A day in my life: Saturday February 26, 2011

Yesterday K. and I went out for lunch instead of having lunch at the restaurant at work. We have never done this before but since a Bagels & Beans was opened near our work we decided to have a bagel. Of course I had to think of Lori who has bagel day every week.



My bagel (carpaccio with pesto, rocket salad and Parmesan cheese)

K.’s bagel (tuna salad)

Thank you for all your advice about hill training. I definitely will start with it on the treadmill but maybe after training for my half in April is finished. Still thinking about that.

I haven’t been feeling well these past few days. My stomach is playing dirty tricks with me again. Everything I eat comes out an hour later. Because of that I feel I have no nutrition in my body, I’m hungry all the time and I am tired. I had to do 14.4K (9 miles) today but when I got up this morning I knew that wasn’t going to happen today. The fact that it rained wasn’t helping either.

Instead I ran 6.4K (4 miles) because I wanted to do something. Next week is a recovery week with distances of 6.4K and I decided to switch today’s run with next week’s run. I’m going to try some new things next week which hopefully helps calming down my stomach. In that way I’m glad next week won’t be a hard training week.

Weather: rain, wind, cloudy, 7C (44 degrees)
Distance: 6.4 K / 4 miles
Time: 00:47:00
Average time: 7:21 /km
Average speed: 8.2 km/hour
Last song on Ipod before finish: Madonna – Miles away.

Daily outfit

Thursday February 24

Friday February 25

365 days photo challenge 2011

Day 50 – Saturday February 19
My bike. Since Bella doesn’t listen very well, she can’t walk/run without a leash. I tried to let her run next to me while I was on my bike and that went very well. She can really run fast (faster than me J ) and she liked it too. So we’re going to do that once a week from now on.

Day 51 – Sunday February 20
More Spring

Day 52 – Monday February 21
Bella loves searching for sticks during our walks.

Day 53 – Tuesday February 22
During lunchwalk with K.

Day 54 – Wednesday February 23
At the doggy day care to pick up Bella.

Day 55 – Thursday February 24
Grey day with lots of fog.

Day 56 – Friday February 25
Bella is playing with R.


23 responses to “A day in my life: Saturday February 26, 2011

  1. Love Bagels & Beans! I go at least once a month here in Arnhem. And I always get the “Geen Stress” juice along with a bagel. Even the kids love going there! It’s not Starbucks, but I love the way they care about the coffee there too. The Barista making coffees really looks like he has the passion!

    I’m sorry you haven’t been feeling so well lately. It certainly can damper the mood and kind of wreck your schedule. You got out and did something today at least. Hopefully whatever it is will be gone soon and you will like a million bucks again!

    Love the outfits and the pics. Wish I had different boots to choose from! It’s getting really to be biking weather again too! Spring maybe around the corner??

  2. Hooray for bagels! That looks like a very cute shop.

    Have you had testing for celiac? I wonder if you might be gluten intolerant.

  3. Sorry you haven’t been feeling well. Hope you’ll figure out what’s going on soon…

    The bagels look delicious! It’s been a while since I had a bagel. I think I’ll have to get some!

    Cute outfits! Thanks for sharing them again! 🙂

  4. You live in such a lovely country. I love seeing your daily photos.
    I like that you take Bella out on your bike! I used to do that with my parents dog. Delilah isn’t fast enough for that- I can’t even get her to run near my pace. She can run pretty fast but not for very long.
    When I was in Florida last weekend I saw several people riding with small dogs in the baskets on their bikes! I wonder how long it took them to train the dog to stay put?

  5. I think Bella would look really cute in the that basket on the back of your bike ;-).
    Great photos once again Fran

    Hope you are feeling better and get it fiqured out.

    Great job on the run none the less!

  6. Love all your pictures. The restaurant looks so cute! And let’s hear it for the first signs of spring!

    Sorry you are having tummy issues. I hope they clear up asap.

