A day in my life: Saturday April 16, 2011

Thank you for your kind wishes for a speedy recovery for Bella.

She’s her old self again, actually she was that the day after on Thursday. But that makes it hard too because she can’t run, jump or play yet and she wants to so badly. She’s still on painkillers till tomorrow so she doesn’t feel if it hurts. Today we let her in the garden because the past 2 days all she did was sit in front of the window and look outside. She seems to be okay but we don’t take it for granted.

Yesterday we had two gardeners to clean up our garden and make it ready for Summer. They were working in it for almost 4 hours which means that if I had to do it myself it would have costed me more than a day. Both R. and I don’t like to garden very much so every year the gardener comes in Spring and cleans up everything. After that it’s not too much work for us to keep it clean.

First of all: Edward II arrived Thursday and had his debut this morning. Can anyone tell me how I can easily rename my Garmin into Edward II? I forgot how I did it last time.

Today was my last long run before the half next week. They say when you have a bad last rehearsal, your premiere will go great. Well let’s hope this goes for me too next week. The run wasn’t that great, it wasn’t all to bad either looking back at it. My legs were fine, it was the mind playing dirty tricks on me again. After 6K I started adding walking breaks. And I walked A LOT on this run. At 9K I was ready to quit and call R. to pick me up. It took a lot of self peptalk to keep going and I did finish the run.

This happens to me all the time before a race at a distance I haven’t run before: a week before it the negative selftalk begins. I know I can do this, I’ve trained over 3 months for this, almost every run was a good one. But a week before D-day I’m getting insecure: can I do this, will I finish. Somehow it’s hard to believe that I can really do this and I’m not a failure.

How do you handle being insecure before a race?

Weather: dry, not to much wind, 12C (53 degrees), perfect weather for running.
Distance: 20 K / 12.4 miles
Time: 02:25:10
Average time: 7:16 /km
Average speed: 8.3 km/hour
Last song on Ipod before finish: Black Eyed Peas – Don’t lie

365 days photo challenge 2011

Day 100 – Sunday April 10
After a long time I worked on 1 of my cross stitch works again.

Day 101 – Monday April 11
On Monday we always receive a lot of junk mail in the mailbox.

Day 102 – Tuesday April 12
Rainbow on Tuesday morning

Day 103 – Wednesday April 13
The patient: miss Bella

Day 104 – Thursday April 14
Bought new running clothes. No pink this time but blue, a color I like a lot too.

Day 105 – Friday April 15
Garden after the gardeners cleaned everything up.


14 responses to “A day in my life: Saturday April 16, 2011

  1. Glad Bella is on the mend from her surgery. You will do fine in your race. You have trained consistently and properly, which is really the best thing.

    Your garden is so pretty. I can’t wait until John and I move into what will likely be our permanent home (whenever that may be) because one of my requirements will be a big yard that I can turn into a huge garden.

  2. So glad Bella is feeling better, she looks adorable in that photo!

    The self doubt may be kicking in Fran but I know you are going to KILL that half marathon!

    Love your garden, I believe that I’ve said that before, I’m still looking at the white stuff here, today they are calling for another storm, tomorrows run should be interesting to say the least!

    Have a great weekend fran!

  3. I love Blue as well……its my no one color on me…
    Great that Bella is recovering
    Garden looks lovely as always…summer garden always looks pretty
    We also had a rainbow here, but the week H left as he called me to look out the windown

    YOU HAVE SO MANY PEOPLE SUPPORTING YOU FOR THIS HALF MARATHON…remember that…WE believe you can do it….so now its your time to believe you can…cause you can….and watch the write up afterwards is going to be all about what fun it was for you and what an achievement…
    VISUALIZE a good race…..

  4. Your garden is beautiful! Excellent that you have a guy who can come in and prepare it for spring. Bella looks a little cranky in that picture–it made me laugh!

    Chase away your insecurities by reminding yourself of the training you have done to get ready. You’ve done the work, now you can do the race. Be confident!

