A day in my life: Wednesday April 6, 2011

Stupid Garmin failed on me again this morning. When I turned it on it said “battery low” which shouldn’t be because after I charged it I only used it for 1 hour. This happened before and it’s irritating me. I won’t bring it away to have a look at it with my half this close. I can do without it on short runs but I depend on it on my long runs, especially to keep my pace. It’s only 1.5 years old and I don’t think I should have battery problems already. Maybe I should recharge it after every run.

Does anyone who has the Garmin Forerunner 305 have had these problems too? And if so, what did you do about it?

You may have noticed I haven’t mentioned weight training on my blog recently. Well that’s because I haven’t started it yet. And I decided yesterday that I won’t start with it till after my half marathon.

At this point I’m getting nervous I will get injured now the race is so close. My fitness base isn’t good and I’m afraid I will overdo it and get injured. So I’ll wait.

I’m thinking about the New Rules of Lifting for Women but both Lori and Amy told me that it’s not such a good idea to start this program and combine it with half marathon training. Right now my best friend K. has the book, she does a lot of weight training, to look at the program and tell me her opinion.

I’ve got another program ready too. Maybe I’ll do stage 1 of the NROLW before my next half training begins to see if I like the program and how hard it is for me. If not I will start with the other program beginning of May.

Anyone else did the NROLW and if so, what are your experiences with it?

As my Garmin died I used the app I downloaded recently on my Blackberry (Endomondo sports tracker) to track my route this morning. It’s not as accurate as the Garmin but I’ll take if I don’t have to use it too often. I couldn’t see my pace unless I got my BB from my pocket which I didn’t do that much and I ran at what felt good for me this morning. Turned out to be the fastest run of this year, I was supposed to run a lot slower according to my program but on the short runs I don’t mind much about my pace.

Weather: dry, windy, 11C (51 degrees)
Distance: 4.8 K / 3 miles
Time: 00:31:55
Average time: 6:39 /km
Average speed: 9.0 km/hour
Last song on Ipod before finish: Rod Stewart – This old heart of mine.

Daily outfit

Tuesday April 5


20 responses to “A day in my life: Wednesday April 6, 2011

  1. I have the same garmin as you and the only time I had that was when I forgot to switch it off and the battery died…
    Now I log my run on my computer and then allow the Garmin to charge, when charged fully I switch off as I dont want to be caught again like I was that day.

    Love the shoes you wore today….
    Sun is going to shine tomorrow…have fun.

  2. Well boo on your Garmin not charging properly! Mine isn’t quite a year old and I haven’t had that problem (knock on wood) – what about cleaning the contacts? I really am no help, sorry. But that’s frustrating!

    Congrats on such a good run – you are ready for your half…you know that, right?

  3. Have you down loaded all the info on your Garmin Fran? HMMM not sure what the problem could be. Is there a number you can call for support, maybe they can give you some help.

    Good run non the less!

    As for weights, I too am waiting until I hit that magic number, for me I just want to get there and then I can start toning.

    I found when I did my half last year and did the p90x along with it, it added strength for me, I felt stronger. But this year going into this one I already know that I’ve run the distance and can do it so right now it’s not a priority, but I hoping to make it one real soon ;-).

  4. Good idea on waiting on the strength training at this stage. I have the same Garmin (rarely use it!) and one of the things I didn’t like about it was that it didn’t hold a charge very long.

  5. I’ve had that happen a couple of times with my Garmin. I have to call my daughter in Florida to tell me how to get it off. You push three buttons at once and hold. The buttons are power, mode and start/stop.

  6. I try to charge my Garmin (same model as yours) after every run. Also, that dowloads my runs to the computer everytime too. I did see some things online about that Garmin having some problems with holding a charge after a while. That’s another reason I plug mine in every time.

  7. Having done it myself, I agree NROLW is a tough program. Yes, it gets great results but I’m not sure I’d want to do that and train for any distance over 10K.

    The Garmin. You should try doing a reset. But first, download all your runs into your computer in case you lose them. There are actually 3 different resets so start with the first one. After you do the reset, charge it and before you take off on your run look at the battery screen to make sure all the bars are filled.

    The soft reset is done by pressing the lap + mode buttons at the same time. This will cause your unit to power down if it is on/frozen (and often the unit appears off when frozen). No data will be lost using this reset. Press the power button to startup and most problems will be cleared.

