A day in my life: Wednesday March 2, 2011

After I told this in a comment on MissZippy’s blog I thought it would be nice to share it on my own blog too.

One of my managers is a runner too. He runs every Sunday morning in the dunes where he lives. Last Sunday we had bad weather in Holland. It rained a lot and hard and where he lives there was a very strong wind too. Not great running weather.

He told me on Monday that normally on a Sunday the runners out there are 60% men and 40% women. But this Sunday when the weather was so bad there were 90% women and  10% men running.

Guess this tells all about who are the toughest runners out there, right?


We don’t let a bit of rain and wind scare us …

Yesterday it was time for Pilates again. As usual it was a great class. The great thing about this teacher is that she has a different class every week. Some exercises are the same but the class is always different and I like that because I’m easily bored at group classes. Yesterday we worked at abs, back, legs and core stability.

After a terrible run on Monday afternoon, I did today’s run at 5.30 am and it went so much better. Monday my legs hurt so much I almost couldn’t move, today they were in perfect shape.

I’m no afternoon/evening runner, that’s something I already knew and all the afternoon runs in the past weeks have confirmed that again. Next week I’m going to do all my runs in the morning and see how that goes. It’s getting lighter now and it won’t be long before I can do my runs outside my village again in the morning.

Weather: dry, not much wind, 0C (32 degrees)
Distance: 6.4 K / 4 miles
Time: 00:45:22
Average time: 7:05 /km
Average speed: 8.5 km/hour
Last song on Ipod before finish: Robbie Williams – Tripping

Daily dinner

Wednesday March 2
In February I didn’t have much cooking inspiration and didn’t want to post it on my blog. But one of my goals for March is to try more new recipes and post the meals on my blog again. Today we had noodles with mixed vegetables and chicken.

Daily outfit

Tuesday March 1

Wednesday March 2


18 responses to “A day in my life: Wednesday March 2, 2011

  1. Love the last outfit! I could never pull off white!

  2. What a great dress! Love that it can bridge the gap between winter and spring.

    And that food looks yummy.

    Thanks for the shoutout–women are tough!

  3. LOL at the 90% women. Men can be such wusses 😀

    What a fun dress that is. I don’t wear dresses very often, maybe because I own only 3.

  4. I’m known in the office as the crazy one who will go out in almost any weather. If anyone else is willing then I will go! That’s my motto. We ran in rain and a tornado watch on Monday since one of my coworkers was willing to go out with me! hehe. So I can see the reason for the 90% women.
    That white dress is lovely. 🙂

  5. Well, the individual in my half marathon whimpering and crying like a girl, WAS A MAN!

    I am completely in love with your March 2 outfit. In love.

  6. Bring on the sunshine…I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Glad you enjoy your Pilates class so much. I take a yoga/Pilates/barre class once a while, and I love it!

    And glad your run today was good!

    Very cute outfits, and awesome boots!!!

  8. Very cute outfits (both of them). Love the boots from Mar 1.

    Good luck with the morning runs. If that suits your schedule then that is best. I don’t do well with mornings, so evenings is best for me. 🙂

  9. Hi Fran,
    I have missed you!! It sounds like you are doing so well with the morning running and way to go on the pilates! Your body is getting used to the workouts and soon it will seem like a piece of cake do get it done:)

    I also love both outfits and the rocking boots! I broke down and purchased a new pair of hooker boots:) I love them!

    Take care Fran! Hugs!

  10. What a pretty dress!

    Glad you enjoyed the Pilates. It is fun when the class is different. My yoga class is like that too. Very enjoyable!

  11. Yeah, we’re tough runners! 🙂

    I really love that white dress!

  12. I LOVE Wednesday’s dress!!!

  13. That’s so nice that your Pilates class varies – I get sick of group classes that are always the same, too.
    Love the confirmation (and admission) from your manager, that YES, women are tougher than men in putting up with discomfort and pain!

  14. Meal looks very interesting…..love chicken and noodles

    The great thing is you love running in the morning and manage, so its perfect for you to run in the morning instead of the afternoon/evening….

  15. Yup, I think we women is more tough when it comes to running 🙂
    I like that meal of yours. Looks appetizing and healthy too.
    Like dress number 2.

  16. I find it interesting that all runners are different yet we all share a common passion, no matter what time of day, what the weather, we just want to get out there!

    Although I would love to run in the mornings it’s just not fisable with the boys, that’s why I love to end my day with a run because then it’s my time ;-).

    Love the outfits and the meals look yummy!

    Excuse me while I go blow my nose again ;-)…..

  17. I didn’t have any doubt about the toughest runners.
    05.30 is too early…and this is another proof about the toughest runners.
    Sorry, I don’t like chicken.

  18. Your dress is SO freaking cute! Seriously, I want to reach through the computer and borrow it! LOL! 🙂 And yay for hardcore runner women. That is so awesome! 🙂

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