A day in my life: Wednesday November 3, 2010

As promised today I will announce the winners of the Pink Ribbon gifts. Of course you are all winners but unfortunately I have only 3 small gifts to give away. R. draw the winners for me and here they are:

Pink bracelet:

Heidi of One Step at a time

Pendent to carry on your purse:

Amy of Fit and Fabulous after 40

Small pink bracelet:

Linzi of Beyond Destination 26.2

Congratulations with your price. If you email your address before Friday at frenchie35@xs4all.nl I will mail it to you on Saturday.

Workout goals November:
This month I’m going for a different approach concerning my workout goals. I’ve planned all my workouts for November in my organizer. The plan is simple: stick to the planned workouts. If I can’t do a workout due to other priorities, do it on a different day. The plan for November is as follows:

Running: 12 times.
Pilates: 4 times.
Strength training: 2 times.

Km/miles this month: 90 km / 56 miles

I know 2 strength sessions isn’t much but unfortunately due to vacation/appointments I can’t schedule more and running comes first before everything else.

Yesterday I had Pilates. We worked on the abs and the back. Those lower back exercises were tough. It was like “hello there muscles, didn’t know you were still here”. It was a great lesson. I love the classes where the abs and back are done more than the ones where we focus on the legs.

Today I picked up my half marathon training again after the recovery week last week. I had to run 40 minutes with 2 tempo runs of 4 minutes in it which I did. I’ve been doubting all afternoon if I should run outside or go to the gym for the treadmill because it was supposed to rain. When I got home it was dry and I ran outside of which I’m glad because it was perfect running weather.

Weather: dry, clouds, not too much wind, ± 13C/55 degrees.
Distance: 6.3 K / 3.9 miles
Time: 00:43:45
Average time: 6:57 /km
Average speed: 8.6 km/hour
Last song on Ipod before finish: Lady Gaga – Just Dance.

Daily dinner

A salad with orange and chicken breast spiced with Cajun herbs.

“Stamppot”: mashed potatoes with carrots and onions.

Daily summary Monday November 1st :

Watching:. Grey’s Anatomy

Reading: Women’s Health

News of the day:. Research showed that the Dutch people are happy with their life. They are happy with the house they live in, the environment they live in, their work and their social life. The highly educated people are more satisfied than the lower educated and the elderly. People who had a good education live longer, have less physical limitations and more confidence in the government.

I have to say that I’m one of those people, I’m very happy with my life as it is and happy where I live.

How about you: are you happy with your life and where you live?

Shoes of the day:

Daily summary Tuesday November 2nd :

Watching:. The Tudors

Reading: Nothing.

News of the day:. And another research: Dutch women aren’t emancipated. They don’t mind being a housewife and even when they are more liberated they don’t mind that most of the housework is done by them. Dutch women do more housework then the men and they don’t mind doing it. We think we can do it better than men.

I’m one of them. I have a fulltime job but I also do all the housekeeping, the grocery shopping and the cooking (but I love to cook) myself. I don’t have someone who helps me clean. R. has a physical heavy job while I have an office job. This means I’ve got more energy left at the end of the day. I don’t mind doing it, I look at it as extra exercise. Everything concerning renovation, painting, fixing things however is his job and I don’t help him with that.

How is this divided in your family?

Shoes of the day:


13 responses to “A day in my life: Wednesday November 3, 2010

  1. Omigawsh, thank you so much! I didn’t even know you were doing prizes, but am so touched to have won one. Thank you!

    And good luck on your workouts this month! I love to put my workouts into my day planner too as it more of a real appointment.

  2. ohhh fun topics today.

    I totally love where I live, I just wish I didn’t have to commute to work. Also some day I would love to hit the mountains. I’d be at peace there.

    also…my husband is semi retired..he took a sabattical after our son was born, after my maternity leave was up (about a year) so he stays with him and does the home things in the day and I do them at night. It’s not perfect and I have had to fight the gender sterotypical issues, and friends and families opinions but it’s how we worked it out and my son has been lucky to be with us so far. I still do the majority of the house work, but I do get help..and HE also does all the heavy, lifting yard, home repair etc stuff…Plus he pays the bills.

