A day in my life: Tuesday August 10, 2010

Boy did I have an active day yesterday. First I went running at 5.30 am. During lunch I did go for a walk with K. for 30 minutes and when I got home I started working in the garden which took me more than 2 hours. I haven’t done anything in the garden since April so it was very necessary.

I’ve got another short clip of Bella for you. We call it her crazy 5 minutes. That’s when she’s running through our garden like a maniac. It’s very short because when I was ready to film her she was almost done with it.

Yesterday morning I went out for a run. I felt better than Sunday but it didn’t feel all that good. Had to walk 2 times for 30 seconds but I made it. It was between light and dark when I got out, during my run the sun came up which is a fun experience. But it won’t be long before I have to find routes in my village because where I run there are no street lights so it’s very dark.

Weather: cloudy, ± 15C / 59 degrees.
Distance: 4.4 K / 2.7 miles
Time: 00:30:16
Average time: 6:53 /km
Average speed: 8.7 km/hour
Last song on Ipod before finish: Pink! – Runaway.

The final countdown:


Breakfast: Soft curd cheese peach/maracuja, 1 slice of bread with “filet americain”, orange juice.

287 calories

Morning snack: a low fat sponge cake.

Lunch: a salad with pickles, fricandeau, croutons and dressing.

204 calories

Afternoon snack: a few chocolates and biscuits.

Dinner: Beef tenderloin with onions, stir fried Italian vegetables, pasta with pesto, green beans and broccoli.

623 calories

Evening: a small glass of red wine.

Calories: 1559 (goal 1500-1700).
Calories burned:
none (daily exercise not counted)
For a Sunday it’s been a good day.


Breakfast: Soft curd cheese peach/maracuja, fruit salad.

215 calories

Morning snack: a nectarine.

Lunch: a salad bought a work, 2 slices of bread with “filet americain”, milk.

Afternoon snack: a glass of non-sparkling lemonade.

Dinner: Chicken breast, potato salad (light dressing) and stir fried red pepper, onion, tomato and blanched celery.

494 calories

Evening: a glass of soda.

Calories: 1531 (goal 1500-1700).
Calories burned:
1320 (running 30 minutes, walking 30 minutes, gardening 2 hours)
Super active day!.

Fran’s daily outfit:
Monday outfit photo wasn’t clear, so no photo of that.



15 responses to “A day in my life: Tuesday August 10, 2010

  1. I need to get my act together and go walk in the mornings. There’s a trail right by my apartment!

    Great outfit!

  2. Getting up at 5:30? Wow, don’t know if I could do it. But I definitely need to do something. I haven’t been exercising in months!

  3. Good for you getting up so early. Doesn’t it feel good to have the run done.
    When our dogs run like that we call it frapping ( Franic Rapid Acts of Play)

  4. Dogs are so funny – Paco goes wild like that, running like crazy. So cute to watch – thanks for showing Bella! And I have to once again say that your yard is absolutely gorgeous!!!

  5. Bella is certainly a little ball of energy LOL! Is that a fountain in your garden? I am jealous!

  6. Hilarious, my dog Simba does that around the house right after his bath!
    What an amazing back yard you have, the perfect setting for a glass of wine and a good book!
    Great job on getting up so early for a run, bet it made a great day.
    Love your outfit!

  7. I love the dress and blazer…so cute!

  8. I am impressed you get up so early to run – I am a slow mover in the morning. Your garden is beautiful!

  9. Bella sure is an active one…lol
    burning calories running around like that.

    I admire you for running at 5.30am….back in the days of me teaching I was teaching a class at 6am ~ that was tough enough but I got paid so made the reasons a lot easier…hehe, I admire YOU!!

  10. I love that you are taking pics and feeling great about what you’re looking like. It’s kinda like that “operation beautiful” thing. Keep up the good work!

  11. Great job on your calories and exercise. You are doing wonderful!!

  12. Wow! 5:30am run. You’re amazing. Bella is so funny zipping around like that. Man, she’s fast!

  13. Good job on the run and walk!

  14. Hi Fran,
    Bella is such a cute and adorable dog:) We have a kitty who would freak out if I ever came home with a dog but seeing Bella makes me want to get a little dog:)

    I love the black and white dress…very classy!

    I hope the rest of your week goes well! This week is sort of just coasting by slowly….blah! I can’t wait for Friday! Take care Fran!

  15. She is precious! So glad you got an early morning exercise workout in! Good for you.

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