  5. Fran YOU CAN DO THIS! You are going to be amazing. I am glad you did not quit and pushed through it. Come next saturday you will rock!! 🙂 I have the same exact feelings before a race, but just think about all that you have accomplished and what it’s going to feel like when cross that finish line next week. YAY!! I’m wishing you the best of luck!!!!!

  6. Fran, that was a long run – no wonder you had self-doubt…you almost ran a half! But that should prove to you that you can do it, no problem. And it’s normal to worry a bit, so don’t worry about that, haha. You are going to be just fine.

    Love your new running outfit! Now, you’re not wearing that for the half, right? You know what they say – nothing untested for a race.

    Wow, you get a lot of junk mail. Thought that was just s specialty of the U.S. but I guess it’s everywhere. Bella looks so funny in that picture – like “I’m being good but I can’t wait to go play soccer again!” – glad she is feeling better, sweet girl. 🙂

    Your garden is so pretty, and it’s totally worth it to have someone come in and do the spring clean up! Hope you have time to enjoy it this weekend.

    I can’t remember how to rename your Garmin – something on the computer, maybe under “user”?

  7. Glad to see Miss Bella is on the mend. Soon she will be leaping and jumping again.

    You will do well in your race!!! You have tried and you are ready…

    The garden looks beautiful…I can’t wait for the nice weather here. It turned cold again…boo!

  8. Glad Bella is improving. Love the new blue running clothes. Maybe I”ll pick up a thing or two in Boston! Pretty rainbow too.

  9. Bella looks sad in that picture! Glad to hear she is doing better.
    I know what you mean about being nervous – I guess that’s normal. What helps me is having several different goals for my race – and make sure there is one I know I can manage for sure – like crossing the finish line. So no matter how the race goes, I never feel like a failure!
    You are going to do fine, I just know it – you have done really well on your training and you are ready for this!
    In case you didn’t see your mails yet, I am all signed up for the race in Breda! So excited we’ll be doing this together!
    Enjoy your taper week!

  10. What a beautiful rainbow! Miss Bella feels better and that’s a good news. I hope she can jump, run and play soon 🙂

    Don’t you like to garden? I think it is relaxing because you work among the “green”. Mi mother has 20 olive trees and I sometimes enjoy working in her garden!

    Today I don’t run the “Rome’s Appia run” because I’ve a sore throat.
    I like the bleu colour of the running clothes which you bought. On friday you did a good long and you are ready for the half-marathon next week.

    Have a nice Sunday, Fran!

  11. Feeling like you might not do your race well is completely normal! You will just have to spend this week reinforcing your thoughts with positive things – that you’ve trained hard, you’ve trained well, you’re completely prepared, etc., etc. You are going to do just fine!

  12. I had my last long run before my half next weekend too! Mine went well for a change. Love the new clothes. I usually wear pink but recently I got some green. I know what you are feeling. Before my half, my long runs were slow & I walked a lot. I wsn’t confident that I could do 13.1 but the day came and I told myself that I was doing something that most people can’t & won;t even try. Just relax and enjoy the whole experience. Finihsing=winning. Even though I am doing my 2nd, I feel the same way. Short races make me competitive not long ones (yet).

  13. Me and hubby aren’t gardening people as well, so we too have people who attend to it on a weekly basis. I am happy for you all that side of the world, for the warmer weather. It is so cold here today. I am bringing a knee blanket and warm bottle to work tomorrow because I don’t like heaters.

  14. Your garden is gorgeous (as always)! And I love the blue running clothes. Blue is my favorite!
    Before my 10k this past weekend, my longer run leading up to it was rough. I had tight muscles and didn’t feel like pressing on but I pushed through it. I ended up running the 10k much faster than I expected. I’m sure you’ll be ready to go on race morning.
    Try to think positive thoughts and maybe come up with a mantra to get you through the tough spots? I usually try to tell myself it’s mostly mental and that I CAN get through it. Trust in your training, you’ve put in the work, you’re prepared. You’re going to do great!

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