A day in my life: Saturday April 2, 2011

This morning the online registration for the Dam tot Damloop 2011 started at 9 am. This is by far the most popular race in Holland and it’s full within 30 minutes (40.000 participants). As I offered to organize a team for our company, I was ready behind my computer at 9. And the server was down immediately. With some errors I finally was able to register but wasn’t sure everything went okay cause I had some errors during it. Because it’s a work thing I entered my work email address so I couldn’t check. I called the helpdesk and first they said we weren’t in and it was sold out. Damn!

But then she checked again and ……….. WE’RE IN!

We registered for 1 team of 10 people, so far I’ve got 9 but will find a last victim to run with us.
All I have to do now is order shirts for us but I’ve got time.

Guess what I’m wearing today ….. FLIP FLOPS!

Yes, that’s right! It’s the most beautiful day here in Holland today: sunshine, sunshine and nothing but sunshine, clear blue sky, no wind at all and it’s about to get up to 22C (71 degrees) today.

So if you’re looking for me … I’ll be sitting outside with my book! 🙂

Have a great weekend everyone!

After 2 crappy runs this week, I decided to take it easy on today’s run. Just run and see how it goes. It wasn’t perfect, both my legs felt very tired, but it was better than the other runs. The weather was absolutely beautiful: sunny, no wind, 12C (53 degrees) and that at 7.30 am.

Weather: dry, no wind, 12C (53 degrees)
Distance: 6.4 K / 4 miles
Time: 00:45:53
Average time: 7:10 /km
Average speed: 8.4 km/hour
Last song on Ipod before finish: Lady Gaga – Born this way.

365 days photo challenge 2011

Day 85 – Saturday March 26
Glee night, watched my favourite glee songs on DVD.

Day 86 – Sunday March 27
Walk with Bella outside my village.

Day 87 – Monday March 28
The charm I won at Syl’s blog. I love it and am going to wear it at my first half marathon. Thank you Syl!

Day 88 – Tuesday March 29
This used to be a house, now it’s an office. It’s a 5 minute walk from my house. I’ve been there once for a job interview but since it was a parttime job and I wanted to work fulltime, I didn’t take it. But I would have loved working there.

Day 89 – Wednesday March 30
View of the street where we live.

Day 90 – Thursday March 31
Bella playing

Day 91 – Friday April 1
The monthly photo of our garden. It’s still a mess but we’re waiting for the gardener who comes once a year to do our garden and make it ready for Summer. But there are already some things blooming.


17 responses to “A day in my life: Saturday April 2, 2011

  1. Glad you were able to register for the race…sounds like fun with so many people on the team.

    Love all the pics…such beautiful scenery. It is mild and sunny here today too…the sun looks gorgeous on the bay when I look off my balcony.

    I love Glee too!!! It is my favourite show!

    Have a great Sunday!

  2. So happy you are wearing flip flops – hurray for sunshine and spring weather!!!

    Glad you got in that race – what fun you all will have training for it. How long is the race? What is your team name?

    You know I love Glee! Do you have “Hell to the No” on your iPod?

  3. Wasn’t it absolutely gorgeous today??? I spent half the day out on my patio – I even took my yoga mat outside and did yoga in the sunshine – it was awesome!
    We finally got Glee here on TV, it’s just about to start! Last week was the Madonna episode – I just loved it!

  4. 40.000 participants! I’d like to run that popular rare. When does the Dam tot Damloop 2011 race starts?

    Beautiful photo! I really love that beautiful house with the green garden.
    You would have loved working there . . . I would have loved living there 🙂

    Enjoy that sunny week end!

  5. Show off with the flip flops!

    Good job getting into that race. Your workers will be glad you stuck with it. I do like that office.

  6. That’s great that you were able to get into the race! And yay for warmer weather 🙂

  7. Congrats on getting in to the race!

    That weather sounds divine. Send some this way, please.

  8. FLOP FLOPS!!!!!!!!! yAHOO love them as well…and also wearing mine…with painted toenails…LOL as I never paint them in winter and see with running this morning they all chipped…thats going to drive me nuts as I love my toenails painted in summer, but hate chipped ones.

    That house that is now an office, is stunning….would love a house like that myself…pity the position didn’t suit you.

    Lovely to have won a prize….I always give my all to other people challenges and never have won, now I only participate in my own with my group….LOL…( bad loser hey 🙂

    Was the weather not fantastic yesterday, we had a BBQ last night and I drank some red wine…cant for the next 2 weeks or so, so made the most of it…
    Today is a little cooler, 20 degrees, but cloudy, hazy sky…

    Glad you got a team registered for the marathon…I still said to hubs last night…Can I go to Holland to run with a group…he said…ARE U CRAZY….you want to go to Italy, you want to go to South African….now to run in Holland…I said * well we are going there for the Tulips, maybe its the same time * ~ then we left it there.

  9. I love your little charm from SYL! SOooo perfect for you! 🙂 And it will make a great good luck charm for your race. And yay for the awesome weather. I am wearing flip flops right now too and loving it!! 🙂 Congrats on getting registered for the race. I hate that crazy pressure of trying to register for a race and not knowing if you got in or not.

  10. So glad you got in, that’s gonna be a great race to run fRan!

    And over 20 degrees, I can tell you what we got this weekend…30 CENTIMETERS OF SNOW!, complete white out conditions and never ending snow, I’m so sick of it. I dream of the day I can wear flip flops again!

    Loved your weekly recap, great work on the run, and so glad your charm FINALLY arrived, can’t wait to run that half with you ;0)

  11. I like the photo that you’ve posted. Very nice.
    Sounds like fun the Dam tot Damloop. Your language is a lot like our Afrikaans language which is great 🙂
    Flip Flops sounds so comfortable – glad you are having such nice weather that side. Our winter is coming.

  12. Something in my brain cannot compute that you are having such lovely weather and we are still struggling to find Spring – although I think it may be arriving this week finally. I guess I’ve always thought of Holland as a cold weather country!

    Glad you got your team into the race. Now to prepare them, right Captain?

  13. YEA, for getting your team in the race. I am totally jealous of the flip flops!

  14. I wore flip flops yesterday too- however, Friday it was snowing and this week we are on a tornado watch. Go figure!

  15. I wore sandals to work yesterday! It got up to 80 degrees! We went for a run and I am not used to the heat yet. It’s back in the 50s today with rain so I guess I don’t have to get used to it right away.
    I love the pictures of your garden. When I get all moved in I want to take a picture of the lake behind my house once a month for comparison like you are doing.

  16. 53 degrees, sunny, and no wind. Music to my ears!!!! 🙂

    I would LOVE to have a garden like that behind my house. Very calming and beautiful!!

  17. Good luck today. I’m thinking about you. I know you will do great. Hope you have fun. Can’t wait to read all about it.

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