Workout goals + Weight Challenge February 2011

Quote of the month:
The woods are lovely dark and deep, but I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep, and miles to go before I sleep.
Robert Frost

I’m very pleased with the results of February.

  • First of all: I won Syl’s February challenge. Thank you so much Syl.
  • I only missed 1 run this month. The Pilates class I missed was because there was no class because of vacation.
  • I have run the highest monthly mileage ever.
  • I still love my training plan for my half marathon.
  • I didn’t take as much long walks with Bella as I had planned, need to do better on that in March because she deserves it.

Goals February:
Running: 13 times. Done: 12
Pilates: 3 times. Done: 2
Strength training: 3 times. Done: 1 (30 Day Shred 1 time)

Goals March:
Running: 15 times.
Pilates: 5 times.
Yoga: 4 times.
Strength: when I have time for it.


Number and time of workouts in January: 16 workouts, total time 12 hours and 32 minutes.
Number and time of workouts in February: 15 workouts, total time 12 hours and 38 minutes.

Running goals:

Yearly mileage
Goal kilometres/miles in 2011: 1011 K / 628 miles

Goal February: 85 K / 52 miles
Total February:  85 K /  52 miles

Goal March: 110 K / 68 miles.

Total till 02/28: 157 K / 97.5 miles
Total running time: 19 hours 1 minutes
Still to run to reach yearly goal: 854 K / 530.6 miles

Personal records I want to achieve:
Run a   5K < 32 minutes
Run a 10K < 1.08

February 11, Bloggers Healthy Heart Weekend (hosted by Lori from Finding Radiance) 12.8 K / 8 miles, time 01:35:42.
April 25, Half marathon of Utrecht
May 15, Marikenloop Nijmegen, 10K
October 2, Singelloop Breda, 15K, with Amy.

Other goals:

Pilates and Strength training
Go as much as possible to Pilates once a week and do a weight training once a week.
start with yoga once a week.
February (4 weeks): Strength: 1 Pilates: 2

Goal is to walk at least 1 time a day 30 minutes with Bella. It’s good for me and it’s good for her as she needs to build muscles.
February: 12 out of 28 days. I can do a lot better than this, not for me but for Bella.

Take a long walk once a month in a forest or nature reservation somewhere in Holland with Bella.
We didn’t do this in February, will do two in March.

Weight Challenge February  2011

Starting weight: 89.2 kg (196.6 lbs).
First target weight: 73 kg (161 lbs).
Final target weight: 70 kg (154 lbs).

Weight on February 1st: 78.4 kg (172.8 lbs)
Weight on March 1stt: 78.7 kg (173.5 lbs)

This months result:  + 0.3 kg (+ 0.6 lbs)
Total loss: 10.5 kg (23.1 lbs)

Fat percentage: 40.3 (last month 40.8)
Muscles percentage: 30.4 (last month 30.2)
BMI: 26.3 (last month 26.2)

I had a small gain this month, this happened in the first week of February. After that I’ve been on the same weight for 3 weeks in a row. I’m okay with that because weight is not my first priority at this moment.
I am happy that my fat percentage is lower and my muscles percentage is up. These figures mean more to me right now than the number on the scale.
All things considered it was a good month concerning my weight.


18 responses to “Workout goals + Weight Challenge February 2011

  1. Pretty good job on your miles this month Fran. You are really sticking to your plan!

  2. Great job Fran! And you are correct, the number on the scale doesn’t tell the whole health story.

  3. Sounds like a good month! 🙂

  4. You’re doing fantastic! Keep up the great work.

  5. You are doing great! Have a wonderful March! 🙂

  6. Sounds like you had a WONDERFUL month!

  7. Great job Fran! I bet Bella will love all those walks.

  8. Ack – why do I torture myself by trying to read your end of the month posts? LOL, too many numbers!

    Anyway, good job, my friend, and congrats on winning Syl’s challenge!

  9. Robert Frost is a Vermonter and that is my favorite RF poem. Love it!
    Congrats on the high mileage month.

  10. You inspired me to make some March goals of my own. Congrats on Syl’s challenge–that is so exciting to win!!! I know March will be great for you. 🙂 –Laurel

  11. Awesome job with the running!! Congrats on winning Syl’s challenge too – she’s such a doll!

  12. Great job meeting your February mileage goal! And I wouldn’t worry about the half pound – you’ve clearly gained muscle and you’re performing well at your fitness goals! Keep up the good work!

  13. Congrats on winning the challenge and having such a great month! You are going to rock your half marathon!

  14. Well done on winning Syl’s challenge
    You sure had a great month this month with amazing results for February. I so agree that the number on the scale is NOT important….so many other factors come into play.
    I hope March is an even better month for you

  15. Congrats on winning the challenge.
    I do agree with you. No matter what the scale says, as long as your fat percentage is lower than your muscle percentage and you don’t gain, then there is no need to fuss about the scale.
    Well done on everything that you have accomplished in February. Here is to March!

  16. Wow Fran, congrats on a great month. And, it’s probably a challenging month being that it’s cole. Good job.

  17. WOW! Congrats on your amazing mileage for this month! And that rocks that it’s your highest mileage month ever. You are running rockstar Fran! 🙂 So proud of you!

  18. that IS a good month! I love how you’re hitting your targets – February is kind of a hard month to get excited about but hitting your targets makes it much easier. And now you’re in March things will get lighter and easier anyway. Good going!

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