are doing, which one is that?
    Sorry I had dropped off the face of the earth in spring. I am done with grad school now and back to blogging about my weight (unfortunately I gained 7kg since March).
    I’ve created a new blog for this purpose but I used to blog at Dream Healthy and Healthy and Bella. I hope you remember me.
    – V

  8. Glad Bella is so healthy! 🙂

    I like that your plan allows for some “fast food” once in a while. I really don’t think plans that allow you only to eat “good food” work in the long run…

    Good luck on your run this weekend!

  9. What time are you going to go? We could run around the same time.

  10. I was on your blog while you were on mine….LOL

    Your hair looks great…are you feeling a lot fresher with the new cut and color, makes the world of a difference to me always. Am in need of one but waiting a little longer as want it cut and colored before my trip back home…not sure if I can last that long, but will sell.

    Your meals look very interesting again….good that you are doing this as makes you accountable…

    Great set of pics for your 365 this week, BUT did expect to see Bella????

    H is at the gym now ~ later when he goes out for a cycle I will be going for a run ~ we both over did it last night…me with the cake and him with the beer, so today we paying the penalty…

  11. Great job getting out there even when you didn’t feel like it! Those runs count for a lot. Love your Friday outfit!

    I hope it all goes well when Bella goes off to surgery. I’m sure it will be tough keeping her down for a while!

  12. I was trying to figure out the book with no success.

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