A day in my life: Monday October 25, 2010

Those of you who follow me for a while now, know I lose my mojo for working out every now and then. Guess what: I’ve seemed to have lost it again these past few days.

Yesterday I had planned to do a short run although I still wasn’t feeling a 100%. I put on my running clothes, stepped outside the door, walked for 2 minutes when it started to rain hard. I turned around and went home, took my clothes off and went back to bed and didn’t do much more the entire day.

Today I planned to make up for that run but I got stuck in traffic on the way home, had to pick up Bella at the doggy day care and by the time I got home I had lost all my joy to go running and I didn’t go.

I’m someone to whom running/exercising isn’t natural. There are days when it all goes smoothly and I really look forward en enjoy my work out but there are also days like yesterday and today when I just don’t have enough self-discipline and motivation to work out. It’s just who I am and it’s difficult to change myself.

Remember this?

My workout plan till April next year when I plan to run my first half marathon. Only the white days are rest days and you can see I haven’t crossed off all my workouts last week. I’m really going to give it a try to cross off all my workouts from now on. Starting with Pilates tomorrow night.

What do you do when you lose your mojo for running or working out, or maybe this never happens to you? Give me a strategy for tackling this if you have one.

Daily dinner

Craving for eggs, so eggs with bacon on bread.

Made an oven dish of pork meat with mushrooms and roasted potatoes with Italian herbs and olive oil to go with it.

Mashed potatoes with raw endive, a little bit of bacon, onion and walnuts.

Daily summary Saturday October 23th:

Watching: True blood and Two and a half men.

Reading: Runner’s World (Dutch issue) and a cookbook.

News of the day:

Wheel of Energy: When the girlfriend of Richard Bottram got long cancer he sold his company to be there for her 100%. She died in 2005 and ever since he’s dedicating his life to raise money for cancer research. In 2006 and 2007 he ran almost everyday a marathon for “Run against cancer”. Now there is the wheel of energy. The wheel is situated at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam and will spin for 365 days. There can be 3 runners at the same time running in the wheel. Everybody who wants to run it and donate for cancer research can make reservations for a spot.

Shoes of the day:

Daily summary Sunday October 24th:

Watching: The Tudors, Desperate housewives and a movie “De hel van ‘63” (The hell of 1963).

This is a Dutch movie about the “Elfstedentocht” (Eleven Cities Tour) in 1963. It was about 4 young people who participated in this tour back in 1963 when this tour was one of the hardest ever. The movie was okay like a Dutch movie can be. There aren’t much Dutch movies that are very good in my opinion.

Reading: Runner’s World (Dutch issue) and cookbook “Jamie’s 30 minutes meals”.

News of the day:
Let me tell you about the “Elfstedentocht”

The “Elfstedentocht” is the worlds largest and longest skating competition and is held irregularly in one of our provinces “Friesland”. The tour, almost 200 km (124 miles) in length, is conducted on frozen canals, rivers and lakes between the eleven historic Frisian cities. The tour is not held every year, mostly because not every Dutch winter permits skating on natural ice. The last editions were in 1985, 1986 and 1997. Adding to that, the tour currently features about 15,000 amateur skaters taking part, putting high requirements on the quality of the ice. There is a stated regulatory requirement for the race to take place that the ice must be (and remain at) a minimum thickness of 15 centimetres along the entirety of the course. Since the Elfstedentocht is such a rare occurrence, its declaration creates excitement all over the country. As soon as a few days pass with sub-zero temperatures, the media start speculating about the chances for an Elfstedentocht. There are likely to be points along the route where the ice is too thin to allow mass skating, or where there is some other problem (e.g., there is actually an organisation “Committee Elfsteden Nee” that is opposed to the race and sabotaged the route in 1997 by laying salt on the ice at one place). These are called “kluning points” (from West Frisian klúnje) and the skaters walk on their skates to the next stretch of good ice. In 1997 ice-transplantation was introduced to strengthen weak places in the ice, for instance under bridges.

In 1963, only 1% of the contestants finished the race, due to the extremely low temperatures -18°C and a harsh eastern wind.

In 1986 the Dutch Crown Prince Willem-Alexander participated in the Elfstedentocht, under the name W.A. van Buren.

Shoes of the day: Same as Saturday


15 responses to “A day in my life: Monday October 25, 2010

  1. The Wheel of Energy is a really neat idea. And how fitting to be placed at an airport!
    That ice race sounds crazy! Have you ever witnessed any of the ones they have had during your lifetime? It sounds intense.

  2. I find when I loose my mojo I try to take the long term goals out of my mind and just try to get through each workout one by one. I tell myself I will just do 10-20 minutes and usually once I do it I want more.
    So my advice would be “just do it” ;-).
    One day at a time is sometimes easier to get through.

  3. I love the Wheel of Energy – that would be really fun and inspiring to run in. Will you do it? The ice race sounds great just because it doesn’t happen every year – what an exciting thing for your country. When I read the title of the movie I laughed because I was born in 1963. 🙂

    As far as losing your exercise mojo, maybe looking at that huge schedule is overwhelming. When things get bad for me, I make deals with myself – like if I would normally run for 30 minutes, I only have to do 15 and then I can stop if I want. Usually I don’t, but knowing that I can seems to help. I hope you get yours back soon.

