A day in my life: Monday November 1, 2010

I’m so happy how many of you participated in the Virtual Pink Dress Run this weekend. It’s great to know that people all across the world were doing this run. We had people running in Holland, Germany, Belgium, South Africa, Canada, USA and Maui. Isn’t it amazing how running unites so many people.

Yesterday we did something fun. We went to a palace called “Soestdijk” for a guided tour, my Mom went with us. A little history about the palace:

Soestdijk Palace is one of the four official palaces of the Dutch royal family. It consists of a central block and two wings.Although named after the village of Soestdijk, which is largely in the municipality of Soest, the Soestdijk Palace is just north of the border in the municipality of Baarn in the province of Utrecht. It was the home for over six decades of the late Queen Juliana and her husband, the late Prince Bernhard until their deaths in 2004.In the middle of the seventeenth century the Country house on the Zoestdijk was built for Cornelis de Graeff. After the rampjaar his son Jacob de Graeff sold it to Stadhouder William III. Then the palace originally started as a hunting lodge that was built between 1674 and 1678 by Maurits Post, who was also involved in building two other royal palaces, Huis ten Bosch Palace and Noordeinde Palace. William left the Netherlands in 1688 to reside in London as William III of England.During the french invasion in 1795, the palace was seized as a spoil of war and turned into an inn for French troops. When Louis Bonaparte became King of Holland, he took possession of it and had it extended and refurnished.It was presented to William II of the Netherlands in 1815 in recognition of his services at the Battle of Waterloo. In 1842 its contents were enriched by the addition of the neoclassical furnishings of his former palace in Brussels, today the Palais des Académies.
Soestdijk became the property of the State of the Netherlands in 1971, though it was used by Princess Juliana (Queen of the Netherlands from 1948-1980) and Prince Bernhard as their official residence until both of their deaths in 2004. Soestdijk Palace then remained empty and unused for over a year before its opening to the public. Since spring 2006, it is possible to visit, pending a decision about its future use.

The palace at the front

Statue of Juliana and Bernhard

I love the color of the trees in the back

Steps of the palace we've seen a lot on tv but then with the royal family on it.

The garden at the back of the palace

Statue of elephants. Bernhard collected statues of elephants.

It was very interesting, we got to see a few of the official rooms and a few of the private rooms of Juliana and Bernhard. After and before the tour you could walk in the gardens that surround the palace. It’s funny that we do these kind of things on our holidays but never in our own country while this palace is only 20 minutes away from our home.

Daily dinner

My mom had dinner with us. I’ve made a “pie” of potatoes, spinach, mushrooms, tomato, pork tenderloin and pepper sauce.

For dessert we had backed apples with golden syrup with custard.

Steak tartare, potatoes and the spinach that was left over from yesterday.

Daily summary Saturday  October 30th:

Watching:. True Blood and Two and a half men.

Reading: Women’s Health

News of the day:. Read something interesting in Women’s Health: See yourself fit.
You’ll be more motivated to move if working out is part of your self-image, according to a study. So, if you identify yourself as a runner, you’ll be more inclined to lace up your sneakers than someone who sees herself as a couch potato. People who saw physical activity as a core part of their identity were more likely to engage in longer bouts of exercise.

I find this interesting, I don’t often think of myself as a runner although I know I am. Maybe I should try this out and say to myself each day: you’re a runner and maybe it motivates me on days when I don’t feel like working out.

How about you? How do you see yourself?

Shoes of the day:

Daily summary Sunday  October 31th:

Watching:. Desperate Housewives

Reading: Women’s Health.

News of the day:. Leave Charlie alone!

I’m a big fan of Two and a Half men and Charlie Sheen is my favourite but the past day I’m really annoyed by all the
negative news the press is telling about him. Yes it could be he is an alcoholic or maybe even on drugs but the way they are spreading rumours about him now irritates me. Leave the guy alone. It looks a bit like the witch hunt they did on Britney Spears a few years ago.

Shoes of the day:


14 responses to “A day in my life: Monday November 1, 2010

  1. And look at all the fall colors in the trees in your photos! Simply beautiful. We still have some color too but lots of the trees dropped their leaves in the storm we had last week.

  2. Your plate presentation on that dinner is very professional! And photo worth 😀

    Regarding Charlie Sheen – the paparazzi here are total and complete animals. The sad part is that celebrity gossip is a mainstay on nightly news shows as well. One reason why I would never, ever want to be famous is the lack of privacy you have. That being said, Charlie Sheen has a lot of issues and needs to admit them and get to treatment again like he did in the past.

    Funny, I run, but don’t see myself as a runner. I’m a biker and a lifter who happens to run LOL!

  3. onelittletrigirl

    I think one of the BEST things about running is how it connects people!

  4. I loved the Pink Dress run – such a great way to bring so many together. Thanks for arranging it! 🙂 That article sounded very interesting. I have to admit that once I decided i was a runner I really did have that mentality. Now it’s like an image I want to up hold. It keeps me motivated to keep running. It’s an interesting concept, but i truly believe we are who we believe are. So we should think positive thoughts! I was a marathoner way before I had even started training. I told myself I was one. Love this Fran!!

  5. I’m so glad that the run went as planned and so many participated, that’s so great Fran!
    We had BBQ steak on Friday and it just isn’t the same without a potato…it was so odd!
    Have a great holiday Fran if I don’t touch base again before I go

  6. Congrats to everyone who did the run!!!

    I tried and tried to squeeze it in on Sunday but Halloween just consumed us all day and I was wiped.

    I love that you are talking about this because I don’t consider myself a “runner” but my 2 year old would tell you different. I think it’s because I don’t feel good at it. either way, I love it and I consider myself a skater even though I don’t skate anymore but it’s in my heart. but I run every week and don’t feel I’m in the run club.

    odd duck that I am.
    I love the pictures of your outing …looks like you had a great time!

    I hope you host another virtual run…I will totally sign up. (please don’t make it on Thanksgiving) hahaha

  7. Oy – you make me want to get on the plane immediately and come to Holland!! Such great photos.

  8. Hi Fran, I did not forget about the pink dress run! In fact, I did my run on Sunday – all 18 miles, and I did wear pink. Alas I do not have a photograph, but I did it, and thought of your challenge. I know I have not been around much lately, but it’s been a bit of an incredible time. Still, I will be catching up on reading your blog. Love the new look!

  9. I’m so sorry I’m late to report!! I have a picture posted on FB of my “pink” item (my shirt) but since I didn’t take the photo, I don’t have it. 😦 But I did run on Sunday with everyone – a total of 18 miles!!! Craziness, right???

    And I LOVE your photos…so beautiful!

  10. Love the pictures of Soestdijk – I would love to visit it one day. I know what you mean about not visiting things in your home town. It took us years to get to our city museum and we finally did it because they completely renovated it and had a huge grand opening for all town residents for free last year! Princess Maxima came to do the opening with Princess Mathilda so that was pretty exciting.

  11. What a gorgeous place!

  12. Glad the run was such a success!

  13. I know Fran! I have been watching the weather report with great interest – and keeping my fingers crossed that we have some sun for our runs on Sunday. I don’t mind too much if it’s cold, but rain and wind – argh! What time do you plan to go out?

  14. I love how running pulls everyone together worldwide – there are no language barriers, nothing is done differently depending on whatever country’s customs – we really are all connected. I too have a hard time calling myself a runner, although compared to who I used to be a couple of years ago, I definitely am one!

    Love the history lesson and pictures of the palace and grounds. Nice to be a tourist in your own country. 🙂

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