A day in my life: Friday February 11, 2011

Today is my Saturday. I have the day off because I have to work tomorrow. And I knew I had to get my long run in this weekend and knowing I will be tired tomorrow when I get home and knowing myself I knew I wouldn’t do the long run on Sunday. So I asked the day off and did my long run today.

I work at the largest DIY-company in Holland at the head office. We have over 160 DIY-stores in the country. Almost every year we have a contest to decide which store is the best store of the country. The employees of the store that wins go out for a day to celebrate. On that day people of the head office go to that store and keep it running. I always go because it’s such a fun day to do with my co-workers and to talk to the customers. I always go with K. my best friend who works at the same company. It’s a long day but the fun is worth it. I have to leave at 7.15 am tomorrow and will probably be home at 7 pm.

How different can two runs be. I had a great run today! I had to do 12.8K (8 miles) and wasn’t sure before I went if I could do it. My last long run (11.2K/7 miles) was 3 weeks ago. I decided to try it and see how it would go and it went great. My legs felt great the entire run. I stopped twice to drink a bit and put a winegum (= candy, can be compared to the jelly beans) in my mouth. I’ve read on a Dutch forum that these were good for energy so I thought I would give it a try. I’m not sure if it made a difference, I had a good breakfast before I went. I’m going to experiment the next week with gels and bars too to see what works best for me. The weather was okay, it rained the entire run but there was not much wind and the temperature was good. I was soaking wet when I got home but really proud because this was my longest run I’ve ever done.

This run I did for Lori (of Finding Radiance) who host the Blogger’s Healthy Heart Weekend.

Weather: rain, not much wind, 9C (48 degrees)
Distance: 12.8 K / 8 miles
Time: 01:35:42
Average time: 7:29 /km
Average speed: 8.0 km/hour
Last song on Ipod before finish: Black Eyed Peas – Where is the love.

Daily outfit

Thursday February 10:
Black/white skirt, red sweater, grey suede boots.

365 days photo challenge 2011

Day 37 – Sunday February 6
Just a view of my village.

Day 38 – Monday February 7
We always set the table for dinner.

Day 39 – Tuesday February 8
A perfect day: sunshine! Felt like Spring.

Day 40 – Wednesday February 9
The race track of our local running club.

Day 41 – Thursday February 10
I’ve shown this before on my blog. This little Shetland pony lives on this small piece of ground in my street. It still breaks my heart every time I see this. I think pony’s/horses need more space to live on.

Day 42 – Friday February 11
Before my morning run.


22 responses to “A day in my life: Friday February 11, 2011

  1. What a good of heart person your are to work at the winning store for a whole day. Wow! Wish there were more of you in this world.
    I like the pictures you’ve posted. Enjoy your weekend

  2. what an interesting and full entry again, I dont know where to start commentating…

    Firstly, fantastic run today ~ I think the rest and change of program is going to work for you…I also feel stronger in the morning…I felt it yesterday that I was struggling as it was after breakfast, snack, lunch then a run!!
    Wine gums is pure sugar and sugar is meant to give you energy…I love wine gums ~ but for now as you know, cant eat….I can eat a whole packet at the movies!!!

    Great to see your pictures. H and I never eat together anymore….:(
    I used to set the table as well, now only set if people visiting…
    Looks so pretty around where you stay.
    Have a good day tomorrow with helping the winning store.

  3. Way to go on your run!!! Awesome that it went so well!
    Have fun tomorrow working in the store – I remember when you did that last year – it does sound fun! Although at the Gamma in our town the people who work there always seem like they are in a bad mood.
    Tuesday was absolutely gorgeous, wasn’t it? We have been lucky – even with the rain it’s not cold at all, and it is supposed to be pretty nice on Sunday when I have to do my long run…

  4. You had a great run because you were doing the blogger run 😀

    I am jealous that I see grass…

  5. Before I forget…try the chocolate outrage GU on your next long run – Kelly swears it tastes like chocolate frosting; I say a melted chocolate bar – but either way, it’s a delicious way to get the extra energy you need for those miles! 🙂

    GREAT JOB on your 8 mile run!!! I’m so happy to hear it was such a good run, too – that’s what keeps us running, right?!?

    As always, I’m loving the pictures of your town. I think you live in such a pretty area. 🙂

    I love that your company does such nice things for its employees – really sounds like there is a lot of support and teamwork happening which is rare and quite nice.

  6. HOORAY FOR THAT LONG RUN! Welcome to the club of ‘real’ runners, where every single run can feel completely different no matter the distance.

    I love your outfit of the day, especially the boots!

  7. Congrats on the long run!!!! I love the photos you share. You live in such a beautiful place! I love the outfit! Wish I could wear shoes like that but not with 5 & 6 yr. olds.

  8. Very interesting post.I work also in a big DIY store (department of garden).But unfortunately we have there such a bad work atmosphere between the collegues -so I am sick now.
    Great photos and congrats to the long run!Respect!Have a nice weekend!

  9. Great run girl! keep it up!
    loved the photos!

  10. Love todays post! Thanks for sharing and its encouraging that you had a great run! I hope my next one is better.

  11. Great run!!! Love all the pictures.

    Have a fun day tomorrow! It sounds like it will be a great time.

  12. Mmmmm I love winegums. We eat them alot in our house. So good! Great idea to take them on a run. I’m so happy you had a good run. Hopefully my next one will be better too. I’m SO behind on my long runs with my half marathon coming up. I’m actually starting to worry a little. I can pull it off, but it might not be what I had hoped for. My own fault. 😦

    Have a great weekend Fran!

  13. Great job on the 8 miles! It sounds like you’re figuring out what fuel works best for you.

  14. I love your village. It looks so nice!
    How great to be looking forward to going to work on a Saturday so much!

  15. Hi Fran,
    Thanks for your nice comments! Your village looks amazing. When I was in NL, I loved the city called Delft. Your village reminded me of that. Be nice to your customers tomorrow 🙂

  16. Your village looks absolutely beautiful…I’m beyond jealous of the GREEN grass. And the stream looks very peaceful too. 🙂

    Great job on the run – I knew you could do it!

  17. Love your village! It is so pretty.
    That poor pony. He looks so sweet and sad.
    Great job with the 8 miles! 🙂 Glad you felt good for the whole run!

  18. It is so beautiful and quaint where you live. I love the pictures. Great job on the run. I’m back to training and will run 4 miles tomorrow. I think it should go well. 🙂

  19. A lot of beautiful pictures. The village is wonderful.
    I had a problem long time ago eating “sweet things” while running, the doctor told me that they influence the glycemic curve and you could lose the strength in a while. Good job on the 12,8 km.
    About the dogs, after 26 years of running I understand when a dog wants to run with me or to attack. I am sure that your one is lovely and friendly.

  20. Glad your run went so well!

    Hope you had fun during your long day at the store yesterday!

    You have the coolest shoes and boots!!!!

    Have a great week!

  21. You are doing so fabulous with your running! Eight miles! Everytime you think you can’t…remind yourself you can! Cause you are awesome!

  22. I love the pics of your village! 🙂 And glad your run went so well. You are amazing!

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