A day in my life: Saturday October 9, 2010


After I skipped two of my runs for this year, Syl suggested I should organize a virtual run. This way I could count this to my yearly total. I think it is a great idea. As October is breast cancer awareness month I think it is a good idea to do a virtual run together for Pink Ribbon.

The “rules” are simple:

  • Run on Saturday October 30 or Sunday 31.
  • The distance is up to you.
  • It doesn’t have to be a race, a training counts too.
  • Mention on your blog or in a comment on my blog when you ran, the distance you ran and the time you ran.

And the most important rule:

  • Wear something pink and post a picture of you in your running outfit (if you can, if not I will still believe you)

I’ve got three little presents from Pink Ribbon. Half of the price of these presents go to Pink Ribbon for breast cancer research. There are only winners in this run and will write your names on a little piece of paper and will R. ask to draw three papers whom I will sent the gift.

Let me know if you want to join me and I will ad your name to the sidebar on the left. Personally I will run on Saturday.

Tomorrow I will run a 10K race. This is held in one of our National Parks which I really love. My Mom is coming with us and this will be the first time she will she me run. This is a bit how the park looks:

Thursday morning I felt well enough to go out for my early morning run. Again just running and listening to my body and not watch my pace. It was a good run and I enjoyed it.

Weather: not to cold, no wind, dry, ± 14C/57 degrees.
Distance: 3.6 K / 2.2 miles
Time: 00:24:12
Average time: 6:43 /km
Average speed: 8.9 km/hour
Last song on Ipod before finish: No Doubt – Don’t speak

365 days photo challenge:

Day 73 – Sunday October 3
Miss Bella’s day at the beach

Day 74 – Monday October 4
A cool children’s playground nearby my home.

Day 75 – Tuesday October 5
At the beauty salon

Day 76 – Wednesday October 6
My cookbook collection. Note: these are all cookbooks, I can cook a lifetime from these books if I want to. Addicted to cookbooks? Me? 🙂

Day 77 – Thursday October 7
Miss Bella is sleeping

Day 78 – Friday October 8
Clean desk policy at the office: let the weekend begin

Day 79 – Saturday October 9
Bought new running clothes (pants and longsleeve shirt), sports bra and sports socks for only 40 Euro’s (55 USD).


45 responses to “A day in my life: Saturday October 9, 2010

  1. I’m in. I think I am actually doing a race one of those 2 days and it will be a 5K. 😀

  2. Count me in too please! I will do a 5K on 31 October. Good luck with your 10K tomorrow, I know you will rock it!!

  3. onelittletrigirl

    Of course I am in!!!

  4. can’t wait Fran, I’ll do a post shortly probably on Monday 😉

  5. Hello there

    I am not sure if I can do this run…but will know closer to the time as I have to do a baby shower for my daughter that Saturday and Sunday will be my first day at her house so will not be in any routine…

    Is that run you doing tomorrow all flat?? or a few hills as well.

    I see you have many many cook books….not me as I am not a cook and the books confuse me even more….LOL.
    Bella is having a great time in the sea….I miss the sea…
    Facial…total bliss…I need one badly.

    Have a good race tomorrow…will think of you!!!

  6. Fran,
    What a great idea, the virtual pink run. I am seeing a doctor for my foot next week and you best believe if I am cleared to run that I will be doing this with you! Even if I’m not cleared to run, if I’m cleared to walk at least, I will do that.

  7. Love that park you will be running in tomorrow. How great that your mom will see you! Can’t wait to hear about it. Great idea for a virtual race!

  8. Yes – this pink dress run sounds GReAT!! I am huge supportr of Breast Cancer Awareness, it was my sorority’s philanthropy in college. Sign this girl up for this race! Wooo hooo! And great idea Fran! 🙂

    Also, good luck on your 10k tomorrow. You are going to do amazing. And what a score on the workout clothes. That is a great deal for all that stuff if you ask me. 🙂

  9. Great idea – the pink dress run! I’m in – but I’ll be in Maui, so may not be able to check in until I find a place with free internet (Starbucks?). I’m scheduled to do a 10 mile run on Saturday so that will be the day I’ll run. Will it be 10 miles? Hah! Remains to be seen. It should be lovely, though, considering where I’ll be. 🙂

    I’m glad your mom will get to see you run your race tomorrow. Mine may see me for the first time when I run that 10K the next weekend in Maui (if she gets up at the crack of dawn, that is). Hope you have a great race!

    Love your new running outfit. Bargain! It’s still too warm to run in long sleeves/pants, but one of these days I will be dressing like you. 🙂

  10. Hi Fran,
    I am so sorry that it has taken me so long to get to your post. I have a little of the post marathon blues:( Hopefully I will be back to my normal self soon:)

    Hell yes, I am in….I have some pink shorts…perfect for the race!

    Good luck at the 10 K!! Go Fran!! Cow-bell from Minnesota:)

    Maybe I need one of those spa days….I would for sure cheer up and be smiling ear to ear:) Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  11. YES! I will definitely run on the 31st and I am totally motivated to WEAR PINK! That did it for me! I’m not so sure how far since I’ll be tapering for NYC but I’ll let you know.
    Fun pictures…I am especially impressed with your clean desk. I mean, I am very envious of that neatness, that tidiness and total lack of disorganization. You impress me!