  4. Sorry to hear your mojo is missing. Honestly, I think it’s probably because you haven’t been feeling well. Maybe your body needs a little rest. Give it a couple days, and then like Syl said .. just do it. Even if you don’t want, get stubborn about it and force yourself to do 15-20 minutes. If you want to quit after than then go ahead. Just don’t let one lazy day turn into another and another. You’ve worked too hard to let that happen. And it won’t make you happy. Believe it or not, working out doesn’t come naturally for me either, I like to be lazy – but I like to feel good, and I feel better when I exercise regularly.

    That skate sounds crazy. I couldn’t do it! Would be fun to do a little of it, but not the whole thing.

  5. I would so do the Wheel of Energy simply because it would probably be my only chance if I happened to get near it! What a great idea.

    Loss of exercise mojo can be a sign of overtraining. I’m not saying it is for you, but it can be.

    I love to exercise and rarely miss. Though I have to admit I never “plan” exercise when I go on vacation and I have been known to take some time off just because the rest of life was overwhelming me and something had to give. But, when I do have the occasional day when the thought of exercise is not appealing I use the same trick everyone else does: negotiation. I tell myself just 10 or 15 or 20 minutes then you can quit. Most times I don’t quit because by 15 minutes in, I’m feeling good!

  6. When I lose my mojo for working out, many times it means I am doing too much. I will take a couple days (or a few days) with a firm commitment to do something at the end of the rest period.

    Or, sometimes I just need to go out and do without and time or distance goals. Just movement for me.

  7. Wheel of Energy= sounds like fun. I would totally want to try this out! You should do it and take pictures!!
    I am low on mojo and energy but I’m tapering, I don’t often feel unmotivated because I’ve been working off of a schedule that I only see a week at a time. This seems to help me take one day at a time.
    Hang in there, maybe it’s the weather!!

  8. That wheel of energy sounds fun – like a giant hamster wheel! They should have that in every airport so people can get some exercise while waiting for their flights!

    Don’t be too harsh on yourself about the working out – just hang in there and the desire will come back. i think we are all in a slump at this time of the year, with the temperatures getting colder, the weather getting worse and the days getting shorter. It is a time of adjustment.

    What I do if I don’t feel like it, is tell myself to just do 10 minutes and give myself permission to stop if I still really don’t feel like it after doing the ten minutes. almost every time, once I really get started I feel better and don’t want to stop.

  9. wheel of energy. very cool

  10. gosh the losing of the running mojo happens to me too.
    I think everyone goes thru it. Some days you just can’t wait to get outside and GO (or in my case inside and hit the treadmill..zzzzz)

    and some days (like today for me) it’s a real push.

    I agree it could be a rest issue (it’s typically the case for me) or also for me mentally I have some ick that I need to get dealt with. and than again a good hearty run almost always puts a smile on my face.

    some days you have to fake it till you feel it! hehehe
    good luck and don’t be hard on yourself.

    I am ready to do my pink dress run this weekend!

  11. onelittletrigirl

    That wheel looks fun and I love the cause! You know, everyone loses their mojo now and then- you know it’ll come back!

  12. Is my mojo missing? Umm, hell yes! I feel like that right now…..grrrr! I could use a few minutes/laps in the wheel of energy:)

    I am still figuring out what to wear on Saturday….I have pink shorts:)

    My duaghter and I went shoe shopping over the weekend and I thought of you! There were so many cool looking boots! I purchased a new pair of what I like to call hooker boots:) They are high black boots that are super sexy but stylish!

    Enjoy your week Fran…Happy Wednesday:)

  13. I definitely have days that I feel like I lose my mojo. I just have to find something that brings it back. I start by doing something small – like going to a yoga class or something where I don’t have to think much about it. I seem to steer towards ‘group exercise’ classes at my gym because it’s easier than me trying to think of a workout. I think the rainy weather also makes me less likely to want to work out.

    Cute boots!! 🙂

  14. I lose my mojo when things don’t go right for me regarding my time… that means, if I’m stuck on the train with delays or I have to work late or anything else disturbs my schedule, it just throws me off. One day skipped ends up a week ends up with me eating sweeties out of the chocolate jar. That is my natural state – exercise on the other hand is not, though I am trying hard to change that. Apparently it takes a really long time…

    I really want to do the Wheel of Energy. We’re trying to get some people together from work, like the running club, since this is something my company is always interested in, we thought it would be a good idea. I love this kind of thing and I really would do pretty much anything to participate! Hopefully I’ll have news for you regarding that at some point soon 🙂

    cutest boots ever! where did you find them? I have so much trouble with boots – my calves are generally too big for most styles.

  15. When I’ve lost my running and working out mojo, I start getting caught up on my blog reading (as I am today). There’s just something about other people accomplishing their goals that makes me want to get back to mine. I hope you get your mojo back soon!!!!

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