A day in my life: Saturday January 22, 2011

Some of you asked what a Japanese puzzle is. Well here’s a photo of one that’s almost finished.

Basically by logic thinking and counting you color the boxes and get a picture at the end. Before every row there are numbers. For example if a row exists of 25 boxes and before the row is the number 25 you can color all the boxes. If it’s 24 you can color the 23 in the middle and later figure out if the last one is on the left or on the right. For me it’s very relaxing to do this a few times a week.

Thursday was a busy day. After work I rushed to the supermarket to do my grocery shopping for the week. When I got home I cooked dinner, walked Bella and by that time I had to be at my beauty salon for a facial treatment. The “joy” of getting older is that hair starts growing on places you don’t want to 🙂 . For me that’s on my upper lip so I had my first wax to get rid of this. Wasn’t as painful as I thought it would be.

Yesterday was my day off and at night my best friend T. came over for dinner. I made two new recipes and one of them was an amazing curry by Nigella Lawson (before you ask: I’m not going to post the recipe, translating the ingredients is difficult for me). We had a great time together as usual.

Thursday and Friday were rest days. But I did walk during lunch on Thursday with. K. for 30 minutes. Friday morning I cleaned my house for about 3.5 hours and took a 30 minute walk with Bella.

Today I had a long run scheduled of 11.2K (7 miles). It went fine. I stopped at 4 and 8 K to wipe my nose and drink something. I had a bit of a problem (mentally) to keep going between 4 and 5 K but then Bonnie Tyler’s Holding out for a hero came on my Ipod and I said to myself: you’re a hero too, keep going and I did. After that I got a Glee song which always makes me happy and problem solved. Between 9 and 10K I had to run against the wind which made it a bit tough at that point of my run but knowing I was almost there I kept going. I ran it in 1 hour and 24 minutes and that’s the longest (in time) I’ve ever run. Woohoo!

Weather: mostly dry, windy, 5C/41 degrees.
Distance: 11.2 K / 7 miles
Time: 01:23:49
Average time: 7:29 /km
Average speed: 8.0 km/hour
Last song on Ipod before finish: Glee Cast – Express yourself.

Daily dinner

Thursday January 20
Rice with spicey chicken and mushrooms.

Friday January 21
Starter: Thai spiced minced meat in a leave of lettuce

Main: Basmati rice with green chicken curry (photo taken without flashlight, with the flash the rice was just one big white spot).

365 days photo challenge 2011










Day 15 – Saturday January 15
I passed this tree on my walk and like the shape of it.


















Day 16 – Sunday January 16
The mill in our village.

Day 17 – Monday January 17
This wasn’t taken on Monday but on Saturday night: Bella was watching the movie about the dog Hachi too. She watched for about 30 minutes than she got tired and went to sleep.

Day 18 – Tuesday January 18
Just a spot in my village.

Day 19 – Wednesday January 19
So many magazines to read

Day 20 – Thursday January 20
Blue sky and sunshine during lunch walk (building on the left is where I work).

Day 21 – Friday January 21
My training schedule for the next 3 months. See the purple box down on the left: that’s the day of my first half marathon.

Day 22 – Saturday January 22
Just a view during my break at my long run.


18 responses to “A day in my life: Saturday January 22, 2011

  1. Looks like you live in a beautiful place! Wow–that puzzle looks hard!

  2. Nice job on the 7 miles!! Good music on the iPod is a great motivator to keep going. Lady Gaga is always my pump-up music 🙂

    Your village is beautiful!

  3. That puzzle looks hard! Which Nigella cookbook was it? My kids and I always laugh when we watch her show on TV because she always sneaks into the fridge at the end and eats some fattening late night snack!
    Do you get the American Runners World? There was a really good article about the Biggest Losers and running to lose weight – if you don’t have it I can mail it to you.

  4. I love that picture of the mill.

  5. You and me are the same when it comes to magazines that are health and exercise related. Today I bought 3 and next week I will buy the rest. We here in South Africa also get those magazines (international ones) here but are a bit expensive, so I only buy them once every 2 months. Enjoy your reading 🙂
    That Japanese puzzle looks interesting.

  6. I loved your photos! It’s so neat to see pictures of your country. I especially liked the one of the mill with Bella in it too. And that’s cool that Bella watched the dog movie for so long! I don’t think Delilah ever notices what’s on the TV.

  7. Great work on the run Fran, I did an 11.3 yesterday, great minds think alike 😉

  8. Last fall, when I was beginning to run longer and longer distances, I always had a mental problem with mile 6, so I finally arranged my iPod song list so that my favorite songs would come on during that time – really helped to get me through that bad (in my mind) mile. Great job on the 7 mile run! You are doing so well with your half training! 🙂

    That picture of Bella watching the movie makes me smile. And the windmill in your town is charming!

  9. That puzzle looks fun!
    You are doing great with your training. Inspiring me to run a little more, even if it has to be inside.

    And the hair thing? I hear you! My problem is on my chin. Sigh…

  10. Your food looks good!! And I had never heard of that puzzle before. I looked it up and learned a bit about it. It’s a Nonogram right? Looks interesting!

  11. Just reading what you do with that puzzle makes my head hurt..lol

    Love all the pics!! Love seeing what you life is about! So excited to see your marathon on the chart!

  12. I agree, the hair start growing on places you don’t want to … and – for the men – the nose becomes red.
    Another B. Tyler’s running song could be “Faster than the speed of night”. Congrats on your 1h 24′ record.
    As usual a lot of beautiful pics, I like the mill remembering the visit I made to the mills in Marken and Volendam.

  13. I love looking at your 365 photo’s _ seeing the world you live in, so beautiful and green.
    I told hubby while travelling around Holland that I could live there as it reminds me of South Africa in a few ways….but lacks the seaside and mountains we have in Cape Town…No wonder the Dutch loved CT so when they discovered it so many years ago. * thanks to the Dutch * for SA the way we know it today.

    I also love magazines and the only one I have subscribed to is Oxygen and still waiting for my first copy….

  14. I always miss Holland when I see the pics of your village. So nice.

    Food pics are great as always.

    Bella is really grown up now and watching movies. 🙂

  15. Congrats on your long run. You are doing so well Fran! I got your e-mail but haven’t got around to answering it. I will try tomorrow.

  16. That puzzle made my head spin!!!

    My mom did 365, I loved it!

  17. Yummy Lettuce wraps! I have to laugh because that has been my go to dinner all week. So yummy and satisfying! 🙂

  18. I think that puzzle looks like fun. I might have to see if I can find some!!!

    “Facial” treatments. If I don’t get my eyebrows done at least once a month, they threaten to take over my entire face. 🙂

    I just recently went through the magazines I had to read….and finished them all in one sitting. Every once and a while I have to do that. Make an afternoon of it! 🙂

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