A day in my life: Monday February 21, 2011

We had such a great night yesterday. I laughed so much (so did R., K. and her husband), he’s a really funny guy. Even when I was in bed and thought about the show I still had to laugh.

I even had a little part in the show. At the beginning he was telling a story when I had to sneeze. In the middle of his story he said “bless you” but we didn’t know he said that to me until he started looking our way (we were on the balcony) to see where the sneezing came from. Then it occurred to us he had been talking to me. By then the moment was gone and he moved on with his show, but to us it was kind of funny.

Today I had to do a temporun of 9.6K (6 miles) of which 6.4K (4 miles) at half marathon pace. It felt very cold today and the wind was strong and chilly. Between 4 and 5K and between 6 and 7K I had to run against it which was tough. I switched my long weekday run from Wednesday to Monday and I like it. It still is the hardest run of the week, think that’s because I do it after work, but knowing the hardest part of the week is over on Monday keeps me going during these runs.

Weather: dry, sunny, cold chilly wind, 1C (33 degrees)
Distance: 9.6 K / 6 miles
Time: 01:06:47
Average time: 6:57 /km
Average speed: 8.6 km/hour
Last song on Ipod before finish: Glee Cast – Don’t make me over.

I’m very happy with my workouts last week:

  • This has been the best workout week EVER!
  • I did my longest run ever and it was a good one.
  • I ran 32.1 K (20 miles) which I have never run in a week before. In fact it’s more than that I ran total in January last year.

Syl’s February Challenge: Workout 3 hours and 20 minutes in a week.

Total week 7 (February 14-20):
Running: 3 hour 46 minutes.
Walking: 1 hour 35 minutes.
Pilates: 1 hour
Total: 6 hours 26 minutes -> goal reached

Daily outfit

Monday February 21


21 responses to “A day in my life: Monday February 21, 2011

  1. looks like you had a great week last week!

  2. sounds like another great week Fran – you are doing fantastic!

    We had a great time at our dinner theatre yesterday too. It was a british sex farse, kinda like “faulty towers” it was so funny. It was nice to get out and relax for an evening without kids ;-).

    Love your outfit fran!

  3. The show sounds like it was a blast – I love laughing like that!

  4. Great job on your windy tempo! Glad your training (and entertainment) are going so well!

  5. What a great week you had for sure!! Glad you enjoyed the show. Sounds like it was a great time.

  6. Wind is my least favorite condition to run in… have I mentioned that? In fact, the one run I fit in over our crazy weekend I ended up on the treadmill because we had 50-60 mph wind gusts going – crazy. Really good job on that tempo run!

  7. Congrats on your best exercise week ever!

    I do that a lot where I remember things and then laugh out loud. Results in some strange looks sometimes 😀

  8. Glad the show was so much fun! 🙂 Great job on the exercise last week! Love that you keep adjusting your run schedule to figure out what works best for you!

    Have a great week!

  9. You are kicking butt in the workout department! It’s so inspiring! 20 miles in one week…wow. 🙂

  10. So funny that you had a part in the show!

    Yay for the longest run ever!!!

    Love the orange skirt!

  11. Congrats on the 20 miles! Woo Hoo!

  12. Great job on all your accomplishments this week!! And that’s funny that you became part of the show 🙂

  13. Wow Fran, you killed it this week. Nice job.

  14. You are on such a roll at the moment, improving your distance and getting stronger…this is fantastic, what a great way to begin this year.
    I know once it gets warmer I will catch up to you again….;) as you dislike running in the heat and I love it….
    Thanks for sharing your week as it was a great one indeed, your best one and my worse one..
    Hope its another great week for you….has started off well!

  15. That skirt is beautiful!!

    I love hearing about how well you’re doing with your running!!!

  16. Glad you had a great workout week 🙂 and congrats on your 9.6 km tempo run! You really did a great training considering that the weather was cold and you ran against the strong wind.

  17. You are kicking booty with the challenge – 6+ hours?! TOTAL rock star! And awesome job on the tempo run against that wind!

  18. Whoops, I commented on the wrong post. I was saying that I saw your pink jacket on the run2day website for the Dam tot Dam loop! http://run2day.nl/run2day-ladies-run
    Also, thank you for the encouraging comments, still feel like a truck rode over me, so no running since Saturday, and I’m not even sick… Seeing the doc on Friday. Hopefully I’ll have some energy before then! Happy running!

  19. I love the outfit!! Adorable- Great workouts!!! Good Job!

  20. Happy to hear that you are doing so great with your workouts 🙂 As long as you enjoy it too which I am sure you do 🙂

  21. don’t you just love those kind of workout weeks?? great job Fran!

    I like the outfit here too! Where do you shop? I must be looking in the wrong places because everything arouund here looks like something that does NOT belong on a (young-minded, but practical) 42-year old woman!!

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