A day in my life: Monday April 18, 2011


I’m getting nervous for my half next Monday (Eastern Monday). The weather forecast at this moment is that it’s going to be 21C (69 degrees).  Everybody who knows me and follow my blog for a while knows I’m not good at running in warm weather. That’s one of the reasons I run early in the morning in Summer.  And 21C with sun is already too hot for me and it’s freaking me out. I hope the forecast will change during the week and it will be getting a bit cooler. We are having warmer weather these days, actually too warm for this time of year.

I’m thinking about doing my 4.8K (3 miles) run next Wednesday after work when it’s even a bit warmer than they forecast for Monday so I can see how I’m holding up in warmer weather these days. What do you think? Good idea or should I stick to my routine and run it early in the morning?

Tomorrow I have a health check at work. My employer arranges this for us every 3 years.  If you don’t want to go, you can refuse it but I always go because they check almost everything. The entire check takes more than an hour. Last time I had this check was in 2008. I wasn’t running at that time and fitness level was too low for my age at that time. I’m curious how it will be now, must be better right?

I haven’t been posting much dinner and outfits pics lately but I promise they will return at my next post.

This week it’s taper week which means only 3 runs before the half on Monday: 2 runs of 4.8K (3 miles) and 1 of 8K (5 miles). This morning I did 4.8K. I didn’t watch my pace just ran at what felt good. It didn’t cost much effort and it was a great run and it is also my fastest run of this year.

Weather: dry, not to much wind, 6C (42 degrees)
Distance: 4.8 K / 3 miles
Time: 00:31:39
Average time: 6:36 /km
Average speed: 9.1 km/hour
Last song on Ipod before finish: Glee Cast – Stop in the name of love.


13 responses to “A day in my life: Monday April 18, 2011

  1. Personally, I’d stick to your routine of running in the morning – but that’s just me – if it works, I tend to keep doing the same thing. And it’s too early to worry about the weather…plus, you’ll have the excitement of the race to distract you from the heat, should that be the case. My half was in the low 80 degree temps – I got sunburned! But, it was still super fun. Like yours will be. 🙂

  2. For me I hope the weather is good as I am doing a family photo shoot outdoors that day…but agree…for you and running I hope Holland has cooler weather compared to Germany ~ I know how you struggle in the heat…funny me saying this to you, the one with MS and who should struggle in the heat….* funny hey * who knows what this year holds for me anyway…*touch wood * I will still enjoy the heat and running.

    I watched Glee the other night…..will have to watch a few times as its got such a great write up but from one watching, I didn’t get it…but that is normal for the first time one watches something.

    Relax and know you will do well whatever the weather…

  3. One of the reasons you’re freaking about the weather is that it’s taper week! Tapering off will make you freak and think all sorts of crazy things. Don’t worry about running a practice run in the warmth, just stick to your normal schedule. I think you’ll feel better if you do that.

    Also, let me encourage you that sometimes, when well prepared, we can get the surprise of our lives. My best marathon time ever was in freak 85 degree weather! It was October and should have been in the mid to high 60’s. I was not prepared for that and came across the finish line with a sunburn. But it was a super, super run simply because of all the great training I’d done.

  4. Fran – you are going to do great! Channel the nerves into pumping yourself up!

    Free physical – that is really neat. I wish that happened in the US.

  5. The heat actually doesn’t bother me – I am a hot runner so shortly into running I am in a tank with my jacket around my waisr. I hope the weather is perfect for you on your run Monday!

  6. I ran three of my four half marathons in Florida and did all my training in Belgium so I totally understand your nervousness about the heat factor! Yes, it was definitely warmer than I was used to but all three times it went okay. You can’t change the weather but you can plan for if it does turn out to be warmer than you like: wear lighter running clothes, plan to start out a bit slower and make sure you take water at every water stop. Also get yourself really well hydrated on Saturday and Sunday, I have found this makes a big difference. I usually try to get at least two liters per day on the two days before a long race. I think your idea of running once this week in the afternoon is good, too, just to give yourself and idea of what clothes will feel most comfortable.
    And look on the bright side – if this weather holds out it will be a gorgeous day to run!
    Hang in there, 6 more days – you are going to rock it!

  7. I agree with you. I like the cooler weather much more for running and that is also precisely why I prefer morning runs. I hope that the weather allow you to run in cooler conditions.

  8. I bet your fitness test will go well. Yes, get out and run in warmer weather this week to get ready.

  9. I’ll trade. I love warm weather – mine is supposed to be 40’s, rain, wind UGH!!!!

  10. Cooler weather is definitely more ideal. Is the high that day 69 degrees or is that what you expect it to be at race time? Is it a morning race? My last race started at 8:00 AM and it was projected to be a high of 65 and sunny but at race start it was windy and felt much, much cooler. I even wore pants to the race it was so chilly. Hope you get similiar weather! It was perfect.

  11. I think I’d just keep your run to when you usually do it. One (or even two) runs in warmer weather won’t necessarily “adjust” you to it. I think it’s better to have a more positive experience and enjoy your runs right before your race. You already know that afternoon runs don’t leave you feeling happy and satisfied.

    If the weather prediction is right and it is hot, just drink lots of water and dress accordingly. I know you’ll make it through. You have done all the training and you ARE READY!!! I know you’ll do this.

  12. I’m new to your blog….so do you like really cold running? or just mildly cold! I have to agree…I don’t like the sun beating on me either, but i really don’t like negative degrees either!

  13. I am sure you will run a good half and the weather will help you.

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