A day in my life: Saturday September 18, 2010

Well unfortunately it wasn’t the batteries although I was a bit lighter on Friday than on Thursday.
I’ve decided not to change anything right now and continue what I did for the last 7 weeks till at least the end of this month before I might add eating more calories. And I get back to weighing only once a week on Thursday.

Tomorrow I have a race in Amsterdam. It’s a short one, only 6.4K (4 miles). But it’s one of the most popular races in Holland. There is a longer distance too of 16K (10 miles), the registering for that is always full within a couple of hours. Next year I want to try that distance. My run is a ladies run and starts at 10 am which I like very much. Most races here start around noon or later which costs you the entire day. Tomorrow I will be home again around 1 pm. I’m going by train which is 30 minutes because it’s supposed to be very busy around Amsterdam tomorrow.

The final countdown:

Noodles with ham, vegetables and a bit of soy sauce, a baked egg and prawn crackers.

Calories: ? (goal 1500-1700).
Calories burned:
284 (daily exercise not counted)
I wrote everything down I ate but didn’t count calories, I didn’t overeat so it was a good day.

Chicken with red pepper, mushrooms and sweet chili sauce with rice.

Calories: ? (goal 1500-1700).
Calories burned:
none (daily exercise not counted)
Same as Thursday.

365 days photo challenge:

Day 51 – Sunday September 12
My Mom’s house where I grew up and lived for 21 years.

Day 52 – Monday September 13
Replacing Summer clothes for Winter clothes.

Day 53 – Tuesday September 14
Nothing better than taking a shower after a workout

Day 54 – Wednesday September 15
Watched the first episode of Glee and loving it!

Day 55 – Thursday September 16
Yes I can get that ball into my mouth, watch me …

Day 56 – Friday September 17
Oh, the joy of a dog that needs to be brushed and definitely doesn’t like that …

Day 57 – Saturday September 18
R. fixed the car of my best friend last week and she came over today to bring us a pie she baked for us. As you can see R. tasted it already.


11 responses to “A day in my life: Saturday September 18, 2010

  1. You are going to do great in your race tomorrow! I love how you say 4 miles is short now 😀

    10 am is really a late start around here for races. Most times they start at 8 am, which is a pain when it is further away. That’s good during summer because it is cooler that early, but the fall and winter races….. chilly!

  2. Good luck on your race tomorrow!!! I know you will do great!!

    I love all the photos. Seeing where your grew up, and the pic with Bella and the ball is to cute. The chicken dish looks yummy!!! Is there a certain recipe that you followed or did you just throw it together?

  3. Good luck on your race – I bet you will kill that distance!

    I picked up that magazine for you and will get in the mail early next week. Do you get Runner’s World?

    Ouch on the Bella scratches – you wouldn’t think dog nails could be so sharp, but I’ve gotten scratched by Paco, so there you go.

    Oh – I love your bathroom sink – tres chic!

  4. Spoke to u since ur ran this morning so will wait for u to update ur blog….

    Great looking meals…am going to start changing mine soon with the clean eating…need to find some great chicken dinners…and then start cooking them.

    1. Is that ur mom’s cat at the front door?? ur mom keeps her area very neat and tidy…like that.

    2. U are so organized with your clothing…mine gets stuffed into the spare room cupboard!! u need to sort me out in that department.

    3. I see all the DOVE products I also use in your very neat bathroom.

    4. Never heard of Glee?? what kind of show is it?

    5. Bella…having a ball….hehehehe

    6. Oh now that does look sore, know she didnt mean to hurt you but its something she is going to have to get used to hey?

    7. Too sweet for u is all I remember about this pie…

  5. Enjoy your race – you are going to do great! And if you do the longer distance next year maybe I can come and do it with you!

  6. Hi Fran,
    I love Glee too! We have the first two seasons on DVD:) That show has great music and I love the humor!

    Good luck today with your 6K in Holland:) Enjoy the day Fran!

  7. Enjoy the race!
    I love Glee, glad you enjoyed it too!
    I think weighing in just once a week is definitely better. I have been weighing in a few times per week but I try not to let the numbers of the other days influence me too much.

  8. Enjoy the race Fran! You will do a great job. So sorry your dog got you!


  10. I hope your race went well 🙂
    Have a nice week Fran!

  11. Waiting for the report of the conquest of Amsterdam! You lived in a very nice house with a special guardian (that cat). Your dog plays soccer better than many human players.

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