A day in my life: Wednesday April 13, 2011


It’s going to be a short one today. Because I don’t want to be upstairs too long for Bella.

Bella has had surgery today. They have fixed her (is this the proper word for sterilization of animals?). I brought her at 8.30 am and could pick her up at 10.45 am. She’s got pain, she whines now and then and shivers a lot. I’m sure she will be better tomorrow, she has to go through this, and will be her old self in no time.

I took the day off so she wouldn’t be alone. Tomorrow R. is home and Friday I’m home again because especially the first 3 days she has to be watched because she can’t run or jump and that’s something she does a lot normally.

This morning my run was a total disaster. It just didn’t work, my right leg hurt the entire run. After 3.7K (2.3 miles) I blew it off. Pity because the weather was great for running but it just wasn’t my running day today.

The battery of my Garmin was completely empty again yesterday after fully recharging it on Monday and not using it after that. I’ve been searching the internet for similar problems (resetting doesn’t help, it’s totally empty) but the only thing I could find was that it was reaching the end of it’s life which is a bit odd because I only have it for 1.5 years.

I’m so irritated by it not functioning, I want my gadgets to work without worrying. And with the half marathon in less than 2 weeks I don’t want things that don’t work properly. So I’ve bought a new one. After I received it I will give the old one to R. who can try to open it and replace the battery. If that works I either keep it for spare or try to sell the old one. It’s already mailed so hopefully I receive the new one tomorrow.


16 responses to “A day in my life: Wednesday April 13, 2011

  1. Aww, poor Bella. Hope she’s feeling better soon. Yes, we say “fixed”. Or you can say “Spayed” for females or “Neutered” for males. It’s most common to say fixed though.

    Sorry your run wasn’t enjoyable. We have those days. 😦 You are scaring me with your Garmin troubles. I sure hope I don’t start having troubles too. I think I’ve had mine about the same amount of time. Maybe a little less. I keep mine on the charging all the time, except when I’m using it. I don’t know if this is good or bad, but so far it’s stayed charged throughout my runs. At least you’ll have a new one for your race so you don’t need to worry about that.

  2. Good that you are listening to your body!! I am proud of you! I hope Bella is feeling better soon!!

  3. Poor Bella! I hope she feels better quickly. And I hope your leg cooperates too! (Not to mention the Garmin).

  4. Did you replace it with the same model??

    Hope Bella feels better tomorrow. Poor girl! (we say “fixed” too)

    Sounds like your body was telling you to take an easy day. I’m sure the knee will feel better next time you head out! 🙂

  5. Ohh poor Bella I hope she feels better soon! 🙂

    What a bummer about your Garmin, I hope it startes working soon.

    You will have a better run next time. Sometimes I think we just need to take those days and forget about them.

  6. Fixed or spayed. I always laugh at ‘fixed’ because it makes it seem like the animal is broken.

    Have you thought if it might be the batter charger itself that is the problem for the Garmin? Maybe a wire loose or something.

  7. How is Bella doing? Give her some extra pets for her “friend” from Vermont.

  8. I’m glad Bella’s surgery went well, I hope she feels better soon! It’s no fun when your “fur baby” isn’t him/herself. Our puppy was better the next day!

  9. Luckily, the animals both forget and bounce back from that type of surgery fairly quickly – it’s a necessity, but we hate to see our pups in any kind of pain.

    Glad you bought a new Garmin – now is not the time to be dealing with the battery issue. Frustrating, to be sure, because it doesn’t seem like it should stop holding a charge in such a short time. I’ll be watching mine, now.

  10. We all have those good and bad running days….you doing so well.. keep going my friend.

  11. Hope Bella is feeling better today. She’ll bounce back quickly I’m sure.

    Too bad about your Garmin. Maybe you just had a defective one. But now you’re all set and that’s what is most important!

  12. Best wishes to Bella, I hope she gets well soon.
    Glad you didn’t make my same mistakes pushing too much, you are wiser than me.
    The new Garmin is the best solution, you needs it during the half. It helps a lot to check the distance and to manage the right pace.

  13. Hope Bella feels better soon!
    Enjoy your new Garmin!

  14. I hope Bella recovers quickly. It’s so hard to look at a sick/healing puppy who is usually so energetic and happy, stay strong!!
    My Garmin has been quitting and starting off and on this whole month. I was tempted to get a new one buy now it’s too late! Just hope it stays in one piece for Monday, it can be SO moody!
    Thanks for the wishes, I always appreciate and treasure your support!!

  15. Hope Bella’s feeling better by now and that you have a good run today!

  16. Awww, poor Bella. Delilah was fixed when she was about 8 months. I think she had to stay the night at the vet’s office. Poor little girl. At least Bella gets to be with her favorite people!
    I hope you get your Garmin situation figured out.

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