A day in my life: Monday March 28, 2011

Thank you all for your comment on my last post. It indeed might be my half marathon training that I’m gaining a bit right now. But I can make better choices in what I eat and that’s what I’m going to do from now on. I’m not going to follow a diet, I’ve been doing all kinds of diets for the past 10 years and it didn’t work. I’m still a strong believer in eating healthy combined with exercise and have a treat every now and then. The problem is that there were too many treats the past weeks 🙂

We had such a beautiful day yesterday, nothing but sunshine and clear blue sky. I walked for an hour with Bella and you could see people walking and biking all around you. Everybody took advantage of this beautiful day. I also sat in my garden almost the entire afternoon to read, there was no wind and it was lovely in the sunshine.

I had to do 8K (5 miles) today and I did …. 0!

Do I have an excuse? Not really!

I couldn’t run this morning because I was alone. Bella still barks and screams when you leave her and I couldn’t take the risk she would do that if I went out for a run at 5.15 am. She would wake up the neighbours.
I had decided to run after work, but you all know how much I “like” that. It was on my mind all day that I had to run and not because I looked forward to it but because I didn’t want to. On top of that I thought I was smart by wearing ballerina’s instead of heels but at the end of the day my feet were much more tired than when I walk on heels all day.

Once again I have proven myself I’m not a after work runner, it just isn’t working for me and I won’t plan or do it anymore, at least not for any runs above 5K (3 miles).

It is my recovery week which means no long run, tempo run or speedwork this week and I’m okay with missing one run this week. I will do the other runs of this week according schedule and I will do them early in the morning before work.

Daily dinner

Monday March 28
Pork meat with garlic, mango and ginger with rice and stir-fried pak-choi cabbage with garlic.

Daily outfit

Monday March 28


17 responses to “A day in my life: Monday March 28, 2011

  1. Sorry i’ve been absent Fran, it was a crazy busy week for me. I am sure that you will fiqure out you weight. I know that you stopped tracking, could you do it for a day or two here or there to see where you are at? Could also be your training Fran, the more you run the hungrier you are…atleast I find that!
    I’m so glad that you got your charm, looking forward to killing that half marathon with you ;-).

  2. No big deal. Maybe your body wanted a little break anyway! 🙂

  3. I can never manage to get myself out to run after work either. It just never works. I’d much rather sleep in the mornings, but I know if I do, I won’t work out after work either.

  4. Was the sunshine not wonderful…..its feels so good to be out again after been indoors for the cold winter. I’m loving it like you are, but know soon when it gets hotter I love it and you stop 😦

    Christine was saying the other day that she can not understand how a runner can gain weight….she lost so much weight with running, but I told her the body gets into a comfort zone and then its hard to lose weight with only running, one has to do other things to shock the body as well…..and of course your diet plan….if you dont burn more calories than you eat, one will gain…thats the science…but boy its so frustrating…
    I have been there for a while now myself..and like you are not stressing as its about having a healthy lifestyle, with living as well.

    I ran this evening at 5pm and while running with Steffi I wondered if you were going to be running tonight…well now I know…and as you said…its okay!!

  5. Truly only YOU know if you’ve been eating a bit too much and only you know how to fix that!

    I never plan to run after work unless I’m also giving myself permission to maybe miss that run. I am also a terrible evening runner.

    Very interesting discovery regarding wearing heels vs. flats. Flat shoes definitely keep your tendons lengthened which you’d think would be a good thing. But I guess not if they make your feet feel tired.

  6. I’m not an after-work runner either, but I’ve been having to do it as I train for a race and mornings are still too dark. The only good thing about running after work EVER is that I appreciate my morning runs on the weekends that much more!

  7. I don’t do well with evening workouts either, and runs are especially hard in the evening. I like your attitude regarding your runs and your weight. You know where you should make a few adjustments, but you don’t do anything extreme. I think that’s very good! 🙂

  8. Reading in your garden in the sunshine = heaven. What were you reading?

  9. I don’t like to run in the evening, but I love to bike at that time!

    Treats are a hard thing. On the one hand, you don’t want to deprive, but is having a treat every day still a treat or a habit? For me it is the frequency that I have them when I start getting in trouble. Like having chocolate in the afternoon and then nuts at night outside of my regular eating.

  10. I don’t like to do much of anything beyond a leisurely bike ride in the evening…don’t blame you for now wanting to run, especially 5 miles!

  11. *not* wanting to run…I really should proofread before I hit “submit!”

  12. I’m not much of an after work runner either. I’m hoping when I live right on the running trail I’ll be more motivated for evening and weekend runs. I’ll have to be when marathon training starts up.

  13. You deserve a day off! I’m opposite, I always do my runs after work. I’m just not a morning person. I wish I was!

  14. I think our weather flipflopped – ours was definitely better on Monday than on Sunday.
    I have never run in the evening, it really doesn’t appeal to me at all – I am usually too tired and the thought of running in the dark scares me. And I hardly ever run after lunch, although it does happen with some of the races around here that start in the afternoon.
    I agree with you – I don’t think missing one run in a cut-back week will make the difference. And the rest might just do you good.
    Enjoy today – it is supposed to be beautiful there like it is here?

  15. I see in your clothing photo, that you wear the same shoes as I do. I absolutely love that kind of shoes because of the fact that it does not have a hill. Even going to fancy parties, I do not wear heal shoes.

  16. It is interesting to me how different people like to work out at different times. Morning is definitely not my workout time…I prefer sometime between 5 and 7 p.m.

    Sitting in the garden, reading in the sunshine must have been so wonderful. Lucky you!

  17. I wish I was a morning workout person. If it something that I love doing I am good. I used to be in the pool by 6am for class. Anything else and I had to have a phone call to get me there. Sounds like you are doing great!

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