    The next most common reset is a hard-reset performed by holding down the mode button while powering on (two buttons, that’s it). When your unit powers on you will be prompted as to whether you really want to perform the reset or not (be sure you do if you answer yes as you will lose your data). This reset usually has to be preceded by the soft-reset.

    The third reset is another hard-reset, but you should only use this one as a last resort as it bypasses the prompt in the more common hard-reset. It can be hard to do, so you may want to try a few times if nothing happens. Press and hold mode and enter. Press power but do not hold it. Continue holding mode and enter for several seconds. If it works, the unit should power on and go through the initial settings wizard after you release the buttons. On my unit, I can see the screen flicker after I press and release the power button, and that’s how I know that I can release the other buttons.

    Give those a try and let us know if it helps!

  8. What a bummer about your garmin, i have had that happen to me when I used the Nike+ – very frustrating.

    Sounds like a good run over all though. I also love your shoes from your outfit today.

  9. We talked about NROLW, and how I did it while training for my triathlon. It is an intense program and you should really dedicate just to that because the results will be awesome!

    I would charge the battery each time just to be safe and have the Garmin looked at once the race is done.

  10. My Garmin is a different model and I have had no problems. Sorry that must be very frustrating.

  11. I have a Garmin 305 but haven’t had any problems with teh battery yet. It’s still pretty new though. I don’t think it lasts the 10 or so hours that they advertise, but I can definitely get through at least 4 runs without really charging it. I do usually charge it after each run though… when I plug it in to view my stats, I leave it plugged into my computer for awhile to charge it.

    Awesome run! Sometimes I think I run faster too when I’m not watching my pace. That way I don’t get psyched out when I think I’m running too fast 🙂

  12. My Garmin (405) does the same thing. Sometimes, even though I charged it a couple of days before and did not use it, I will start my run and it will flash low battery and die on me and that will be it for the run.
    Some other times, same as above, but it will switch off, I’ll start it again and it will live on as if nothing is going on.
    I don’t know why that is, #1 might be because the GPS for some reason did not turn off and drained the battery, and #2 just a bug issue?
    My fixes are: I try to always charge it the night before but if I forget, I have a “pre-established” 6 mile/ 8 mile and 10 mile route that I run instead and just keep track of the total time (by checking the clock as soon as I get home). Does that help?

  13. I have similar issues with my Garmin (110) – I have tried to get myself in the habit of plugging it in the night before I go run, but sometimes I forget. but still, shouldn’t it hold a charge for longer than just one run? I don’t know, I am terrible at battery stuff. Sometimes you hear that you need to let them run all the way out before recharging, other times that you should top up the charge constantly. I really don’t know.
    But anyway, you did end up getting a nice fast pace for your non-Garmin run, so maybe it was a good thing to run without it for once!

  14. I do not have a Garmin but for night walks it takes forever for my Polar HRM to find my heart rate. I sure am dead a lot..lol

    Love the outfit!!!

  15. When you take it off the charger, does it say it’s full? Maybe the contacts on the back need cleaning? Sweat can be pretty “corrosive.” I hope that you figure it out and get it working for you! I just got mine this Christmas, and was addicted quickly! 🙂

    I hadn’t heard of NROLW until just now…but it looks interesting. I’m curious to see what you have to say about it!!

  16. I am not doing any weight strength training at all, just sticking to yoga and some exercises which engage the hip flexors, glutes, hamstrings, etc. I have never ever had much luck with strength training and running. I don’t want to get all negative on you but I have found other ways to engage the muscles and it’s working for me. Everyone is different but make sure you are working with someone who works with runners, this is SUPER important!
    LOVE your cute shoes(sorry, had to get a shallow comment in there)and I loved your funny BQ comment about barbecue!

  17. I have a garmin 110 and I haven’t had it that long. Haven’t had any battery issues yet… but on my 5 mile run yesterday it was acting really weird. It beeped an interval at about 2:50 minutes in and it said 1.00 like it was a mile but it definitely wasn’t a mile. I thought maybe it got knocked into kilometers but my 5.2ish mile run was like 10.88 on the Garmin and it said our average pace was 5:00. No idea. I’m hoping when I load it to my computer it makes sense.

  18. Oh, and I meant to tell you I love the outfit! The red makes the outfit pop and those shoes are awesome!

  19. I love the Rod Stewart’s song, I like the version with Ron Isley.
    Now I have a Garmin 210: perfect!! But I didn’t have any problem with the 305 too.
    Now the most important goal is the half, you are plenty of time for other kind of training programs.

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