The half marathon that wasn’t a half

Well my dear blogger friends I had a totally different post in mind for today. Let’s start with the bad news:

I didn’t finish the half marathon.

I had to stop around 1 hour because of the heat. After I almost fainted 3 times I decided it wouldn’t be wise to continue and had to leave the race.

No one could be more disappointed than me and I cried when I had to stop. This wasn’t how I imagined it would go today. I was so ready for it but it was just too hot. When I picked up my race bib Sunday they said there would be 3700 participants for the half. When I look at the results I see only 2100 people have finished it.

I want to thank you my blogger friends from the bottom of my heart for believing in me and supporting me and I truly hope you will continue to do that because I’m sure as hell going to try again.

I feel I’ve let R., my family, you and everyone who has been supporting me on my journey to this, down.

I’m taking tonight of from blog reading and the internet because physically I’m okay but right now mentally I’m broken and tears of frustration are still coming every now and then.

I’m really sorry I let you down but most of all that I let myself down even though the weather was the only thing not right today. Had it been cooler I would definitely have finished.


31 responses to “The half marathon that wasn’t a half

  1. My dear Fran,
    you went out you gave it your best and for that you should be truly proud, because I sure am. Along this tough journey of ours there are bumps in the road, this is not failure, this is mearly a little bump in the road.
    You have worked so hard and so you didn’t finish, you went out there and did what you could, there is nothing wrong with that.
    You continue to inspire me to be a better person, you keep inspiring me not to give up, you keep inspiring me to know that this journey that we are all on is not a piece of cake.
    You may of stopped after an hour, but look what you did in that hour, you showed up and gave it your all.
    Fran I AM PROUD of you for giving it all you had and having the knowledge to know that you could not push any harder, listening to your body is success in my books.
    There will be other half marathons, but tomorrow when you have woken up know that it’s a new day and you are filled with good things that will lead you down the path you want to go!
    Luv ya my friend! Congrats on accomplishing so much!

  2. Fran, I’m so sorry to hear this! You trained so hard. Please don’t feel like you’ve let yourself or us down. I know I’m proud of you. It takes a really strong person to listen to their body and do what is best. I think you made the right choice. There will be other races. Hold your head up! You WILL run a half marathon, this one just wasn’t in the cards for you.

  3. Hugs and more hugs again. You didn’t fail anyone, least of all yourself. You are well trained now for any other race you are ready to do!

  4. Fran, I was hoping you had stepped out. I waited at the finish for you and got worried when I did not see you. YOU DID THE RIGHT THING!!!! It was just too hot, and there wasn’t water at the first two (maybe even three) aid stations. I saw many people that had fainted and at least one who they were using a defibrillator on. The ambulances were working on overtime!. You definitely did the right thing stepping out. And you did not let anyone down. I know you must be feeling terrible, but you did everything you could to prepare, the conditions were just bad. Better to be safe then sorry!

  5. PS: it was nice meeting you, however briefly!

  6. Yes, we are all proud of you!!! You have done a great job preparing for the half, and, as you said, if the weather had been different, it would have been a different outcome. Please don’t be disappointed in yourself… Rather, focus on how much you have accomplished. Also, I’m glad you listened to your body and stopped before you potentially injured yourself.

  7. I’m so proud of you for doing the right thing!

    So much of running is mental.. as easily as we can push our bodies to their potential, we can also trick ourselves into doing the wrong thing for the sake of completing a race.

  8. Fran you did not let ANYONE down. Pulling out because it’s too hot is a smart decision, not a dumb one.. I came very close to a DNF once and you know – I realised it’s not so bad, it’s a good decision. YOu have PLENTY more races in you – you are a superstar girlfriend! – don’t worry about this one. LIck your wounds, eat some licorice and then get back on the road. Once it’s cooled down.

    Oh – and much as we would like to believe otherwise – we are not in control of everything. You did everything YOU could, but you could not control the weather. And you have to make your plan accordingly.. So you made the right decision. And you will live to run another race. I promise.

  9. Oh sweetie, I’m sorry you are so disappointed, but my gosh, it sounds like the conditions were miserable! I’m glad you listened to your body – no need to kill yourself over a race. Take care, regroup, and know that we are all supporting you!

  10. Fran you ARE AWESOME – first and foremost! I am sorry that this run did not go as planned. You trained for it and you were ready! Heat is something that is out of your control, you are right if it was cooloer you would have knocked this one out of the park. I applaud you for making this journey and hope the next one is even better! HUGS

  11. I know you are upset and disppointed and I’m sorry for that. But you are in some great company. Did you know the great Grete Waitz DNF’d at the Boston Marathon? At mile 25! She told my running group the story about just not being able to run that 1.2 miles and I’ve never forgotten that. Smart runners listen to their bodies and know when to say when! Hugs.

  12. Don’t be upset Fran…you didn’t let anyone down. I would rather read you stopped than read about you being in the hospital from heat stroke and dehydration.

    Sending you big hugs!

  13. Don’t worry about us. We are here to support you not make you feel bad. How too bad that the race starts at such an odd time. That is certainly not in your favor. Heat can be so bad you were smart smart smart to listen to your body. Good for you, my friend!

