A day in my life: Saturday September 11, 2010

This weekend I’m home alone. R. left Thursday afternoon, he’s in Italy (Imola) at a motor exhibition. He goes there every year in September with his brother and will be back Monday morning. This means I can do whatever I want this weekend and the plan is to catch up on some movies that are on my recorder.

Question: anyone watched Glee last season? Season 1 is starting here next Tuesday and I think I might like it. Do you like it and why?

Some of you requested for the recipe of the chicken with mango which I ate last Monday. So here it is, it’s really easy and very tasteful. Recipe is for 1 person.

100 gram (3.53 ounces) chicken breast
150 gram (5.29 ounces) mango
50 gram (1.76 ounces) bean sprouts
1 pepper (red, green or yellow, I used a red one)
1 clove of garlic
½ onion
1 tablespoon olive oil
100 ml (0.02 gallons) consommé (clear soup)
150 gram (5.29 ounces) cooked unpolished rice or brown rice

Slice all the ingredients in pieces. First bake the chicken (I used a wok) in the olive oil and add after that the pepper, onion, garlic, bean sprouts and mango. Add the consommé and add black or white pepper for taste. Let the dish cook for a few minutes and serve it with the rice.

Thursday morning I did my run early in the morning, it was the short run of the week. I had a meeting from 9 am till 3 pm and the running helped me a lot because I had energy all day and no sleepy moments during the meeting. The run itself was nice and went fine.

Weather: dark, light wind, 15C/59 degrees
Distance: 3.2 K / 2 miles
Time: 00:21:53
Average time: 6:50 /km
Average speed: 8.8 km/hour
Last song on Ipod before finish: Angie Stone – Wish I didn’t miss you.

Yesterday I went to the gym after work to do a short cardio session. Didn’t want to push myself as my long run was scheduled for today. I didn’t feel like strength so choose cardio instead. I did a total of 30 minutes. I did walk during lunch for 30 minutes too which makes a total of 60 minutes for the day.

This morning my long run was scheduled “only” 10K. When I got up my lower back was hurting (from Pilates last Tuesday) and I didn’t really want to go. But I grapped myself together and went. It was a tough run. The first 5K went fine but between 6 and 7K I had trouble keeping focussed. I was ready to quit around 7K because I could take a turn and go home but I thought of all of you who wouldn’t quit and said to myself I could do it and decided to move on. From that point till around 8.5K running went smoothly, I walked two times after 8.5K and made it to 10K. To my surprise I even ran a new PR, beat my old record with a few seconds. I’m not satisfied with how this run went but I’m proud that I didn’t quit and finish it.

Weather: sunny, light wind, 18C/64 degrees
Distance: 10 K / 6.2 miles
Time: 01:11:10
Average time: 7:07 /km
Average speed: 8.4 km/hour
Last song on Ipod before finish: Gloria Gaynor – I will survive

The final countdown:

A Chinese meal “Foe yong hai” with 3 eggs and vegetables.

Calories: 1648 (goal 1500-1700).
Calories burned:
91 (daily exercise not counted)

After a meeting that took most of the day I was tired and did my grocery shopping before dinner. I picked up a salad at the store which I didn’t finish completely. Lately I prefer home made food above complete meals from the supermarket.

Calories: 1724 (goal 1500-1700).
Calories burned:
283 (daily exercise not counted)
Bad, bad, bad: had 3 slices of cake during the meeting, ate it because I was bored during some presentations.

Made an ovendish of spinach, mashed potatoes with garlic, a boiled egg and some cheese but after 2 bites I threw it away, it was very tasteless. Had yogurt with muesli and blueberries instead.

Calories: 1674 (goal 1500-1700).
Calories burned:
143 (daily exercise not counted)

Fran’s daily outfit:



365 days photo challenge:

Day 44 – Sunday September 5
Sunday walk with R. and Bella

Day 45 – Monday September 6
Fundraising for the Dutch cancer foundation

Day 46 – Tuesday September 7
My bike which I don’t use enough, mostly for going to the gym and back.

Day 47 – Wednesday September 8
One of the gifts for K., Marcelle and Syl. Wonder what it is … 🙂

Day 48 – Thursday September 9
The lovely miss Bella

Day 49 – Friday September 10
Delicious breakfast

Day 50 – Saturday September 11
Received my race bib for Sunday’s (September 19th)


9 responses to “A day in my life: Saturday September 11, 2010

  1. Great job finishing that 10K – glad you pushed yourself through it…sometimes I have to do that, too. Love that “I Will Survive” was the song you ended with – how appropriate!

    I always love that dress with the leggings – very chic. You look great in Friday’s casual outfit!

    Oh, and Glee? WATCH IT!!! I am a Gleek – love love love that show!

  2. Thanks for the recipe! It is so easy 😀

    I laughed when I saw your donation box, as it reminds me of the needle collection boxes at the Red Cross that they use post needle stick (sorry!). Better things go in your box.

    I don’t watch Glee. I don’t watch too much television, except now it’s football season – so I will be!

  3. thank you for the reciepe Fran, looks so easy and yummy can’t wait to try it..

    ohhhhh….wonder what it is !!

    Oh and can I say how styling and stunning you look in Friday’s photo – wow Fran you are Gorgeous!

    Have a great weekend.

  4. You always say that you’d like to visit Italy. Why don’t you go to Imola?

    The Chinese meal looks interesting and the photo which you took the 5th of September shows a beautiful Dutch landscape.

    As you wrote, you can do whatever you want this weekend 🙂 consequently, I hope you’ll have a nice weekend Fran!

  5. I don’t watch much TV but absolutely love Glee. After talking about it one time, I even got my Dad to start watching it. It shocks me that he likes it but he does!

  6. My husband, daughter and very good friend love Glee but it hasn’t grabbed me yet. But it is a big sensation around here for sure.

  7. Finally I am able to log on and sit down to read your blog…it has been a busy weekend for me has it not!!

    I have no idea about that series ~ never heard the name either, are u enjoying it??

    Thanks for the *how to make* that chicken dish I sure will give it a try. It looks great.

    I also prefer homemade food to shop made, so have stopped as I want to eat as clean as possible…am not there..but am trying!

    3 pieces of cake….how come I dont know about this via our BB chat, you are meant to let me know so I can talk you out of having 3 slices…one is okay…:)

    Spinach is tasteless I agree…..hehe

    I like both Thursday and Fridays outfits,of course as I am not a working girl I can relate to the jeans and top one a little more, but as u know I love a good dress!

    1. Love the way you captured the reflections on the sky and clouds in the picture…really beautiful and peaceful setting where you walk..

    2. Says so much about the person you are to do that for them….

    3. Does that bike have a little engine on to help you along, or is it all your own work that goes into getting it to move??

    4. NOW I HAVE NO NO NO IDEA WHAT YOU POSTED ME…but excited to see what is inside that wrapping now.

    5. Hello Miss Bella

    6. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, I look forward to it.

    7. Cool another race coming up!!

  8. I love Glee! I originally didn’t watch it, only watched the first five minutes once and decided, whatever I don’t know why everyone’s so crazy about it, but then a few weeks ago I watched it again and LOVED it. I watched the entire first season within a few days.
    The place where you go for walks looks lovely! And the mango chicken sounds really good. May have to give that one a try sometime!

  9. Love the outfit on Thursday!!! Your pictures are really getting better. The ideas that you have to do. Love it!

    I have never watched Glee before. I don’t even know what the show is about.

    We have new treadmills that show up to a 5k (maybe more) on the screen. I hope to use that as a training tool so I can run next summer like u guys do.

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