A day in my life: Monday April 11, 2011


Something terrible happened last Saturday in Holland. Saturday around noon a guy of 25 years old walked into a crowded shopping centre and started to shoot randomly. He has used 3 guns for about a 100 times.  After he shot 6 people dead and wounded 15 people he walked into a supermarket where he committed suicide by shooting himself. Something like this doesn’t happen a lot here, in fact I can’t remember if it ever happened.

They say he was depressed but I don’t understand. I can understand that people are so depressed they don’t see a way out and the only way is commit suicide. But what I don’t understand is why you have to take people with you into death, people who did nothing to you. I hate this guy for that. He had no right, no reason to take the life of these 6 people.

Saturday after my long run I didn’t do much more than move around the house. Those long runs really ask something about my legs. I started icing after a run a few weeks ago and that helps but on the day itself my legs are really stiff. I looked like a really old woman when I walk up and down the stairs. I watched my favorite after long runs shows Saturday afternoon: Glee and Modern Family. That’s getting a Saturday tradition. Saturday night R. and I watched the latest Harry  Potter which we had not seen yet. Can’t wait till the final movie comes out.

Yesterday it was a beautiful day, warm and sunny. R. was working on his motor bike at home and I sat in the sun, did some cross stitching, watch some other tv shows (Private Practice and Desperate Housewives) and Bella was working on her tan.

Early morning run. Not much to say about it except that it was a good run. I had planned to run outside the village but as soon as I came outside it I ran into a wall of fog. And the last time I ran in it in the dark without streetlights it was spooky. I turned right and ran through my village instead. Don’t like that but preferred that above a fog run.

Weather: dry, fog, not to much wind, 12C (53 degrees)
Distance: 4.8 K / 3 miles
Time: 00:32:14
Average time: 6:43 /km
Average speed: 8.9 km/hour
Last song on Ipod before finish: John Mellencamp – Jack & Diane

I’m very satisfied with my running last week, highest mileage in a week ever. This week it will be higher and after that the mileage is going to drop for a while.

Daily dinner

Sunday April 10
Made fresh vegetable soup with meatballs. We ate bread with herbal butter at it.

Monday April 11
Meatball, potatoes, broccoli.


16 responses to “A day in my life: Monday April 11, 2011

  1. I can never understand how someone can do that either, and then shooting himself, what a cowerd! Don’t understand that, so many innocent lives and family left to pick up the pieces, I can understand how you would feel with it hitting so close to home, how horrible!

    Great job on your runs fran. I too feel sore this morning, yesterdays 7k run was brutal to say the least, I really had to push myself. I think today I may only do 3 and see how it goes 😉

    We are at 12 degrees today, taking the boy to the park, no scense in staying indoors when the sun is shining!

  2. I thought of you over the weekend when I read about that gunman. I don’t understand why people have to take someone else with them when they want to kill themselves. It’s like when someone deliberately steers their car into oncoming traffic. Why??? So upsetting.

    I’m very happy your running is going so well for you! I remember those sore legs – here you are doing something that is beneficial for your health and yet you are walking around like a crippled old lady, lol! Luckily it goes away.

    Glad you enjoyed the sun…and Glee! And Modern Family! New Modern Family this week – woohoo! 🙂

  3. That’s so sad about the incident. It’s really hard to understand mental illness, because surely that is what it is. I have a friend who’s son suffers from a few forms of it and some of the thoughts he has and things he does just do not make any sense. As his mother, she really struggles with it. He is a young adult now, out on his own and making his own choices, and she worries alot.

    Great job on the runs. You are doing so well. Too bad you had to deal with the fog, but the nice days are certainly coming. Sounds like you had a pretty peaceful weekend at home.

  4. As soon as I saw that story about the gunman I thought of you and whisked a quick prayer for your safety even though I had no idea if you were anywhere near where it happened. Just awful.

    I’m noticing that your shorter runs are getting faster. That means you are becoming quite an efficient runner Fran. I just know you are going to rock your race!

    Hurray for sun and relaxing and Modern Family!

  5. You can see your reflection in the spoon – very cool! I am saddended by those types of news events. I agree with you about them not having to take others with them.

    Great job on the running Fran! You are doing great!

  6. I read that in the newspaper and thought of you. It is so tragic.

    I bought Modern Family but I am still watching Lost for now. Just started the last season.

  7. I thought of you when I read that news online. Depression is really a mental illness, and I don’t know if we ever really can understand it.

    Great job on the running!

  8. Ugh, that is so horrible! I think it must be more than just depression (I know that depression can be really serious). It just makes me so sad for the people who died or were injured and the people that witnessed everything.

    That soup looks delicious! I think I’m having a soup craving….might need to make up a batch this week.

    Great work on your big mileage week!!!

  9. I saw that terrible news too…so sad.

    I am going to take your advice and get up early this Saturday and Sunday…I won’t like it…but I am going to try it…

  10. I’m so sorry to hear about the tragedy in Holland. That is just awful.

    Great job on your mileage this week!

  11. Watched the whole thing unfold and the police conference on Sky news Friday….was tragic, but honestly its so sad as this sort of thing happens in America so often and in schools, that also baffles me, people get so used to things…like in SA people get murdered for their mobile phone…no one gets shocked anymore…:(

    We also had good weather….but…today is cold and rained a little this morning. I hear its only for one day then back to good weather….
    I can take that 🙂

    Looks like many of us had the best week this last week milage wise with our running…This week I will be taking it easy as I am EXHAUSTED.

  12. I am so sorry to hear about the tragedy in your town. Unfortunately, that stuff happens in the US all too often.

    The weather here is finally getting nice- woohoo!

  13. That is so sad. I never understand the random violence that people commit! Sorry you guys are dealing with it.

    The long runs really get my legs also, I feel pretty useless after them.

  14. I read about the shooting, and wondered how close it was to you. Very very sad.

    This weekend’s long run kicked my rump, so to speak. I walked around like a 90 year old woman the entire day. Didn’t leave the house until later that night. Oh the things we put our bodies through, on purpose. 🙂

  15. Sorry to hear about the shooting. I never understand it when it happens here in the states either. Hopefully I never get to experience something like that first hand though.
    I remember feeling pretty beat after several of my half marathon training runs. Some didn’t seem to bother me too much but some left me tired the whole day. I guess I’ll have much more of that with marathon training on the horizon!

  16. That is terrible that happened here a few years ago- it makes you wonder….
    I love the day in the sun with the deperate housewives- I have been watching no stop for about 3 weeks to go from season 1-current on Netflix Love this show!!

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