    I’d say it’s FAIR. More than fair! haha
    I don’t like being the breadwinner and the economy had a hand in it all but things are turning around and hubs is working on a new startup company. so another shift is in the air.

    it’s all good.
    your exercise goals look great! WAY TO GO!

  3. Oh thank you! I am so surprised and pleased – I rarely win things so this makes my day! Het kan op geen betere moment komen – heb echt een rotdag achter de rug – bedankt, bedankt lieve Fran – you really made my day! Hugs

  4. PS – I am glad you got your run in – I went today too and it really was perfect, not too cold at all. Just wait til Sunday, though, going to get cold again -brrr.

  5. Such interesting questions today!
    I love where I live however I HATE the weather! Some times we have snow in August and it drives me crazy ;-).
    Regarding the house hold chores…because Im at home with the kids I normally take care of everything on the inside of the house, where Peter will look after the outside like the lawn and around the house. Although he does help out inside as well, I like things clean and tidy, where as he’s a clean freak ;-).
    Congrats to all the winners!

  6. Aww, that’s so sweet Fran. Thank you very much. I’ll e-mail you my address and wear the bracelet with pride. You’re right, I haven’t been on the blogs alot the last few days. Been too busy running, working & having some fun!

    There are parts of my life that I’m VERY happy with, but I do have some areas that are high stress and depressing. Doing everything I can to turn those areas around but it will take time and patience.

    I too am also the housekeeper and quite happy with that role. My husband works way harder and longer than I do. He’ll help me if I need help, but in general household stuff is my responsibility.

  7. I really do love where I live… but am not super fond of living in an apartment. I hope to own a house at some point.
    I’m not married and don’t live with my boyfriend so I do a lot of the housework in my apartment. I do have a roomie that does some things but I find that I tend to do more work to keep the place clean and I try to declutter but its difficult sometimes.

  8. Congrats to the winners! I am glad you are happy with your life. That is a very good place to be.

    I am very happy with my life, although I could do with another job, I think.

    As far as household stuff, John and I are different than most couples. We split everything. We both clean, we both cook, we both mow the lawn, we both grocery shop. I garden and he doesn’t, and he tends to tinker on the car more. That’s really the only difference. I kept my last name when we got married to be as equals. I am fiercely independent.

  9. Love the pretty pink prizes! Congratulations to the winners! We’ve been watching The Tudors, too. Just started with season 1 recently (on DVD), after my father in law recommended it. Husband and I are hooked on it! We watch 3 – 5 episodes at a time! LOL That King Henry was a handful, wasn’t he?!

    Fran, your blog looks so beautiful. When you first switched over, I think it looked a little different? I love the colors!

    *hugs* from Orlando!

  10. Hi Fran,
    Congraats to the winners! Your cajun chicken salad looks so good! I love cajun spices:)

    Now that it is getting colder I need to start thinking of some cross-training options. I have been considering snow-shoeing or Yoga. I will have to think about pilates….perhaps they have classes at our club.

    I am pretty happy with my life and where I live too. There are times where our winters get long…like January and February. During the last months of the winter is a great time to plan a vacation somewhere warm:)

    Have a great week!

  11. Actually, I am not happy with where I live. I would definitely prefer to live somewhere warmer. But if I want to stay with my husband, I have to stay here so…

    I think any amount of strength training is great! A lot of people won’t even do that.

  12. congratulations to the winners! I am okay with where we live – mainly because of the university here. I don’t like the cold weather though!

  13. I love your flats!

    I’m ok with where we live, but I would like to get back to Northern California one of these days – I miss my friends, and the weather is just so much nicer than Texas. And as for work division, I used to do more around the house, but now my husband pitches in quite a bit. He does the lawn mowing because he likes it, and takes care of the cars, while I do all the financial stuff (but with his paycheck, lol!).

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