A day in my life: Monday May 9, 2011

My weekend was good. It was hot, Saturday at 1 pm the Netherlands was the hottest place in all of Europe. The garden party was fun but the wine didn’t land to well in my stomach. I had 2 glasses of Prosecco and  2 glasses of white wine and the wine bothered me on Sunday. I had no energy and was extremely tired and took it easy all day.

My injury on my elbow got a bit worse where it seem to get better. I still can’t lift anything and had to skip my first weight training today. Give it a few more days of rest and try again at the end of this week.

I’ve been working on my exercise plan this weekend and here’s what I’ve come up with:

4 times a week:
* 1 tempo run
* 1 speedwork run
* 1 long run
* 1 run on the treadmill every other week for a hills program, the other week will be an easy run

Weight training:
2 times a week, alternate between chest, back and legs. After every 4 weeks I will take a week of from weight training to give my muscles some rest.

1 time a week, preferably on Sunday morning, this will be an online workout.

Because I need my rest days and more important I LOVE rest days, I’m going to add 2 double workout days, most of the times on Monday and Wednesday (run in the morning, weights in the afternoon). Tuesday and Friday will be my rest days.

I’ve read on a lot of blogs that May is a busy month. For me it’s no different. Busy month at work  but also lot of fun things to do. My next post will be on Thursday because on Wednesday I will go out for dinner after work with K. and after that we’re going to the movies to see “Water for Elephants”.

Went at 5.30 am this morning for a run. Since we had such hot weather this weekend and it didn’t really cool down it was very humid already by that time. Had to stop twice to catch my breath. Didn’t enjoy this run very much because of the humidity.

Weather: dry, no wind, very humid, 17C (62 degrees)
Distance: 4 K / 2.5 miles
Time: 00:26:19
Average time: 6:35 /km
Average speed: 9.1 km/hour
Last song on Ipod before finish: Glee Cast – Just the way you are.

Weekly health review

In my post of Saturday April 30th I mentioned some things I wanted to do differently. Every Monday I will give a short review how I did. It’s also for myself so I keep on focussing on these things.

Eat healthy: Good days 3  Bad days 4
Sleep 7 hours or more a night: 3 nights
Alcohol (wine): 6 glasses.
Weight: -0.2 kg (-0.4 lbs). Weight 80.6 kg (177.6 lbs)
Exercise: see weekly workout review

Conclusion: Not such a good week regarding eating and sleeping. The alcohol was because we had a party Saturday night, drank 4 glasses there.

The Monday Daily Dinner Files:
Tuesday: Pork tenderloin with couscous salad with rocket salad, tomato, avocado, pine nuts.
Friday: Pasta with ham, cherry tomatoes and white asparagus.
Monday: Pork meat, potatoes and mixed vegetables.


22 responses to “A day in my life: Monday May 9, 2011

  1. Have a great time at the movie, I want to see it but don’t think I can get my husband to come with me.

  2. Is that pork on a stick? Looks good!

    May does really kick off stuff – especially around here. Tourist season starts at the end of the month, and of course that is after Mother’s Day and Memorial Day.

  3. Your runs are very specific. It looks like a good program.

  4. Hope your elbow gets better – pain stinks. 😦

    Can’t imagine what your heatwaves are like compared to Texas. All I can say is that when you plan your vacation out here, it should be between the months of November and April, lol! We were in the high 90’s over the weekend; same for this week. My poor parents are going to melt when they get here this weekend for my son’s graduation!

  5. Sorry about your elbow. Hope it improves quickly.

    Meals look good!

    Busy for us in May too…nice weather means lots of adventures!

    Have a great week!

  6. I think you are doing a great job. Just continue as you are, and your body will show the results when the time is right. I know it sounds a bit fatalistic, but often I don’t see the results that I want in the time that I want, and I give up. Then I find myself thinking, if only I had just had some patience and continued doing what I was doing…….

  7. Hope your elbow will get better soon. I hate injuries that linger for a long time…

    You meals look great!

