A day in my life: Wednesday October 6, 2010

Today is a bad day. I’m so tired and half an hour after I got up this morning I got a terrible headache that didn’t go away all day, not even after taken an pill for it. I went home an hour earlier and went straight to bed for an hour, that helped a little. I really need to get in more sleep but it’s hard for me to go to bed early because I love my nights and sleeping gives me less time to do the things I like. But on the other hand I know I need to do this because by the end of the week I’m always tired of working, exercising and going to bed too late. Starting today I’m really going to try to be in bed by 10.30 pm. I didn’t workout either today but will get up tomorrow at 5.15 am for a morning run.

Yesterday I had an appointment at my beauty salon for a facial treatment. I go there every 8 weeks and the owner is one of the best friends of my best friend. I see her too a lot when I’m at my best friends house. She’s really enthousiastic and I like her a lot, it’s always fun to go there and her neck and facial massage is very relaxing. I asked her yesterday if I could take a picture of the room for my 365 challenge and she was so enthousiastic immediately that she offered to make photo’s of me while getting my treatment. It’s good advertisement for her business she said. I told her most of my readers are from foreign countries but she told me that you all should come to her if you ever visit me 🙂

Here are the results of the pics ….

Daily dinner
I stopped counting calories yesterday. On my good days I eat between 1500 and 1700 calories and I don’t feel the need to write that down every day anymore. I’m still following the eating plan and by doing that I know I eat between 1500 and 1700 a day. It was never my intention to count calories for the rest of my life. I’ve done it for 2 months and it helped me get back on track. Now I just keep on doing what I’ve done for the past 2 months without the counting.

Pork meat with pak-choi cabbage and mushrooms with couscous

Chicken breast, potatoes, red cabbage with pear and cinnamon.

Fran’s daily outfit:
Can you tell the difference between Tuesday and today’s photo? You can see I don’t look happy on today’s pic. Besides that I wasn’t feeling well, this outfit is too big for me. I regret that because it used to be one of my favourite outfits. And it’s too dark, the blouse is dark purple but you can hardly tell that. Need to bring more colour to my winter outfits because I’m getting tired of black.




11 responses to “A day in my life: Wednesday October 6, 2010

  1. look at you strutting your stuff on Tuesday ;-).
    Hope the headache clears up Fran. I went to be last night at 8:00 watched the biggest loser in 25 minutes, I fast forwarded a lot, and I can estimate that I was sleeping by 8:30, today I woke up with a cold. That tells me that I’m worn out…I too need to focus on getting more rest 😉 lesson learned!

  2. I havent had a facial in over two year….how lucky are you to be able to go every 2months…a must for a woman…I used to when I worked and could pay for myself, now I feel guilty so no longer go…but you looks so relaxed there, nice rooms.

    OK…so you not counting calories anymore….what was our deal????

    I can see how you hated your Wednesday outfit..you look so annoyed, but now know you had a headache…
    I was told by the lady that did reflexology on my feet earlier this year,..( after being diagnosed I went to see her ) she said never to wear black as it drains one…I had black on that day…and since then, I do wear black, but with added color, it does make one feel so much better.

    Thanks for the lovely comment u left in my blog tonight.

    Am so tired….I feel drained…just finished the photo book and now have to finish the polish girls pics, take a few other pics before I go….but I need the money so am grateful….

  3. I really never got past the spa treatment! I am super jealous of that!

    PS- you look great in Wednedays suit!

  4. You look so relaxed at the spa. I’m jealous – haha. Sorry to hear you have sucha bad headache. Hopefully you are able to get the sleep and rest you need and it will go away.

  5. That last outfit is to big so I guess u must get rid of it..lol Last facial I had was before I came to Germany. How I miss them. Maybe I will come visit u so we can have one together!

  6. Marked difference in those 2 pics. You need another spa day to get chipper again!

    That day looked marvelous. I need to fly over there and partake of that…

  7. I’ve never had a facial – in fact, even if I was willing to spend the money on it, I’m pretty intimidated by the unknown process. Thanks for sharing the pictures – it looks relaxing!

    Now, I just hope you can get to feeling better…

  8. The facial treatment looks wonderful – you look so relaxed and cosy in that big blanket.

  9. I’ve never been to a day spa or any kind of spa! Lucky you!

  10. Hope your headache cleared up Fran.

    and you SO deserved the day at the spa!!!

  11. I haven’t been in for a facial in ages!!!!!

    I know what you mean by being unhappy in clothes that are too big. Most of my closet is in a pile to donate with charity….nothing fits me anymore. I hate complaining about it, because it’s a good thing…but when I see my favorite clothes go away, it’s a little sad.

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