A day in my life: Wednesday February 23, 2011

First of all: Alinda brought this to my attention.

Guess I’m famous 🙂 …. this website is the announcement of the ladies run for this year which I ran last year September. If you scroll to the bottom of the site, the picture on the right: that’s me.


I’m glad my face isn’t on it, otherwise I couldn’t walk on the streets anymore without being recognized LOL.

I need your thoughts (again) on something.

Where I live it’s all flat which means I never do hill training. There’s not even a bridge nearby that I could use for hill training. I have planned to do a 15K in November but this race has hills (7 to be exact). I’ve read an article this week on the Dutch Runners World website that if you didn’t have hills to train on, you could do hill training on the treadmill.

And we all know how much I love the dreadmill! But I keep thinking about this. I have two short run of 2 or 3 miles in my schedule every week. I’m thinking about doing one of those on the treadmill in my gym and do it with an incline or hills program. Maybe 2 or 3 miles isn’t much but if I do it every week I might have less troubles at that race in November.

What do you think? Good idea? If you live in a flat area, do you do hills training or not? And if you do: how?

This morning at 5.30 am I had a short run to do. There’s not much to say about this run except that it went very well and was a good run..

Weather: dry, dark, not much wind, -1C (30 degrees)
Distance: 4.8 K / 3 miles
Time: 00:34:01
Average time: 7:05 /km
Average speed: 8.5 km/hour
Last song on Ipod before finish: Bon Jovi – Give me something for the pain.

Daily outfit

Tuesday February 22

Wednesday February 23


20 responses to “A day in my life: Wednesday February 23, 2011

  1. Glad I could be of help 🙂
    I also will do the “7 hills” this year. Unlike you, I really dislike the treadmill, but I am planning to run a few miles on the treadmill every week. It’s good, not only to train for a particular race, but it makes your legs stronger. When we moved to the Netherlands, I had trouble getting used to the flatness. I wasn’t missing the hills per se, but I wasn’t used to have the same muscles engaged throughout the entire run.
    Better: we could have a Nijmegen bloggy meet up and run some hills there 😉

  2. I do hill cycles on the treadmill, because my next run has one super long hill…I want to say it is about 1.5 miles, the bonus is its an out and back type run so the way back is down hill. I have hills I can run outside on by they are not the best for running on.

  3. I’m fortunate with the number of hills around my house. In fact, I have to drive 10 minutes or so to get to a trail that is fairly flat. But….I would think that doing a short hill workout once a week on the treadmill would be beneficial for sure! 🙂

  4. Come visit me – we have hills! Lots of hills. I would do the hill work on the treadmill. It’s really good for you and you will not regret the training one iota on race day!

  5. Oh, and congrats on being famous 😀

  6. How very cool that you are featured so prominently on that website!

    I’d do hills on the treadmill – after that 10K in Maui that was full of hills, I realized that some hill training IS important, lol.

  7. That’s so fun that you are featured on the website!

    I don’t run enough to give any running advice, but I know that hills are a “whole other story” so I would say do any hill training you can, even if it’s on a treadmill.

    Cute outfits!

  8. Fun picture!
    I’m the wrong person to ask as I live where it is very hilly. I would guess that the treadmill is your best bet.

  9. I love your pink!
    Regarding the hills…if you race has some hills, I think you should do some hill work on the treadmill but if not, why stress your knees and legs? I know hills are great for fitness and strength but they are also so hard on the body!
    I’m only hill crazy for this next marathon and then I’ll slack off, it hurts too much!

  10. I know someone famous! How exciting!

    I am no runner, so I have no running advice, but it does seem to make sense to get some training in on the dreadmill so you are better prepared for the hills.

    Love the pink!

  11. What a great achievement – getting published on a website. Wow!

  12. They didn’t get your face but they did publish your name! Good thing you were wearing your cute running jacket!
    As for the hills, I do think it would be a good idea, if you can “force” yourself to stay on the dreadmill for a couple of miles, to do some incline running. It will definitely help. Hill running really strengthens the legs and butt, too.
    I am lucky, we have quite a few hills here, so I can get hills in when I finally get outside. So I rarely use the incline on the treadmill.

  13. I live in a very hilly area, so miss flat runs and sometimes wish I could do a flat run again, hence me enjoying my treadmill runs as I can do a flat run for a change.
    I would imagine you would have to keep adding onto the incline while you run as hills start of flat and then slowly increase the incline…so you would have to do the same on the treadmill….

  14. Dont just add incline to the TM and run a short run. Get on the RW website and find a hill workout and substitute that for one of your runs once a week or on the day you would normally do speedwork. Don’t do speedwork and hills in the same week. Yes, use the treadmill but be deliberate about your hill training is what I’m saying.

    I want the pink outfit. That is all.

  15. I have lots of hills near me. No shortage here. But in your case, yes, it would be wise to do some hill training on your treadmill. Or, if you are able to drive to a hill once every week or two would be good as well. Actual hill running is much better than the incline on the treadmill, but if it’s your only option then do that. It’s good to practice running downhill as well, which is one of the reasons why running an actual hill is better.

  16. I think it would help you to do some hills, even if they are just on a treadmill. Although it would be nice if you could run downhill on a treadmill too. My boyfriend mentioned that he was thrown by the downhill portions of our 5k a bit because he practiced hills on the treadmill but couldn’t go downhill.
    I train mostly in flat DC, but there are a few hills there, and close to my house that I can train on. Good luck!

  17. I think adding in some incline on the treadmill will definitely help. I would pick one of those short run days and dub it “hill day”. I would also suggest alternating between inclines. So make up a “hill plan” for your treadmill. Like run 2 minutes at said incline then go back down to recovery. Or something like that. I’ve only done this a few times, but I think it would help you better train for the hills to come. Let us know what you end up doing.

    Love the pink outfit!! So cute!

  18. I live in a flat area and really don’t do hill training. But… that’s because so far all the races I’m registered for now are in the same area where I live, and I don’t think I have to worry too much about being prepared for hills. I think if I was going into a race that I knew would have hills, I would definitely try to do a bit of hill training.

    I know that the treadmill is no fun, but hopefully doing just short runs (2-3 miles) with hills would not be so bad and should help you to feel mroe prepared for your race!

  19. Oh yes, you are famous, I want an autograph…. no, 2, one for my grandson too!!!
    I live in a hilly city with many flat streets so I don’t have any problem to prepare any kind of race. However I think that in your case the “dreadmill” can be the solution.

  20. Wow!!!! you are famous!!! hopefully I can one day get your autograph 😉

    So… you know I did the 7 Hills and I did NOT hill train, or at least not much (i’m in a bit “hillier” area than you) and I have to say it was a pretty challenging race!! I’m no expert though, but I think yes you should hill train if you can’t but you aren’t going to completely fail if you don’t. I did do *some* speedwork/interval training right before but I honestly don’t know if it helped or not.

    Or perhaps you want to head out to my area and do some hills with me? 😉

    Loving the pink and brown outfit!!!

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