  7. The bagel place looks adorable and yummy. I bet when the weather is nice, it would be a great break from work to sit outside! I also love your bike…I have a similar one, but your basket on the back is amazing. 🙂 I hope you feel better soon.

  8. I was thinking the same thing as Lori. Whatever it is, I certainly hope you feel better soon.

    Love all the pics…especially the scenic ones. They always make me long for Holland.

    Have a lovely weekend.

  9. those bagels look awesome!!!

    I also love your bike, I need to get a bike this year I think so I can go on rides with my daughter.

  10. First off, LOVED the bike!! The basket is adorable. Secondly, your outfits are cute…thanks for sharing and finally, that restaurant looks so quaint and fun. It looks like you had a nice week and thanks for the sweet pictures.

  11. Loved seeing where you and K went to eat….having chatted about this on BBM that day, and seeing what you ate….looks very yummy indeed.

    Funny how I think a 6km run is a distance and now that you are the running queen with 14km or more behind you this is a short run in your eyes…hehehe, amazing how you have grown in your running this year…love watching it via your blog and messages.

    Love the 365 photo’s….that misty one looks so cool…spooky!!!!

  12. What a good meal that must have been! I love carpaccio and The restaurant looks nice.

    I think that you don’t like running on a foggy morning, although the photo shows a beautiful place. I hope you’ll run 14.4K soon … on a beautiful day with lots of sun 🙂

    Have a nice weekend!

  13. Hey Fran: remember me? LOL. I’ve been away from blogland for a while for a variety of reasons. Nothing too over the top and partly because life got really busy there for a while! I’m not losing or gaining weight, nor am I running but more on that on my blog if I ever get around to writing in it! But this is about you! I hope that stomach bug goes away soon. I’m not surprised it’s left you feeling weak. I was happy to check in to see that you are still keeping up with the running. I’m really proud of you and happy for you too.

    And I love your clothes. You have so much style. 🙂

    Missed you! T.

  14. I”m quite jealous of the spring! Oh well, it will get here some day too. I love love love bagels! Absolutely one of my very favorite foods.

  15. Is Bella related to Debby’s Noah, with her stick finding? LOL, she is so cute. And also maybe she’s related to Paco – he loves to run alongside us when we bike! Super cute basket on your bike, btw. 🙂

    You poor thing with your stomach issues. Not fun at all. Beyond Lori’s suggestion of celiac, I wonder if probiotics might help? Like some good yogurt or kefir? I don’t know…I just hate that you are still not feeling good.

  16. I love the photos!! I love the second outfit a lot. I hope that your stomach gets better. That has to be beyond annoying. The bagel place sure looks yummy!!!

  17. Fran…I’ll come bcak to read, but just wanted to say that you should REALLY read today’s post 😉

  18. The bagels look so yummy! The café looks really nice. It’s something I miss from living in the city, I can’t just go to a café anymore.

  19. So sorry to read that your stomach is still giving you problems Fran. I hope you are able to figure this out soon. Not having enough energy will certainly zap your ability to do your running the way you’d like. Did you enjoy your bagel and want to go back to that cafe?

  20. Bagels – something I don’t like to eat at all.
    I like the photos.
    I like your bike – so vintage 🙂

  21. That is really a bummer that you are still having problems with your stomach. I hope you figure it out soon. Have you made a link to certain foods that seem to bother you yet? Too bad it made you miss your run, but at least you can switch out with next week – what Marcelle said is true – 6 km now seems like a short run, doesn’t it?
    Loved all the pictures – what a nice little bagel shop you have!

  22. I hope you and your stomach can come to an agreement soon!! 🙂

  23. You have like the cutest boots ever! I am always in awe when I see your daily outfits and it makes me want to go shopping. You need to come to the usa and help me find some cute boots!! LOL! 🙂

    Hope you are feeling better. That doesn’t sound very fun – the stomach issues.

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