  12. Yes, count me in for the virtual race! I will run on the Sunday and will be sure to wear something pink!
    It’s so nice your mom will be there to cheer you on today – are you running in the Veluwe? Hope it goes well and have a great time!

  13. I love this! I will run with you! Probably wont be far as im just now starting a 5k training program but thats not the point. I am doing a 5k walk on the 23 the day before my father’s bday (which feels like im doing for him)who passed in june and this will be on my mothers bday so this can be for her (and me) and for my grandmother i shall wear pink!

  14. Hello,
    Please count me in, what a great idea. I will be running on 10/31/10. I love pink!

  15. I hope that the race went well. You look prisoner in the beauty salon!!! Of course I enter your virtual run and I think that all the Black Knight Army will be with me.

  16. I would like to participate in the run! I’ll be running on Saturday, probably a 5K, if that’s OK =) I love pink and this sounds like so much fun!

  17. Wow that’s such a great deal on the running attire!! Nice find.

    And I love your virtual run idea 🙂

    I really want to join in the fun, but I have been mentally unmotivated. I just feel so alone in my obesity here at home. With a very small support group. I’ve been thinking about joining Weight Watchers or something, but it all costs money 😦 boo hoo.

    I can’t wait to lose weight again, like I lost 60 pounds 2 years ago. It all starts with our minds. If we can exercise that one muscle and THINK we can LOSE it, we CAN. My mind is mush right now…

    I wish we lived closer.

  18. What a great idea! Does walking count because my knee is not runnable right now!

  19. found you from Syl’s blog. count me in for the pink run!

  20. I would love to do the “Pink Dress Run” as well. It will be my first virtual run!!! I will be running on Saturday. 🙂

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  22. This is a great idea. Put me down for a run on the 30th! And I’m linking on my blog.

    The park looks beautiful.

  23. I’m in, no official race registered for now, but I’ll be in the virtual with you guys. Love the pink idea. (I do have a 5k for Dec. so will be good to go then, Girls on the Run 5k with my daughter!)

  24. Oooh, I just read about this on Laurie’s blog. I want in! I’m not sure yet if it will be a race or just a run but I’m in, okay? To wear pink, I might have to layer running shirts – you know depending on temperature and all. Or maybe this is the perfect reason to buy something new. Yay new running shirt!!

  25. Hi Fran! Love your blog here. Please count me in as a participant on the virtual run for Saturday! 🙂 I will probably gather a few of my girlfriends to join me on the run and also in wearing pink. Will post about it on Monday! 🙂 Cheers!

  26. I will do the run!!! I am not sure which day but I will do it Saturday or Sunday. Considering I am not a runner the time will not be great but I will be out there with my pink on!! I think this a great idea!!!

  27. Hey Fran … I will DEFINITELY be joining in on your virtual race! Sorry I took so long to sign up. I was a busy, busy girl this weekend and didn’t get online. But yes, count me in for sure and I will join you in your run.

    I’ve done my own virtual runs before when I couldn’t get into a race. I actually did set a specific distance and timed myself and I count it as one of my races. While it’s not quite the same as a race atmosphere, I treated it as a race and ran it as if I was in one.

    This is a great idea and I look forward to “running” with you.

  28. I just checked my run schedule. That weekend is the last high mileage week before my half marathon … so, I have a 4 mile planned for the Saturday and a 12 mile planned for the Sunday. YIPPEE!!! I will make sure to run at least one of those, or probably both in something pink!

  29. I’m in! is it too late to sign up? I don’t know yet when I will run but I WILL RUN! and wearing pink is definitely no problem 😉

  30. I’m in – a 5k

  31. What a very cool idea!! I’m in!! (I think I’m going to be doing a 10K on Saturday…not sure when the actual race is!)

  32. Count me in! I’ll run 3 miles on Sunday October 31st!

  33. I would love to participate in the virtual run!! Count me in for Saturday the 30th….I will make a note to wear pink and take Photo!!

  34. Oooh, I must admit I haven’t run in forever, but I do happen to own a pink running shirt so while I may not be able to do a very long run (I’ll probably have to alternate running and walking and hopefully make it to 30 minutes – whichever distance I manage in that time) I would LOVE to participate in this! Please count me in (will have to decide on the day on short notice, it’ll probably depend on the weather)!

  35. I would like to participate in your virtual run. I will be running a 5k that Saturday 🙂

  36. OH FUN.
    I want to sign up! I just (last sunday) ran my first 5K (race for the cure) and LOVED IT.

    this will be perfect because I have a full time job and a toddler and sneaking away for races is hard .
    (saturday or sunday)
    now to find a pink something!

  37. I read about this on Lori’s “Finding Radiance” blog. I’m in! I’ll run (or run/walk…or walk…depending on ankle situation) on Saturday or Sunday.

    I love this idea! Mind if I use it next month for World Diabetes Day? 🙂

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  39. I’m in…sounds like fun and my fav color is pink!

  40. I’m all in for the virtual race!! I don’t know for sure which day I’ll do it yet, but I’m going to shoot for Saturday.

    “see” you there!

  41. Good Morning! At the last minute I jumped up and joined your Virtual Pink Dress Run. Thanks for the incentive.

  42. ran 8 miles today in PINK – 1:23:04

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