A day in my life: Friday August 20, 2010

I’ve been wanting to eat something sweet for two days now. Up till now I haven’t give in to that thought but tonight I’m going too. I’ve bought something at the bakery this afternoon which I’m going to eat with my coffee tonight. It’s high on calories but it’s my first real treat since I started this plan 3 weeks ago and I’ve lost 1.8 kg / 4 lbs so far. I deserve it!

A few friends of mine and R. and 1 co-worker (not K. she’s a friend) know about my blog. I choose myself who I want to know about it. F.e. I don’t want some family members to read it. That’s why you can’t find my blog under my real name.

Today 2 co-workers of mine saw my new Blackberry and asked if I was going on Twitter now too. I told them I’ve been on Twitter for a while now and that I also got my own website which I use for blogging.

They’ve asked me if I would give them the link but I refused that. I don’t want people at work to know about and read my blog. It’s not that I have secrets, everybody knows I’m trying to lose weight and am a runner. It’s more that I show you photos of my personal life and tell stories of my personal life which I don’t share with co-workers. I don’t tell that much about myself at work, only to a few people.

So that comes to my question: do you have a problem with it if everybody in your personal life could read your blog? Maybe they do already. Or do you have restrictions like I do.

Yesterday morning I went out at 5.45 am for my morning run. According to schedule the short run. Didn’t watch pace just ran and it was a great run.

I also decided to try the 200 sit ups challenge and I took the initial test yesterday and did 40 sit ups.

Weather: cloudy, dry, hardly any wind, 15C/59 degrees.
Distance: 3 K / 1.8 miles
Time: 00:20:15
Average time: 6:45 /km
Average speed: 8.9 km/hour
Last song on Ipod before finish: Amy McDonald – This is the life.

The final countdown:

Dinner: chicken breast out of the oven, mashed potatoes, green peas.

Calories: 1497 (goal 1500-1700).
Calories burned:
none (daily exercise not counted)

Pasta with meat out of the oven and a salad.

Calories: 1709 (goal 1500-1700).
Calories burned:
264 (daily exercise not counted)
This meal was very tasteless, not a keeper in my cooking library.

Fran’s daily outfit:

Thursday my day off so casual, no one around to take my photo so had to do it myself.



Friday's shoes


13 responses to “A day in my life: Friday August 20, 2010

  1. Hi Fran!

    So glad you visited my blog and that you like what you see! 🙂

    I really like your blog as well and will be swinging by often! I love seeing folks interesting photos and learning about their day to day balance of creating and maintaining a healthy way of living!

    Thanks again for the kind words and Happy Friday!

  2. Hi Fran,
    I am really loving Friday’s outfit and shoes! I love that shirt…look at how tiny your waist looks:)

    There is only one person at my work who knows that I blog and that is the way I want to keep it! My blog is my personal thing away from work and I do not want the people at work reading my running blog. I totally understand your concerns. Actually, my hubby and kids are the only family members that know about my blog. I kind of feel like my blog is my personal life away from real life..I like it that way:)

    Have a fantastic weekend!

  3. A lot of people know about my blog but aside from my sisters and mom I’m not sure how many “real life” people actually take the time to read it. I started posting a feed from the blog on my Facebook account and sometimes that seems a bit weird – I can’t imagine what some FB “friends” would think and it sometimes makes me feel a bit uncomfortable. But at the end of the day, a blog is by definition public and I guess I don’t worry about it too much. Plus I guess most people probably are a lot less interested in us than we would like to admit!

  4. I have shared my blog with very few personal friends and family, and certainly not my co-workers! I don’t want to have to censor myself any more than I already do, and I’m sure I would if I knew that people who I see all the time were reading it.

    Oh, and I agree with Julie – your waist looks tiny in Friday’s outfit!!!

    Glad you had a good run this morning – I did, too. 🙂

  5. Hello there….had a good Friday?? Mine was good…

    I started my blog for my family back in SA to read about my life in Germany, then started getting blog friends so that changed it all for me. Everyone knows I have a blog,but cause private I know who can read.
    Love your last outfit, really suits you a lot.

  6. My family reads my blog after finding it by accident! I do find I need to put some things through a filter before I post because of that, but what are you going to do?

    Funny that I work for a company with 1000 employees, but only talk to 1 or 2 and that is only via the instant message system through work. One of the isolating things about working from home.

  7. My Mom & sister read mine fairly frequently, but rarely ever write comments on it. I had one friend who read it for a few days, then questioned/criticized me on my workout schedule and thankfully she lost interest. I don’t bring it up anymore. I have other family members who would think I was insane to share my world like I do. They are very private and do not understand internet friendships, they feel everyone is out there to stalk you – so I never mention it to them, though I do talk about my “online” friends which are from other places than just the blog world.

  8. I have told some friends about my blog and some became followers but they never read it. They just aren’t that interested.

  9. I have a few blogs, for the very reason that I don’t want family members reading it. I need to have space to ‘vent’ if I need it so I only let them know about the other ones. I have the one (I’ve listed above) which is my ‘not real name’ blog. Then I have my professional graphic design blog which is my name followed by dot com, then I have a blog that I use for everything my brain likes and wants to talk about – and I also do the most of my paid/sponsored blogging there, then I have one more, that is geared towards moms who work at home (WAHMs) and resources etc for them. Yes, I love blogging!

  10. Some family members know I have blogs but they only one that reads them is my cousin. She had issues with the family reading hers so she had to start a fake one under a new name.

    Great job on the run & loving the last outfit & shoes.

  11. As you can see I share my blog with runners, no co-workers and no friends (Giorgio apart but he is my running partner). I like the thursday meal and the shoes!

  12. my weight loss blog is not really advertised – or let’s say it’s only advertised to other weight-loss bloggers and a few friends know I have it. other than that, I have no idea how anyone would find my blog. Shauna (at The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl) posted a photo of me and her book on facebook that had the link and I put that on my facebook page not realising… still no one (that I know) has read my blog from there.

    My non-weight loss blog is more advertised, but still my family don’t know about it. It wouldn’t be hard for them to figure it out, but still, I use only my nickname on my blogs.

    Now, about YOU…

    love your Friday top!! WHERE did you get it??

    your exercise is going well – I’ve seen too on Daily Mile you’ve had some good runs!

  13. I too like to keep my blog “private.” None of my family members or friends read my blog. I like to keep it to general world wide web so I can share openly!!

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