  14. Fran, you did not let ANYONE down! In fact, you totally did a SMART and SAFE thing by not finishing! Good for you for making the right choice. Remember, even though it might not feel like it right now, there will be other races with BETTER WEATHER that you will dominate like the rock star you are. Good luck, and hang in there!

  15. Oh Fran… did an amazing thing. You stopped and listened to your Buddha wisdom. Your training was not in vain, it will serve you well, and you will race again soon. I know you must be feeling quite sad and disappointed, but that is just in the heat of the moment. Holland had the hottest Easter in Europe this weekend past, so this was quite a strategical move of yours. It takes so much courage to do what you did. I am truly proud of you. Don’t give up!

  16. Oh, Fran, I’m so sorry. You did not let us down at all! I can’t tell you not to feel sad because that is how these things go, but you also need to remember that you have other chances to meet your goal. You listened to your body and that is the best thing you can do!!! Hang in there….

  17. Oh Fran!!! I just love you and feel for you! I’m so proud of you for listening to your body and taking such good care of yourself. There will be other races when you’ll feel that it’s all going right for you and THEN you can enjoy the race. Don’t worry, you are loved, respected and understood! Be kind to yourself…

  18. Fran, you didn’t let anyone down! You did the right thing, and made the best decision under the circumstances. I know it was a terrible disappointment, but who could have guessed it would have been so unseasonably warm? There will be other half marathons for you to run… and we will be cheering you all the way!

  19. Fran, you didn’t let anyone down. Your health is the most important thing. Without it, there will be no more half marathons!! You will do one. I know it. This experience will be a distant memory. Pick out a fall one and start training!!!! Don’t give up!!!!!! ❤

  20. Big sister, you’re the best…no matter what 🙂

    Dikke tuut,

    Zussie 😉

  21. some days we just have to stop and that’s ok!! good for you being smart enough to stop

  22. Oh Fran, hun, I know exactly how you feel. The frustration, the disappointment, I know it all too well. My first half was a disaster and I too did not tehnically finish.

    I am still SO proud of you Fran. You are right, had the weather not been so hot you would have finished. I do not doubt that AT ALL! You most certainly did not let me or anyone else down.

    In fact, I think you made a wise decision. Especially after reading Alinda’s comment. Pretty scary about needing ambulances and water shortages.

    Races like these are hard to move on from, but you will. Let yourself be sad about it for a bit, then move forward. It does not define you. It’s only natural to feel disappointment. You put so much work into this. But it was beyond your control … it really was!

    Due to circumstances I am still waiting to do another half. It’s been a long wait for me. But we both will get there. We will both have our revenge race and it will be great.

  23. Sorry to hear this.The weather was too hot for such marathon!
    But you can be so proud of you!

  24. Oh, honey! You are awesome and I’m sure that you didn’t let anyone down. It’s dangerous to keep racing in such conditions. I see from one of the comments above that there were people having serious medical problems because they didn’t stop.

    One race does not make or break a runner You trained hard, and it’s disappointing, but there are lots of other races that you can run in the future.

  25. Fran,

    You did not let anyone down!!! However, I know as an athlete who has had to make the same painstaking decision, that no one can make you feel better when you are hurting. Let it hurt. It happens. But then make the decision to move on.

    There are two types of people Fran. People who have DNF’d and people who will DNF. You did. Now hold your head up high and sign up for another race. YOU GOT THIS!!!!!

  26. The fact that you stepped up, signed up & went was much more the most of us. I am very proud that you went and ran even after 3 times of not feeling well. It is not worth fainting or getting sick to run. I know with out a doubt you would of finished and I will be behind 100% for the next one you want to do!

  27. Oh sweetie! You haven’t let me down, not one little bit. Weather is a b*tch sometimes….that’s all there is to it! You did the training, you showed up to the event…you ran for an hour. Yes, you had to stop running, but it sounds like that was the responsible thing to do. You succeeded in every way. Yes, you didn’t finish the whole thing…but that doesn’t mean you COULDN’T were the weather not different. Life is about dealing with what is thrown your way. Your next half is going to be awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. I know I’ve said it elsewhere Fran, but I’m sorry you weren’t able to finish. You totally did the right thing! How many people I saw along the road who didn’t listen to their bodies, it was scary!! Everyone is so proud of you. I hope you will soon be back feeling good about yourself and your accomplishments again. xx

  29. I’m so sorry to read that you didn’t finish the race because of the heat. I can read how bummed out you are – hugs

  30. I’m a little late reading this, but I’m sorry to read you weren’t able to finish due to the weather. However, I think you have a LOT to be proud of – think of all the long runs you completed in training. It’s good that you listened to your body and recognized that the heat was too much. I’ve still enjoyed following along your training journey, and know that there will be other races in your future!

  31. Hey Fran, I should have read this post first…I just want you to know that everyone is so proud of you for all your accomplishments leading up to this day. I can’t imagine how you felt to not finish, but honestly sounds like the best thing you could do. I know how heart broken you must have been, but I don’t doubt that the next half marathon you do will be great. I am just so proud of how far you have come and am excited for what the future holds. You know you can run 13.1 miles…which to me is always the hardest… getting over the mental. You are so strong and have a great outlook and I just can’t wait to see what comes next. *hugs*

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