A day in my life: Wednesday February 9, 2011

Meg told me in her comment on my previous post she missed my clothing pix and was wondering what I would be wearing these days: sweaters and coats mostly, she thought. Well Meg I have to disappoint you 😆 I don’t own many sweaters and still wear my dresses and skirts to the office, no matter what kind of weather it is. I asked my friend K. yesterday to make a photo of yesterday’s outfit especially for you (it’s black pants and jacket, grey silk blouse and grey suede boots).

As you can see I brought back my Spring lay-out. We’ve had two days of beautiful weather, it almost felt like Spring and I was suddenly bored with my Winter lay-out and decided to bring Spring to my blog.

Yesterday I went to the Pilates class. As always it was a great class, we worked on the back muscles and abs yesterday.

Note to self: don’t eat too much at dinner if you have to workout after dinner, you are going to regret it during the workout!

Today was THE.WORST.RUN.OF.THIS.YEAR so far! I had to do 9.6K (6 miles) with 6.4K (4 miles) at half marathon pace. I ended up doing 3.2 K (2 miles) and I’m not happy about that. Not happy at all!

My upper legs were still sore from the Shred on Monday and my right calf was playing dirty tricks with me again. I hardly could put one leg in front of the other and after 2K I gave up and turned around.

I’ve been thinking about my schedule a lot today and talked to my friend K. about it. On Wednesday I have to do a longer run with a tempo run or speedwork included and this is the second time I couldn’t do it because my legs aren’t cooperating. I think doing a mostly lower body strength on Monday and sometimes working on the legs at Pilates on Tuesday and then a long run on Wednesday is too much for my legs.

As of Monday I’m going to change my workout schedule:

  • I’m going to do the longer run of Wednesday on Monday afternoon.
    My normal long run is on Saturday morning, this means almost two rest days between these runs. And I have way more energy on Monday than on Wednesday.
  • The Monday workout I’m going to do on Wednesday = short run in the morning, strength in the afternoon.
  • I’m going to focus on my upper body and core during my strength workout. My legs are strong, they look great (if I may say so myself) but my upper body needs more strength.
  • I’m going to add a short yoga session of approx 20 minutes on Sunday for stretching.
  • Use the foamroller after EVERY WORKOUT

I don’t know if this will work better but if I don’t try I will never know. What I’m doing now isn’t working, that’s obvious. This means my workout schedule will look like this:

Monday: long run with tempo run or speedwork included (after work)
Tuesday: Pilates (evening)
Wednesday: short run (before work) and strength upper body (after work)
Thursday: short run (before work)
Friday: rest
Saturday: long run (morning)
Sunday: yoga 20 minutes + rest

Tell me what you think of the changes to my plan.

Daily outfit
I’ve been thinking if I should bring this back on my blog. I liked posting it a few months ago but I didn’t like seeing myself everytime in the picture, I often look the same on photos. I’m going to try something different now. I lay my clothes ready for the next day the evening before and thought that since I already was doing, that I could just as easily take a picture. So here we go:

Wednesday February 9:


18 responses to “A day in my life: Wednesday February 9, 2011

  1. Your new schedule looks great. I know I have done back to back running and leg work and either my leg workout or the running suffers. It is about finding the right balance.

    I am interesting in learning more about the Foam Roller work – I have seen that a few times I will have to research it more.

  2. I love the tulips and I love pink so when I opened this up it made me smile!

    While it doesn’t hurt you to move your runs around to get them in, there’s a specific reason why there’s a longer run in the middle of the week. As your longest run distances increase, you will need that Monday run to just be a short recovery run. Trying to do longer runs too soon won’t benefit you the way it will if you leave it mid week.

    Experienced runners will tell you leg work and hard running don’t go hand in hand. In fact, some runners, as they get to the peak of training, only do upper body training until after their race. I personally do that and find it’s the only way I can survive long mileage. For a half marathon I give up all strength training the week of the race.