    Have a great week!

  8. With me, having two kids, I these days wonder if there will come a month in my life which will not be hectic. So just like you, May is no different than the other months.
    I like how you have set out your workout plan especially with the running. It gives me some ideas for my own running as well 🙂

  9. you have a very serious workout schedule Fran! I’m still struggling with finding/making time to make a schedule for myself. Really impressive. You’ve got a plan, now you just have to do it. And I know you will 🙂

    5:30am run!! WOW!! I ran early mornings last summer, if I could get myself to bed on time I could do that again. If you can do it, I can do it right???

    Enjoy the film. “Edward” is in it, no? I loved the book and would love to see it but NO WAY will my husband go with me! If it sticks around long enough I should get one of my girlfriends to come with me!

  10. Sorry to read you are hurt, I hope it goes away soon! I also started running on the treadmill to get some hills in (it’s either that or the highway overpass). I noticed if I keep it to 30 minutes, go slow, and change the incline every 2 minutes (1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5… up to 5, then down again, then up again) it’s not as boring (it’s only VERY boring instead of VERY VERY boring).
    I ran in Slovakia last week (we were on vacation), and I had the opposite problem: the hills were too steep and my hips did not like the downhills… Hihihi!

  11. OK, I’m finally caught up on your blog and you know I have to say something about the running 🙂

    First off, when you go out to do a training run for your 10K like you did over the weekend, it doesn’t matter if you sit down and rest or stop and drink water. Training runs are there to get you used to moving your legs. Yes, sometimes it’s good to try to run at race pace, but if it doesn’t happen, no big deal because you still did the 10K!

    Secondly, I’m surprised that you are going to do speed work and tempo work in the same week. I wouldn’t do that. I would do one or the other and I would make my fourth run an easy run. Meaning you go out and run by feel rather than trying to make a time. While tempo and speedwork are different they both work to make you faster and they are hard on your body.

    Sorry to hear that your elbow is still bothering you. So frustrating, I know! But you’re a smart lady to rest it so that you don’t make it worse.

    Have a great week Fran!

  12. sorry to hear about your elbow Fran hope it heals fast!

    Sounds like your training plan is exactly what you want which is great, you are incorporating what is important to you and making it work.

    I have heard great things about water for elephants hope you have a great time out!

    oh and your emails look yummy as usual!

  13. I really hope your elbow gets better soon so you can start the weight training.

    Well done on your weeks training….
    Food looks great as well….

  14. That sounds like a good running plan. I may borrow it come marathon training time. I have a general idea for my plan but nothing is written in stone yet. I mostly just mapped out my long runs so far.

  15. HI Fran, I hope your pesky elbow feels better soon. Good luck on your training for the week, I’m sure you’ll do beautifully. Enjoy the movie!!

  16. Ugh, hope that elbow gets better soon!

    Yes, May is busy busy!!!!

  17. I need to seriously sit down and get a plan going. I had one…but it’s need some refreshing. Adding strength training back in, adding some cycling time in…..

    We hit 95 (35C) yesterday…and will do the same again today. It seems like we went from snow to heat in the blink of an eye! 🙂

  18. I can’t believe it is so hot there! That makes running so much more difficult. Keep trying, though! You are doing great despite the heat. 🙂

  19. Hey Fran: I just wanted to stop by to say thank you for sticking with me. It means a lot to me that you are always there to read my posts and support me. I’m intending to do a lot more reading about addiction in the next couple of weeks.

    Your plans look solid. As usual! You are so consistent in your approach to things. I really admire that. I hope your elbow is feeling lots better soon. ♥T.

  20. I hope your elbows gets soon better!Your food looks so delicious!

  21. I love my rest days too! Hope your elbow is feeling better by now.

  22. I’m curious to hear your take on the movie. I have only heard good things, and am looking forward to seeing it myself! 🙂 I like your plan of double days so you can have more rest days. That is totally my style! 🙂 Now if I could just stick to it!

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