A day in my life: Monday October 18, 2010

The party Saturday was great. My friend is a really good singer and a great entertainer. I had a great time. Here’s a pic of me at the party, I love it because I’m smiling which I don’t often do when my photo is taken.

Yesterday we went to the forest. It was a beautiful Autumn day with lots and sunshine and we weren’t the only one who got the idea to go to the forest. Man it was busy. While R. stayed behind to chat with his motor buddies, I took Bella for a walk. I chose a trail that should be a 75 minute walk but either that was measured for really slow people or Bella and I were fast because we were back after 45 minutes. Here are some photo’s I took yesterday.

Lots and lots of motor bikes (all Ducati)

Traffic jam in the forest 🙂

Pyramid, build in the time of Napoleon.

Of course miss Bella had to be in the pic too

On November 21th I have a 15K race which includes 7 hills. Where I live there are no hills, not even bridges I can run up to. So I decided to go to the gym for today’s run instead of running outside and do a hills program and boy it was tough! I prefer running outside in strong wind, that’s a piece of cake compared to this. But I made it the whole 40 minutes although I did slow down sometimes to give my legs a bit of rest. My plan is to do this 2 more times before the race.

Weather: inside.
Distance: 5.7 K / 3.5 miles
Time: 00:40:00
Average time: 7:01 /km
Average speed: 8.6 km/hour
Last song on Ipod before finish: Black Eyed Peas – Let’s get it started.

Weekly review week 41:
Monday: Running, 4.3K/2.6 miles, 29 minutes, burned 363 calories and 30 minutes of walking.
Tuesday: Rest day.
Wednesday:. Off day
Thursday: Running, 3K/1.8 miles, 20 minutes, burned 249 calories.
Friday: Rest day.
Saturday: Running, 12K/7.4 miles, 1 hour 24 minutes, burned 1038 calories.
Sunday: Walk in the forest, 45 minutes.

Weekly totals:
Time: 2 hours and 13 minutes.
Distance: 19.3 K / 11.8 miles
Burned calories: 1650

Daily dinner

Chicken breast with curry sauce, baked potatoes, carrots and peas.

Daily summary Sunday October 17th:
As promised something different.

Watching: I’m hooked to a lot of shows on TV, we’re always behind with the shows aired in the USA. I tape everything on our harddisk recorder so I can fast forward the commercial breaks. Yesterday I watched: Desperate Housewives (season 6, 6 episodes to go till the season’s final) and two episodes of Two and a half men. This is on everyday in a rerun, we jumped in somewhere between season 5 and 6 and seen it till the final of season 7. Now they’ve started at season 1 again which we haven’t seen so we are watching that too.

Reading: During Summer I read a lot but don’t read that much anymore now. Want to do that more and this is kind of a reminder for me to read more. Yesterday I read “Foodies” a Dutch food magazine which I have a description to.

News of the day: I don’t watch the news, I don’t read much about it on the internet. I’m ashamed to say I only found out about the miners that were trapped the day they were rescued. This one is to tell you about news I’ve seen/read that interested, bothered, upset me or made me happy. Now I have to watch/read the news everyday to come up with something.

Shoes of the day: As you all know I’m addicted to shoes. Instead of the daily outfit it’s going to be the shoes of the day.


12 responses to “A day in my life: Monday October 18, 2010

  1. That is a fabulous picture of you. You have such a great smile 😀

    Hills are really tough. And the only way you can really be ready for them is to train for them. We have enough around here that I can do that without the treadmill, thank goodness.

  2. You have a beautiful smile – play it up for the pictures, Fran – you’re gorgeous!!!

    The pyramid in Holland is interesting. I had no idea there were pyramids other than Egypt and Mexico.

    Hills – ugh. Best bet is to do short, choppy strides, stay upright (don’t lean forward) and eventually you’ll get a downhill ride. We have had two long, long hills on our Saturday runs that are tough but I’m getting used to. You’ll do fine, but will be so glad to be done with them, lol!

    I like your new format. I’m not a huge news person either, but I try to go on Google news once a day to catch up on everything I’ve missed.

  3. love that picture of you Fran, you look beautiful and have a gorgeous smile.
    I will still be here to post the run, I’m not leaving till later on in the month, but need the guest posts in by beginning of the month so I can get organized. I also need a break from the blog so I can pack and get my house together for the grandmas to stay and watch the boys.
    No worries my friend, I will post a recap, and also a reminder next week!

  4. I had a good laugh at that “traffic jam in the forrest” typical Holland – the weather is good – right *everybody* FORREST WALK!

  5. Agree with Ness, its our South African humor. about the traffic jam in the forest..in Germany we would call it a STA!!

    Lovely photo of you at the top…and it really was a lot nicer in Holland than here in Germany on Sunday.

    BTW…the South African team are in Holland right now..last night they toured Amsterdam…saw on their Facebook Status, they having a good time.

  6. I love the picture- Very pretty smile!! You should smile more!! 🙂
    Wow 15K….awesome!! You are doing GREAT!!!

  7. we use the green part and throw out the white…weird!

  8. That is a GREAT picture of you Fran. You look so happy, so young. Very pretty! The smile is great!!! We need to see more of that smile. 🙂

    I watch Two and a Half Men almost every day. Even if I’m not sitting and watching it, if it is on and I am home, the TV is turned to that show.

    I think the time shown on some trails must be for very unfit people … a worst case situation.

  9. Oh, and to add into the green onion conversation … I use the whole thing. 🙂

  10. Wow.. a traffic jam in the forest. I think it is bc there is never sun here and when there is watch out..lol My daughter would love those shoes. She is all into shoes lately.

    I watch love Two and a half men. Charlie reminds me of my husband. Sad I know.lol I am also watching Desperate Housewives. I am on season 6 as I am trying to make it last since I will have to wait forever for season 7.

  11. Glad you had a nice weekend! Great photo at the party! The forest walk sounds nice!

    Your dinner looks great. I love carrots and peas but haven’t had it in a long time… Will put it on “the list.” 🙂

    Cute boots!

  12. You should smile in pictures more often…what a great shot!!!!

    (Our bike is a Ducati.) 🙂

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