10 things you don’t know about me

I received “The Adorable Blog” award from Helen. Thank you very much Helen.

Before I get to the 10 things you don’t know about me I have to pass this on.

I had to choose one but that’s difficult and I choose 2 because they have so much similarity. They both lost a lot of weight and started running (they both finished a half marathon) and both give me so much inspiration and motivation, not to mention they are the sweetest persons.

I give this award to Shelley and Syl.

If you don’t read their blogs, pay them a visit, it’s worth it.

I looked through my old photo albums to add some photos to the list. Here we go ….

  1. I love music. We loved to go to concerts and have seen a lot of the big artists of the world. Lately we don’t go to the big concerts because it’s too crowded and we don’t like that anymore. Our favourite is Bruce Springsteen, I’ve seen 10 concerts of him, R. 11. We even went to Torino Italy in 2009 to see one of his concerts.

    Other artists I’ve seen U2, Madonna, Michael Jackson, The Rolling Stones, Robbie Williams, Bon Jovi, Tom Jones and a lot of Dutch artists. I’d wish I had seen Queen in concert with Freddy Mercury.

  2. I have 1 sister, she’s 4 years younger than me. We are not very close. We never have been either. Here’s a photo from 1997 when I went with her to fit her wedding dress.

  3. I have an addiction for shoes and cook books. I don’t have as many shoes as Helen (75 pairs) but my cook book collection is getting close to about 100 books.
  4. When I was a teenager I was a member of a brass band. I played a bugle and was very good at it too. I don’t have photos from that period unfortunately.
  5. I live by to do lists: at work and at home. I’ve got lists for everything: things I have to do, grocery lists, wish lists. I’m even making a running wish list at the moment. Besides that I also track every run and every other workout I did. I like to look back and see how far I’ve come over the years.
  6. I did line dancing for a couple of years. My best friend did it and one day I decided to try it too. I did it for a couple of years. The photo is taken at the wedding anniversary of my best friend T. who was married 12.5 years at that time. Our group gave a demonstration. The theme was country and western, the other photo is my outfit for that night.

  7. I’ve been in the hospital only once. When I was 11 I stepped on a dead fish when we were on vacation. This caused an inflammation at my right foot. I was in the hospital for 4 weeks of which 2 weeks in quarantine. Till today my ankle has still a lump because the bone didn’t grow back right. It doesn’t bother me, that’s why I never had it fixed. Photo shows me and my sister when I was recovering at home.

  8. I did in a play twice. It was a comedy play. The “actors” where all in the brass band (see 4). It was very fun to do. The woman behind the couch on the group photo is my Mom, she was in it too.

  9. When I was 25 I went on vacation by myself to the USA. I just had met R. and already booked the trip. I joined a group with people from Sweden, Denmark, Germany, England and Italy. Although I was homesick, I missed R. very much, it was one of the best trips ever. We travelled from LA – Carmel – San Francisco – Yosemity – Las Vegas – Hoover Dam – Grand Canyon – Lake Havasu – San Diego – a night in Tijuana Mexico – LA. My last day in LA I spent in Disneyland. It was a fabulous trip, my favourite of the trip was San Francisco and Yosemity. I want to go back someday but with R. this time.
    Group photo in San Francisco, you may guess where I am.

  10. And finally Italy, our favourite destination for a vacation. Going to show you some pics where we’ve been.

    Tuscany – Florence (2001)

    Pisa (2001)

    Siena (2001)

    Venice (2001)

    Rome (2003)

    Garda Lake (2003 and 2004)

    Sicily (2005)

    Umbria (2008)

    Turino (2009)


23 responses to “10 things you don’t know about me

  1. Great post. I’ve been to Italy and it was wonderful. It was a short quick trip (high school trip with my daughter). I also love concerts. I would have loved to have seen the Rolling Stones. I love CSNY as you know but one of my favorite concerts was Paul McCartney not very long ago.

  2. OH YES, Syl is my favorite blogger as well…..she is awesome, everyone should read her blog as she motivates without even trying…its a gift she has…she is someone I treasure!

    Lovely so see your photo’s from the past….must be nice for you to go down memory lane again.

  3. Fran – I absolutely *adore* this post! Thank you so much for sharing! You really have done a lot of traveling in your life. My favorite pic is that one of you in your cowgirl outfit. Love the expression 😀

  4. Wow Fran! I had no idea you were so continental. Thank you so much for sharing with us!!!

    The cowgirl outfit was the bomb girlfriend and I love that your nails were red to match.

    Have I ever told you Italy is my dream vacation? One day….

  5. Love this post and all the pictures! When you come back to San Francisco, we’ll have to meet!

    Have a great weekend!

