A day in my life: Saturday May 7, 2011

Both our injuries are almost over. I will start weight training next week and will see how it goes.

Tonight we’re having a garden party at our best friends. The weather today is going to be great, around 27C (80 degrees) in the afternoon so it won’t be too cold tonight.

Tomorrow it’s Mother’s Day here in Holland. R. has a race, he’s going to try it because his shoulder gets better every day. So I will go to my Mom alone (well Bella is coming too) tomorrow.

I did a 10K this morning in preparation for the 10K I registered for next week. It was a tough run, it was already getting too hot for me even though I went at 8 am. Luckily there was some wind. I really pushed myself and ended in a time that’s almost 2 minutes faster than my PR on the 10K.

BUT … I cheated because I did something I have never done before during a run. After 5K I passed a bench and I sat on it for about 5 minutes to catch my breath and rest a little because between 3 and 5K running was hard. After that I did better on the last 5K although I used run-walk intervals (run 7 minutes, walk 1 minute).

I have good hopes that I can run a PR next week IF the weather is good. If it’s too hot (race starts at 2 pm) I won’t go at all.

Weather: dry, sunny, little wind, 23C (73 degrees)
Distance: 10 K / 6.2 miles
Time: 01:06:31
Average time: 6:39 /km
Average speed: 9.0 km/hour
Last song on Ipod before finish: Feargal Sharkey – A good heart.

365 days photo challenge 2011

Day 120 – Saturday April 30
Queens Day in my village

Day 121 – Sunday May 1
Monthly picture of our garden

Day 122 – Monday May 2
My “happy” wall at work with Miss Bella and Edward to look at and cheer me up.

Day 123 – Tuesday May 3
Waiting for the traffic light to turn green I noticed these cows.

Day 124 – Wednesday May 4
Flag half-staff because of remembering the death.

Day 125 – Thursday May 5
Little ducks with their Mom.

Day 126 – Friday May 6
Little coots with their Mom.


18 responses to “A day in my life: Saturday May 7, 2011

  1. Maybe you rested Fran but I wouldn’t call it cheating! I’ll be definitely thinking good thoughts for you next week! I’m sorry to hear you both had injuries, good luck to R too for tomorrow.

    I love your happy wall 🙂 prefer your Miss Bella over the human Bella!

    and my fave pic is the one with the ducks!!

  2. Listening to your body is always smart. Glad you and R. are both well on your way to recovery.

    My mom and dad are coming over tomorrow for Mother’s Day. We will have a nice lunch. My mom requested cold salad plates. I think I made it for Father’s Day a few years ago and both my parents loved it. I also got a nice gluten free cake!

    Love the baby ducks…they are so sweet!

  3. Wow it’s warm in Holland, wish it were as warm here. Have you had some rain yet? Sounds like a smart strategy for your race – great good luck with it.

  4. You have a beautiful blog, i love that i can see Holland through your blogspot 🙂

  5. Those ducklings are adorable! Sooooo cute. Glad your injuries are on the way out.

    We have Mother’s Day here as well tomorrow. I am taking my mom for a bagel 😀

  6. The ducks are my favorite. I saw a baby goat today. I will probably put it in my post later. Glad you are feeling better. Good luck getting a PR in the 10K.

  7. Hi Fran!
    I loved the pictures, especially the ducklings and your garden. It sounds like you are having a fun spring, enjoy the garden party and share the details!!
    I’m hoping you are doing better and ready to run again shortly!!
    Hugs, meg

  8. Nice and warm there! I wish we had some of that. It’s raining SO much here, and not very warm. I hate it.

    Glad to hear you are starting to feel better. Congrats on a good run.

  9. Glad you guys are feeling better! Sounds like you have a good plan for next week – as long as it’s not too hot you will do fine. I think the weather is supposed to cool down a bit next week…

  10. Hello on this Sunday lovely morning….hope your weather is also as good as here….we going to lie in the sun and BBQ later……..and see we are good all week.

    Hope you having a lovely Mother’s day with your mom today…thinking of you as I am without my mom, or my children to spoil me as their mom….so is the joy of living so far from family hey!

    Am pleased you are going to start weight training next week, more muscle more fat we burn…I keep reminding myself that….and again yesterday at the run I saw why I dont want to run only….don’t like the body of a runner….the front runners…they have no shape what so ever….and round backs….ahhhhhhh weights….it keeps up in better shape I think.

    Hope you had a lovely party last night….it was a beautiful evening for a garden party….lots to eat and drink, no remember you ate before going!

    Have great Sunday….I did a Mother’s Day Run of 8.5km this morning as my way of celebrating….without my kids.

  11. Sounds like you are almost back in stride! Well done on the 10K practice run….often having a few minutes of recup, makes for negative splits. Good luck with the race!

  12. I like the three photos which show the environment: cows through the countryside, little coots on the river and little ducks with their Mom.
    I hope your weight training will go well! Have a nice week, Fran!

  13. Happy to hear that your injuries are starting to get better and that you will be able to start weight training again next week.
    I love the photos that you have posted.
    Update perhaps on the party?

  14. It’s amazing how it goes from being too cold to run comfortably to too hot to run comfortably in what feels like a matter of days! There’s nothing wrong with stopping to rest!
    Good luck in your race next week. I hope the weather cooperates.

  15. Hi Fran, I LOVE the photos of life in the Netherlands! Spring certainly has arrived in your neck of the woods. Good luck with the ongoing training! Have a good week.

  16. I can’t believe all the races in your country start at 2pm! I hope it cools down so you can run the 10k!
    Love all your photos. baby coots are adorable!!!

  17. If my back yard looked like that, I’d never leave it!!!! It’s so beautiful!!

  18. Oh I absolutly love the pics — especially the ducks with their mom! So cute! Way to keep pushing through your run, and there is no shame in taking a breather. Since training for my marathon with the walk/run method, I know allow myself the chance to walk when I need to. And often times I go back to the walk/run method as you did to finish up a run. It’s the mental aspect of “I only need to run for 7 mins then I get a break”. Do what works for you! Great job.

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