A day in my life: Wednesday January 5, 2011

Lori and Lauren asked at my last post if I’m doing the WW Points plan that recently has been introduced in the US. The answer is yes. The Pro Points plan was introduced somewhere last year in Holland. Maybe you remember I followed WW for a few weeks last year, that was based on the new plan. I like the Pro Points plan, the last time it didn’t work that well because I wasn’t dedicated enough but now I am.

From Thursday till Sunday we ate too much bad foods and I was punished right away on Monday and Tuesday because I had the same old intestines problems again. My own fault but I did learn from it and that is that I need to eat healthy to prevent these problems. I still don’t use much dairy products, just a bit of hot milk in my coffee.

Yesterday we had a New Year’s reception of R.’s work. Since my Mom lives 10 minutes away from where the reception was, R. brought her there yesterday morning and we picked her up after the reception. This way she didn’t have to stay home alone during the day and at night. We didn’t really wanted to go but it wasn’t so bad after all. I talked with two co-workers of him about running and other sports. One of them could tell me where I could buy cheap bars and energy drinks to use during my runs.

Yesterday was a day of rest. Because we had the reception to go to I couldn’t go to Pilates and Bella wasn’t home either so no walking. I sure did feel my triceps from the push ups I did on Monday. Need to remember to stretch my arms good after the push ups.

Question: can you use the foamroller for your arms too and if so, how do I use it?

Today I finally started strength training. I’ve chosen a program that starts with light weights and not to many exercises. If you follow the program correctly you do this 3 times a week but since I only have time to go to the gym once a week for this, I’m going to do 2 times of every week in 2 weeks.

The first 8 weeks the exercises stay the same but the reps, number of circuits or weights get more.
If I need more time I’m skipping the cardio because I get my cardio in through running. I don’t want to spend more than 45 minutes at strength training. Today it took me 39 minutes to do the circuit, 12 minutes of cardio, warming up and stretching.

Daily dinner

Tuesday January 4
Noodles with chicken, snow peas and bean sprouts.

Wednesday January 5
Pork meat, baked potatoes, snow peas.


13 responses to “A day in my life: Wednesday January 5, 2011

  1. In South Africa we call the snow peas as you mentioned SUGAR PEAS…wonder why the two different names.
    Good to read you had a good time at the function.

  2. Yeah, I had some pretty bad eats and drinks last week, but I dubbed the new year as a new start. Good luck with your weight watchers!!

  3. I”m still doing a WW plan from a few years ago. It’s all I knowl

  4. Isn’t it sad how eating the wrong foods now affects your stomach so much? Same thing happens with me. I know that’s a good sign that I shouldn’t eat those foods, and I remember for a while, but eventually I try them again. Only thing I haven’t had since October of 2009 are onion rings – I was so sick after eating two of them that I’ve not had one since. Wish I could do that with everything!

  5. Yay for strength training! You know I love to see that 😀
    Do the workouts however they fit in for you. Better to modify them to fit your schedule than not do them at all.

    Here is a link to a video of someone using a foam roller for her arms:

  6. Tuesday’s dinner looks delicious! Seems like your training is off to a flying start. Keep going with that and WW and I am sure you will get the results you want.

  7. That’s great that you will be doing more strength training. The plan looks good.

    Your stir fry looks SO good. I could eat that kind of meal all the time, except I have to be very careful not to eat too much of those noodles. We call those snow peas here too. Sugar peas are thicker like regular peas, except the are a bit sweet and you can eat the whole pod.

  8. Hooray for strength training. I’ve started trying to do it more regularly as well….at least twice a week to start.

    I find it amazing how much eating bad stuff…or eating too much stuff…really affects my system now. It scares me how much of it I used to eat before, with no affect (well, besides the whole weight gain thing). 🙂

  9. I love strength training!!! I hope that you are having a great new year 🙂

  10. Interesting that they start it in different places at different times. 🙂 Nice job with the strength training.

  11. strenght training does help in marathon. enjoy reading your blog…

  12. It’s actually good you have a built in warning system that lets you know when you have been eating the wrong foods for a while. A nice little physical wake up call.

  13. I do strength training 2X per week religiously. Okay, I’m just gonna say it, that looks like alot of food on one plate.

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