A day in my life: Monday September 20, 2010

Dam tot Damloop Ladies Run, September 19th 2010

It was chilly and a drop of rain every now and then but for running it was perfect weather. We had a warmup before the start and were off at 10 am. I started faster than I normally run, after a little over the first K we went into a tunnel, it was downwards and I had to slow down myself because what goes down must go up too. The tunnel was 1.3K long and my Garmin lost connection at that point. The rest of the run I had not a good idea of the distance due to that. Going up in the tunnel was the hardest part of the run and I felt my legs burn (not used to this). But after we left the tunnel it was already at the 3K point to my surprise and I was halfway. We ran the first part on the highway which was odd because on the other side cars were driving by. After the 3K I walked a little bit a few times and when I ran I still was faster than normal.

I finished in 42.17 (official race time) and that’s fast for me. I’m very happy and pleased with the result. Even better was that I was 453 out of 845 women. The first two races I did last year I was almost the last to finish and now I’m in the middle. I’ve really made progress and am happy with that. It was a nice run except for the highway part, that was kind of boring but once we passed that it was mostly running along the river which was nice.

Here are some photo’s I took, I’m still waiting till the photo’s are published that were made there.

Before the start

During the run when I was walking

My medal

A well deserved treat after the run: caffe latte with a skinny blueberry muffin

The link is from my finish. If you play it you see under the screen a countdown (in red) from 20 seconds to zero. Around 2 seconds I’m on screen, I’m running at the right in a pink jacket.

Fran’s Finish

Weather: cloudy, a bit of rain, not much wind, ± 14C/57 degrees.
Distance: 6.4 K / 4 miles
Time: 00:42:17
Average time: 6:36 /km
Average speed: 9.1 km/hour
Last song on Ipod before finish: Pet Shop Boys – Suburbia.

Today I wasn’t able to go to the gym and I didn’t want to run after yesterday. I’ve read on someones blog about exercisetv and checked this site out last week and did two workouts at home today, one strength and one abs. I liked it and it’s a great way to workout when I can’t go to the gym or don’t have much time. Will definitely use this more often.

Weekly review week 37:
Monday: Walking, 20 minutes, no idea how many calories I burned.
Tuesday: Pilates, 60 minutes, burned 134 calories.
Wednesday:. Running, 5.1K/3.1 miles, 35 minutes, burned 382 calories.
Thursday: Running, 3.4K/2.1 miles, 22 minutes, burned 284 calories.
Monday: Walking, 20 minutes, no idea how many calories I burned.
Saturday: Walking, 35 minutes.
Sunday: Running, 6.4K/4 miles, 42 minutes, burned 449 calories.

Weekly totals:
Time: 3 hours and 13 minutes.
Distance: 14.9 K / 9.2 miles
Burned calories: 1249


17 responses to “A day in my life: Monday September 20, 2010

  1. Congratulations Fran! That sounds like a fun race. The first photo made me giggle a little because everyone is headed towards the start and on the road there is an arrow pointing the other way. HAHAHA Little things make me laugh.

    The path along the river looks very pleasant.

    Oh, and sorry to hear it wasn’t the batteries in your scale. 😦 Sometimes that scale is just so hard to understand. Yesterday I ate 22 out of 21 allowed Weight Watchers points, plus I earned at least another 7 while running 7 miles, and there really are about another 5 pts allowed if needed. I should have been able to eat 33 pts, and I only had 22. My weight shot up this morning 3 lbs from yesterday morning. Unexplainable, and frustrating … but whatever, I won’t worry over it.

  2. Congratulations on a race well done! You rocked! And what a cool medal!

    Bravo on moving from the back of the pack to the middle; that is quite an improvement 😀

  3. Yay – I saw you running!!! Great finish for the race – you are really improving, my friend!!! Love your medal – can’t wait until I can finally earn one.

    I mailed your magazine today – who knows how long it will take, but one of these day’s you’ll have it. 🙂

  4. Congrats! Sounds really nice. You absolutely deserved that latte and blueberry muffin (yum!).

  5. Congrats on your race! It sounds like it was really cool. I love that medal!

  6. Great work Fran, you look great running!
    I recieved your package today and sent you an email – thank you so much!!!

  7. Am thrilled u had such a good run…and see the work u put in with your time, nothing better than seeing improvement.
    Great medal that one….
    I have been running for about as long as you but never participated in any race….if I lived in CT I would know all about the runs but living here I have no idea….
    Everyone is South Africa is getting ready for the Gun Run marathon, my son is running and a few friends are doing the 5km walk….am so proud of them all.

    Have a great day….chat later via BB…

  8. Congratulations on the middle of the pack. It is a great place to be! I love the medal!

  9. Hi Fran,
    Woo hoo! Congrats on a great race:) I love the medal! Seriously, it looks really nice! Some of the medals that I have recieved are kind of junky:( Thanks for sharing the pictures! You have Starbuck’s in Holland!?! When I was a flight attendant and traveled to Amsterdam there were no Starbuck’s. I do remember the awesome coffee and those great waffle cookies with the caramel in the center:) Mmmm! So good! Have a great week Lady!

  10. Nice medal and good for you! Looks like it was a fun race – I really enjoy the atmosphere at all-women races. Keep me posted on when the sign up is for next year!

  11. I love your weekly totals at the end! Great job on the race!

  12. Super congratulations! That is a fantastic result, and well deserved. Looks like it was a great day, and the stars aligned. You really rocked Star!

  13. Fran, sounds like you had a great race. Congrats!!

  14. Looks it was a friendly atmosphere before the race. 42.17: Great time! Congratulations Fran, your speed is improving!
    caffe latte with a skinny blueberry muffin is a wonderful breakfast 🙂
    Happy running!

  15. I love that medal and you totally deserve it! Way to go Fran 🙂

  16. That race looked like so much fun. What was the surface that you were running on? The red stuff? I always love seeing your race pictures and it DOES look like it’s getting chillier for you. Fall is here!

  17. Congrats on your awesome race! That one definitely sounded like a fun one! And I love the pics.

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