    On the other hand, if this is your first half marathon, mostly you’re concerned with finishing it so much of the training stuff that you might pay attention to in the future, doesn’t even apply.

  3. I’m interested to see how a Monday long(ish) run works for you. I tend to agree with Helen a bit that it might be too soon after your Saturday long run. That being said, I didn’t really stick to any kind of plan like this when I did my half marathon training – I did mostly my regular lunchtime runs during the week with my long run on a weekend morning. But, a couple times I did a long run before work with my coworkers so I’m sure I had the same or fewer days between my long runs. Does that make sense? I feel like I’m rambling now.
    I love seeing your outfits… and all your fabulous boots! You saw my poor shoe collection (minus some of my boots that live elsewhere). Your boots are awesome. And I love that brown jacket with the skirt!

  4. I love that you are bringing the outfits back! I actually wanted to ask about them myself, but never did…

    Sorry about the bad run. Hope the new schedule works for you! Since I don’t run much (due to a very weak ankle), I’m of no help…

  5. Fran – I have to say that I think you look very slim and trim in that outfit!

  6. I’m glad you brought back your outfits. 🙂 And you are one tall drink of water (as they say in Texas – that’s a good thing!).

  7. The schedule looks great…you have to find what works for you.

    Love the outfits!

  8. Sorry you had such a bad run. Sometimes we have days like that. Your new schedule should help to improve that.

    Love seeing your tulips again.

  9. Bad runs are no fun at all! Hope the next one is better. Thanks for the nice comment on my blog!

  10. I’m sorry the run was bad. I think it’s good that you’re moving around your runs to find what works best for you. I’ve actually been very hesitant to do much (if any) lower body strength training, because I worry about how tired my legs will get. I feel like running is good training, so I usually focus more on core and upper body when it comes to strength training.

    I think the outfit posts are fun!

  11. I like the new workout plan you have from next week.
    I like your outfit. You look great!

  12. You look fantastic in your photo, so slim and trim, I too would not be worrying about my weight if I was you…..

    Spring header looks like the beautiful Spring card you posted me, its sits here on my desk and I see it daily….and think about you and your kindness.

    Training plans have to be changed to suit one, I have not kept to my plan of weights at all this month, but am glad I’m training as thats what counts hey.

    Have a great day.

  13. You look really good in your picture! And I am glad you brought the tulips back – they really remind me of our visits to Holland and spring at the same time!
    As for training plans, they have to suit you so if you need to change it, that’s the right thing to do. I have gotten a lot more realistic about my plans myself – one thing I did this time with my weight workouts is I decided to only include exercises I enjoy doing, and none that I hate. It really helps my attitude when I am at the gym!

  14. I love that you went back to the pretty tulips!!! Makes me smile. Love the photo of you! You are looking great!! I think on your workouts you have to do what works for you. Hope this helps you better!

  15. So sad the nice weather did not last! Raining and grey in Breda. I skipped my run today, too wet/cold. Hope your new workout schedule works better, I also keep changing my schedule as time goes back.

  16. Thanks, Fran!!
    I did miss your outfits and this one is awesome. You look so thin and in shape! I also like the skirt you photographed, with the boots. Fun!
    It sounds like you had some great running plans this week, I hope it went well!!
    I liked your comment about not eating too much dinner if you’re going to work out, too true.

  17. Ugh, do I know that feeling from running…I hope you get the chance to have a great run soon – I think your new plan may work out great, but don’t be surprised if the strength training isn’t as quick as you’d like it to be since it’s so cloes to your long run!

    And I think your outfit (the pants with the boots one) – looks stellar! You look super slim!

  18. The Spring layout was a pleasant surprise!!!

    We still have a TON of snow outside, but the temperatures are in the 40’s (5-9 celsius) . They are predicting 50 and 60’s next week. (10-15 celsius) I can’t wait!!!!!

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