A day in my life: Monday August 16, 2010

Yesterday afternoon we took Bella for a walk in the forest. We let her run without her leash and she did great. She kept close to us and listened very well to us. Here are some pics:

Today was definitely not my day:

  • We woke up at 5 am of an infernal noise. We both sat straight up in bed. I went out to check what happened and the mirror I recently bought and put on the wall came down and broke in many many pieces.
  • I was supposed to run early in the morning but the weather forecast was that there would be heavy rain and strong wind during the night and early in the morning so I planned my run for the afternoon. I was kind of pissed when I woke up and saw that it was dry without wind but by then it was too late to do my morning run because I had to work.
  • I’ve been waiting for months till my mobile phone subscription would expire so I could finally get a Blackberry. This afternoon I went to store to get it and heard I had the day wrong: it’s tomorrow. Now I have to wait one more day before I get.
  • I finally decided to go back to Pilates every other week. I called my gym this morning to put me on the list for tomorrow evening: it’s full and now I’m on the waiting list.
  • When I did my afternoon run it was so humid that it was a struggle from start to finish and again I put a spell on the weather forecast.

Well enough about my joyful day, how was yours?

Today I ran at the end of the afternoon. Big mistake! It was hot and humid so I struggled and struggled and struggled. I had to do 30 minutes with 4 tempo runs in it. I let go of the tempo runs and just did my best to run 30 minutes, didn’t watch pace, just ran. And I made it and that’s what’s important to me.

Weather: hot, humid, no wind at all, 25C/77 degrees.
Distance: 4.3 K / 2.6 miles
Time: 00:30:03
Average time: 6:59 /km
Average speed: 8.6 km/hour
Last song on Ipod before finish: Dire Straits – Sultans of swing.

Weekly review week 32:
Monday: Running, 4.4K/2.7 miles, 30 minutes, burned 379 calories.
Wednesday: Running interval, 4.5K/2.8 miles, 30 minutes, burned 341 calories.
Friday: Running, 9K/5.6 miles, 1 hour and 4 minutes, burned 781 calories.

Weekly totals:
Time: 02:04:00
Distance: 17.9 K / 11.1 miles
Burned calories: 1501

The final countdown:

Breakfast: 2 whole wheat crackers with chicken and Philadelphia light spread, a slice raisin bread.

197 calories

Morning snack: nothing

Lunch: 1 corn bread with ham, a salad with chicory (bought this at the greengrocer’s) and a glas of yoghurt drink in strawberry/cherry flavour.

271 calories

Afternoon snack: a small glass Chardonnay before dinner.

Dinner: A salad with cucumber, tomato, feta cheese, olives and thousand islands dressing, 2 slices of bread with chicken.

373 calories

Evening snack: a piece of chocolate (70%) at my coffee and some cashew nuts at the party we went to later.

Calories: 1685 (goal 1500-1700).
Calories burned:
none (daily exercise not counted)
Although there was lots of food (bad food) at the party I only had some cashew nuts thanks to eating a good dinner and not to forget a piece of chocolate before I left.

Breakfast: 2 toast with scrambled eggs.

361 calories

Morning snack: nothing.

Lunch: skipped it, we weren’t home at lunchtime. Instead I’ve made the brilliant (not) decision to eat some chocolate and biscuits when we were having tea later in the afternoon.

Dinner: steak with pepper sauce, potatoes with garlic and herbs out of the oven, tomato/cucumber salad.

490 calories

Evening snack: Chocolate 70% cacao, a small glass of white wine.

Calories: 1494 (goal 1500-1700).
Calories burned:
none, didn’t count the walk in the forest with Bella. (daily exercise not counted)
I felt bloated all weekend as if I ate too much constantly. When I finally dared to step on the scale this morning I was surprised to see I didn’t gain or lose over weekend. This keeps my motivation to continue high.

Fran’s daily outfit:

Saturday night party outfit

Shoes Saturday night


Shoes Monday


12 responses to “A day in my life: Monday August 16, 2010

  1. Boy, it sounds like Friday the 13th came late to Holland! Sorry you had a bad day – hope tomorrow is better. I have to get a run in tomorrow – might try running in the afternoon while the kids go swimming…

  2. First things first: I ADORE both of your outfits!!! You look incredible in them – long, lean and sexy!

    Now, I have to congratulate you for getting your 30 minutes of running in – that humidity and heat will beat you down so fast…GREAT JOB of fighting back!

    Nice that even though you felt bloated the scale didn’t show it – and after your crazy day, you needed a break!

  3. Fran – you are so stylish! Wish I could pull that off.

    What a fun start to your day (not). At least you can just move on from a bad day, right? 😀

  4. Well, at least you can put it behind you. These happen to me all too often, so thanks for sharing! It was great that you got your run in, and now the next time will be better. By the way, no pics of grape milk?! That was my fave……..*sighs longingly*

  5. you are luck the weather is so good in Holland, its miserable here, again rain today….Yesterday I was feeling so down ~ I need the sunshine to lift my spirit…but did go for a run last night at 6pm in the light rain…

    Today you get your BB…how cool…

    I read sometime ago…and have left all the info on my online group…that one needs to burn 3 500 calories via training per week to lose one pound!! I see your calories are only 1000 odd a week. Maybe you must look into burning more to get the weight off…what your thoughts on that one?

    I* also see most of your runs are 30 mins run, is there a reason for that??As a trainer I was taught that the body takes 20 mins to warm up and then only after that starts using the fat as energy,…so the fitter you are the longer you train.
    I never train for less than an hour a day, unless I say..Today I am tired I will only do a 5km run.
    We usually suggest beginners to train for 30 mins..and no less.
    Again…something to think about, I am only discussing my training with you and not really here to debate the subject, but thought I would mention it to you ~ I hate talking about these things as I know each person is very defensive about their training style ~ so know this comes out of interest not pointing a finger saying you doing it wrong.

    Have a great day….I have mommy coming to me in 10 mins for training as her hubby is on leave and I dont want to train her at her house…

  6. What a wonderful Greek salad you had at dinner on Saturday! I’m sure that Bella walked through a nice landscape 🙂
    Have a great training again Fran!

  7. Thanks for your comment as I said you didnt need to explain, it was just food for thought really…but now u know why I dont offer advice or say anything on blogs as each person has their own way….working in the gym for 25 years I got that experience and promised myself I would keep quiet here, but today I didnt and have been reminded that its best.

    I’m so excited that you are getting your BB…we can be in quicker contact if we need be.

    Here is a little info on the 3 500 calories and when you added all your walks you did that and more..and lost that pound, so says something to me.

    How Many Calories Do I Need To Burn To Lose A Pound Of Fat?

    3500 calories is the rough estimate for the energy contained in one pound of fat. This means that to lose one pound per week, you must create a deficit of 3500 calories per week. Since a week as 7 days, that means a deficit of 3500 / 7 = 500 calories per day.

    This is a great starting point. The reality is much more complex .. for example, 3500 calories will not produce a pound of muscle, it actually takes more than that, etc etc … but as a general rule of thumb, it gives you a starting point and then you can play with the numbers from there.

  8. what a great place to let Bella run! so much beauty!
    It’s ok to take a day of training, I feel when I do I just come back that much stronger.
    Love your outfits, but especially love your shoes!

  9. So sorry you had a bad day. I hope it’s better today.

    Love your outfits…and the shoes!

  10. Oh, that would be scary to wake up to a crashing mirror! At least that’s all it was and not something dangerous!

  11. Oh that’s too bad about the mirror!

    The steak looks so tasty though.

  12. I’m glad you were okay! Love that causal outfit at the end of your post! You look very confident.

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