A day in my life: Wednesday February 16, 2011

I think I’m going quit strength training, at least till after my half marathon in April. Reasons are time and I don’t really like doing it. I love running and I love Pilates but strength is something I never liked and probably never will. I still will be doing Pilates which is great for my core strength too and add a short yoga session on Sunday, mostly for stretching. Maybe I’ll try to do my strength after my Pilates class on Tuesday but I haven’t made my mind up about that.

To be honest I think I workout enough nowadays. I run 4 times a week (or at least 3 times), distances are getting longer every week now and go to Pilates once a week. That’s a lot for a girl who went to a gym maybe once or twice a week two years ago.

At this moment on weekdays I have time for myself around 8 pm. I often don’t have time to visit my friends or spend time on my other hobbies because I’m working and exercising and sleeping. If I skip strength I have the Wednesday evening “off”.

And I have this little cute dog that’s very active and needs 1 walk of at least 30 minutes a day and that’s not happening now. She goes to doggy day care two days a week, when she comes home after, she’s very tired so she doesn’t have to walk that far but then there are still 5 days left. And she deserves a long walk!

I know strength is important too when you’re running but I believe Pilates and yoga are good too.

I know my upper body can use more muscles but I wore this dress with high heels today and I saw my legs in the mirror. I have great, strong legs that I’m damn proud of.

Yesterday it was time for Pilates again. We worked on abs and back this time. It was a great class (I know I say this every week but it’s true). Next week there isn’t a class because the instructor is on vacation. I will replace this with strength upper body.

This morning I got up at 5.15 am to do my short run. Weather was great and I felt good too. Didn’t watch my pace (I never do on my short runs) and just ran at a pace that felt good for me. Even though getting up at 5.15 isn’t easy and it’s still dark, I do love morning runs. It gives you energy for the entire day.

Weather: dry, not much wind, 9C (48 degrees)
Distance: 3.2 K / 2 miles
Time: 00:22:47
Average time: 7:07 /km
Average speed: 8.4 km/hour
Last song on Ipod before finish: Glee Cast – Losing my religion.

Daily dinner

Tuesday February 15
A dish of minced meat, potatoes, sundried tomatoes and conical cabbage.

Wednesday February 16
A veggie burger with stir-fried green vegetables. No carbs today at dinner, didn’t feel like it today.

Daily outfit

Tuesday February 15

Wednesday February 16


18 responses to “A day in my life: Wednesday February 16, 2011

  1. LOVE the blue shoes!!!!! 🙂

    I didn’t go any strength training last year getting ready for my half marathon. I’m not saying it’s good to skip it, I’m just saying that I was in the same boat. I didn’t have the time to do it all. I’m trying to make time for it this time around…but it’s hard. I think I’ve got a plan, so we’ll see if it works. 🙂

  2. I can understand where you are coming from Fran. I will say that strength training (P90X for me) did wonders for me while training for the half marathon. But with that said I was not doing both at once. I did the P90X for 2 weeks shy of the 90 days and then went straight into running the distances to prepare for the half marathon.

    I think the most important part is that you are doing what works for you, doing what is right and knowing when you are taking on to much to avoid burn out! Good for you for recognizing the signals!

  3. I just read something the other day where the author spoke about how we’ve forgotten how to be kind to our bodies… we over exercise because we think we “need to.” Guess what? We need down time too! And walks with doggies! And time with friends! But maybe I’m not the one to advise you… I hate strength training. Every single time I try to start, it lasts approximately a month and then it’s just too much and I quit. I run and I have Muay Thai. That is good enough, whether I’m training for a race or not, it’s enough!

    If I ever come to Holland, I’m raiding your closet!

  4. I like your idea, I have been trying to run 3-4x a week and get P90X in 6x and it is just overwhelming at times. I think next week I will change up my schedule a bit and not plan for as many double workouts. It would be nice to rest after I put my daughter to bed instead of having to workout.

    Oh and those blue shoes….LOVE!

  5. Love your blue heels and your black boots. You have quite the shoe collection.

  6. When I started training for my half, I dropped all other workouts. It was just too much, too hard on my body, and yes, you DO need a break.

    Love that blue and white dress. 🙂

  7. I definitely don’t do enough strength training. I think it’s great you do yoga and pilates – that’s got to be good strength training.

  8. I was doing the New Rules of Lifting program while I was training for my triathlon and it was a *lot* of work. Probably too much, but I sucked it up and just did it LOL!

    We all need to figure out what works for each of us.

  9. You have the best shoes!!!

    I love my yoga/pilates classes. I feel like I get a great workout, and I feel strong, yet “stretched.” It also helps a lot with balance… 🙂 I don’t love to lift weights, but I see great results and feel the older I get the more important it is to preserve and build strength. I feel like I do enough for my legs, so I focus on upper body and try to get it done quickly. I usually spend about 20 minutes 3 times per week on upper body strength training. I am kind of bored with my routine right now, so I know it’s time to mix it up a bit…

  10. I know what you mean about combining a strength training program with a half marathon program – it’s hard and takes up a lot of your time! I also think legs probably get enough work with all the running, so it’s just the upper body that you end up neglecting. But that you can easily fix by just doing some exercises at home that don’t take much time or equipment – like pushups.
    And yes, Bella does deserve her exercise too!

  11. I like that Tuesday dress of yours – pretty in pink 🙂
    The potato dish looks yummy.
    Pilates, I read, can also qualify as a type of strength training but is a lot lighter on the muscles than the usual strength training cause you use your own body weight. Which is great in my opinion.
    Good workout plan.

  12. You have to do what is best for you…..I feel so bad as my intention was to do weight training from this year and at the moment I cant get myself to the gym besides with hubby on a Sunday….am just not into anything at the moment, am hoping the Oxygen magazine will spark some fire in my belly again as right now nothing is.

    I think you the running queen this month…..remember I crowned you the other day as you are not struggling at all like the rest of us….hehehe

    Meals and outfits look very interesting…and girlfriend for sure your legs ROCK!!

  13. Your two outfits are very beautiful.I love both outfits.
    Have a nice day and enjoy your delicious dinner.


  14. OK I love the blue heels!!!! Being as tall as I am heels do not work well for me. I think you need to do what is best for you as far as your work outs. You are rocking know matter what you are doing anyways!

  15. I haven’t found my mojo yet … but thanks for asking. 🙂 There’s a possiblity that I might get a little boost this weekend. We’ll see. I’m still not worrying about it. Maybe I should, but I’m not. I’m content and maybe my body needs the break.

  16. You got up at 5:15 a.m. and went running in winter cold!! You’re really motivated Fran!

    No carbs at dinner? I agree with tihs! I love green vegetables 🙂
    Have a beautiful weekend!

  17. Getting up at 5:15!!!! That’s called determination! We used to do that in States, but we’ve gotten used to the more mellow European pace here and wait until 6:00 to get out of bed.

  18. Omigawsh.. LOVE LOVE LOVE the black boots! Sooooo cute! Great job on the early morning workouts. I need to get back on track with that! 🙂

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