A day in my life: Monday October 4, 2010

Yesterday was a perfect Autumn day: sunny and even warm. In our village we have a little beach and I decided to go there for a walk with Bella. She immediate ran into the water when she had the chance but she couldn’t go far because the dogs have to be on the leash at that beach.

Unfortunately my friend K. can’t be running the night race on November 5th with me. I won’t go alone because this race is fun and it isn’t fun running it alone. That’s why I cancelled this run on my calendar. The race will be held twice next year and we will try to run it by then.

After cancelling this run I looked at my race schedule. My goal was to run 12 months, 12 races. I can’t find a run which I like to do instead of this night run which would add my total by the end of this year to 11 races and I won’t reach that goal. I looked at my race schedule again and decide to drop another run which I didn’t really look forward to but added it to meet my goal of 12 races. I will now run 10 races in 2010 and I’m okay with that. My half marathon training has more priority to me than running races. If I follow my training and don’t skip weeks/runs I’m ready three weeks before my first half marathon next year instead of two weeks which I like.

My intention is to run a half in April next year but that depends a bit on what weather we will get this winter.  If I’m not ready for April I will run it in June, I can do that. I’m not in a hurry, I’ve got time.

I want to be well prepared for my first half and be sure I’m going to finish it.

This morning I did an early morning run at 5.30 am. The weather was perfect: not to cold, no wind and dry. I wore my long tights for the first time after Summer but didn’t really needed it. I had to run 35 minutes according my schedule including a few tempo’s but decided to just run, not to watch my pace but listen to my body and it was a great run. My leg did bother me a little bit but it’s almost healed again.

Weather: not to cold, no wind, dry, ± 14C/57 degrees.
Distance: 5.3 K / 3.3 miles
Time: 00:35:11
Average time: 6:38 /km
Average speed: 9 km/hour
Last song on Ipod before finish: Glee Cast – Somebody to love

Weekly review week 39:
Monday: Strength + cardio + 97 situps, 60 minutes, burned 345 calories.
Tuesday: Walking, 20 minutes.
Wednesday:. Running, 3.5K/2.1 miles, 24 minutes, burned 284 calories.
Thursday: Nothing except for housekeeping.
Friday: Walking, 20 minutes.
Saturday: Running, 5K/3.1 miles, 33 minutes, burned 431 calories.
Sunday: Walking, 30 minutes. .

Weekly totals:
Time: 1 hours and 57 minutes.
Distance: 8.5 K / 5.2  miles
Burned calories: 1060


14 responses to “A day in my life: Monday October 4, 2010

  1. Was it not the most perfect day…here as well and I was sitting looking outside the window wishing I was home for a forest run.
    I hear my daughter and my sister ran a 9km at 6am this morning …they doing The Gun Run in Cape Town next weekend…both are trying to beat the others time…LOL..so funny both have only started running 3/4 months ago and already competing…my sister says she cant allow her little niece to beat her…LOL

  2. Bella is adorable. 10 races is still a great goal achieved!

  3. The town you are from is beautiful. I love it. Wish it was warm enough to run in the morning here but 4c is not getting me out the door. I think 10 races sounds great still. It is a nice whole number.

  4. Looks like a great day out with Bella. Sorry to hear you have to drop a couple races. I have had to do that too this year, though for different reasons. I love to race, but it can’t be helped.

  5. Love that Bella is such a water dog!

    That’s too bad that K. can’t do the race with you, but I agree, when everyone else is running with their friends in a race like that, it would be hard to be alone. And “10 in 2010” sounds great!

  6. I like your attitude about not rushing yourself to do the half marathon. You certainly do have time to prepare and you will enjoy the race way more if you are fully prepared for it!

    Bella looks like she is having a great time at the beach 😀

  7. Hi Fran,
    Oh my goodness that beach looks wonderful! Bella looks like she is enjoying herself! What a fantasticl way to spend a beautiful fall day:)

    Thank you so much for all of the wonderful support you have given me for my marathon! You are such a lovely blogger friend! I enjoy your comments and love reading your posts:)

  8. You are so lucky to live in such a beautiful place and have such a cute doggie! I am impressed with how many races you do!

  9. Glad you decided to do the races that work for you! 🙂 Sounds like you got to start the week with a great run!

    Love the photos of Bella!

  10. I think 10 races in 2010 is an admirable accomplishment! And I already have faith you will have no problem finishing a half marathon.
    What water is your town on – is it the seaside?

  11. Great pictures! If I was closer (and healthy) I would love to try a night race! I have pretty much realized no races the rest of this year for me. I had no race in Sept. so my monthly goal is gone too.

  12. What a beautiful day in Holland! I remember my cousin (who lives in Leiden) talked about it as well on Facebook on Monday. That seen that you posted with the boats – oh my heck that is what I remember about Holland. I can’t wait to go back and visit.

    It will be an emotional journey for me, since everything about Holland is so closely tied to memories of my father, but it’s a journey I can’t wait to make.

  13. Lovely pics! Sometimes race calendars need to be adjusted. Last year was phenomenal for me….this year has not been that good. I have hardly raced, let alone run! But, if you think that you will be running for the rest of your life, an off period is a drop in the ocean. Anyway, you will do a great half. Just keep training, and you will be ready.

  14. Fran, I have the perfect solution, how’s about me and you do a virtual run. you know, you name the date and how far and I will run it with you…that way you can make up for the two that you couldn’t do……….I’ll even let you wear pink 😉

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