  6. Hi Fran, LOVE getting to know you better!!!! Your photos are ALL wonderful!!! (I need to get to Italy sooner rather than later!!! In a word…WOW) Have a great weekend!!!!!!

  7. This is a great post Fran. You have really had a wonderful life.

  8. I loved reading all these new things about you…I think I had an idea about the shoes and cookbooks though. LOL! I have three pairs of shoes…one pair of Crocs, one pair of flat black shoes for work and one pair of running shoes. Can you imagine?

    Your sister looks just like you!!! Great pics…I really enjoy the ones from Italy. My partner is Italian (his parents are from there), but he hasn’t been since he was about six. I did see Queen when I was about 14 and they were fabulous!!!

    Hope you are enjoying the weekend!

  9. Hah, Helen notices your manicure color while I notice your clothing color! I laugh at us. Your orange floral skirt and the orange tops are so appealing – I just love them. Oh, and the travels look nice too. 😉 I had no idea that the Leaning Tower of Pisa actually leaned THAT much!

    Thanks for the award! You are so sweet to pass it on to me and Syl. 🙂

    You have quite the hidden talents, from country dancing to acting! See, you really need to get to Texas so you can hit up the dance halls! Well, and go running with me. Or just walking. Or coffee. Frozen yogurt? LOL

  10. A wonderful post full of memories and pictures. Thanks for the mention to Italy.
    I am a concerts addicted too: I also saw Springsteen many times and the Queen but without Mercury. Now I am going to see (in July) Lou Reed, Bryan Ferry, Joe Cocker, the Chicago and perhaps Elton John (I disagree to spend 200 euro to see only a “one man band”).
    Congrats for the award.

  11. wow! what a great list of facts about you! I love music as well and my hubs and I have traveled all over for one particular band as well. We like to combine travel and a concert if possible.

    line dancing! you’d fit in well where I come from 😉

    LOVE the photos Fran. GREAT stuff!!!

  12. Thanks for the comment – and for the good wishes.

    Love this post, really interesting and really enjoy the photos. It reminds me how much i love Italy myself. Got to go back. Love the linedancing details – you look GOOD in that outfit!

  13. What a beautiful photo of you with the western outfit 🙂

    This post shows that you know my country entirely! You visited the whole Italian peninsula, from Garda Lake to Sicily. Thanks for the kind words about your favourite destination for a vacation!

    Next time you could visit my town which is bounded in the west by the Mediterranean See and the east by beautiful hills. Civitavecchia is situated between Rome and Tuscany and the climate is nevet too hot and never too cold although it can get windy at times. Civitavecchia was once an important town of the Roman Empire.

    I’m sure your half marathon schedule will go well considering that your motivation is improving 🙂

    Post scriptum: I ran yesterday a 6 km race in Rome and I ran it as training. The running path was dusty and I didn’t enjoy the race. That kind of truck should be wet in Spring.

  14. Sorry, in the last sentence I made a mistake. I mean track (running path).

  15. I am honored to have been chosen Fran, thank you so much for your kind words! I will try to get a post up shortly to do with 10 things, I’m much more boring than you so I’m gonna have to dig deep to not make people fall asleep ;-).

    I loved this post, I loved learning some new things about you!


  16. Thanks for the invite to check in on you, it was SO fun. I thought it was interesting that you never got along with your sister. Isn’t it funny how that is something we just need to accept? I have a brother like that. He is a great man but just distant in regards to the relationships in our family.
    Fun outfits! I didn’t realize that you loved shoes, just joking!

  17. OK, I’m going to say the dumbest thing ever – Wow, the Leaning Tower of Pisa really does lean.

    I was aware of this of course, but the picture in your post is the first time (at least in a long time) I’ve seen the tower in perspective to other buildings. So I was shocked to see it in that context.

  18. Wow!
    Great pics – I loved seeing you as a little girl!

  19. I loved learning more about you, Fran! Most of my life my sister and I weren’t all that close either. She is almost 8 years younger than I am, so I left for university when she was still very young. We’ve gotten a bit closer now that she is in in her twenties, but it’s definitely something we’ve had to work at.

    I loved seeing all the pictures. I love Italy and would love to go to Pisa next time I’m there.

  20. Great post! Love seeing all of your photos!!

  21. Thanks for sharing all these things about you. It’s cool to learn about some random things you’ve done.
    I am jealous of your USA trip. I haven’t been to most of the places you mentioned. I live on the East Coast and was in LA once but it was only long enough to hop on a cruise ship and see a few places in Mexico. Someday I’ll get to check out other places in the west.
    I love all your photos from Italy. I would love to go there someday as well.

  22. Even 3 things in it I didn’t know.. great list and I love those old pictures!

  23. What type of fish did you step on? Ouch!!!!

    Love the vacation photos! I haven’t traveled much, but starting to make up for lost time now. 🙂

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