A day in my life: Monday June 6, 2011

We had a 4 day weekend with beautiful weather (except yesterday).

Thursday after my morning run I worked in the garden till lunch. After that I enjoyed the fruits of my work and sat in the garden the entire afternoon, reading, making puzzles and read some blogs.
Friday I had to do my grocery shopping for the week and again spend the rest of the day in the garden, in the evening we went to my mother in law for a short visit.
It’s getting boring but Saturday I have been outside a lot again. At night we had a birthday party of one of our best friends and they had a bbq too. I had a bit too much Prosecco and we were home at 2 am.
The next day we woke up with heavy rain and thunder which means a lazy Sunday at home. I could take Bella out for a longer walk when it was dry but besides that we didn’t do much. We both even took a nap in the afternoon.

And now I’ve got 3 more days of work left. Next Friday my vacation starts and I have to say I need it too. I look forward to 3 weeks of doing what we want to do although my intention is to stay active this vacation.

I ran on Wednesday morning, just a short run. Thursday morning I went out again and did 7K (4.3 miles). This was a tough one, I ended up doing 2 minute run and 1 minute walking. It’s amazing how fast your running base disappears when you don’t run that much in a month. Feels like I’m starting all over again.

This week my new half marathon training starts. This morning I had to do an easy run of 3.2 K (2 miles) but even that I couldn’t do without a bit of walking. I decided to go back to run-walk-run and make the running part longer every week and hopefully be back at my old level in a few weeks.

After work I finally got back to the gym to do weight training. My elbow still isn’t healed completely but I thought I’d give it a try. I did chest, triceps and shoulders, used a light weight and didn’t do to many reps. At the end my elbow hurted again (still does while I’m typing this). The instructor came up to me when I entered the room and asked how I’ve been because he hasn’t seen me for a while. I told him what I had been doing and that my elbow hurts. He said it was better if I would see a fysio therapist for that. I already had thought of that myself that if it didn’t go well I would make an appointment which I did after the training. So Wednesday I’m seeing someone for my elbow.

I’m pleased with my workouts last week. Even though the running isn’t back to normal, it’s more than I did the week before and I walked a lot with Bella. So far I’m doing very good at the 30 days of activity in June.

365 days photo challenge 2011

Day 148 – Saturday May 28
Braid reed

Day 149 – Sunday May 29
Sheep flock on the heath.

Day 150 – Monday May 30
Was greeted by these 2 horses during my morning run.

Day 151 – Tuesday May 31
The photo I took for this day was on my camera that I dropped on the floor and it broke. No photo here.

Day 152 – Wednesday June 1
Monthly photo of our garden.

Day 153 – Thursday June 2
Met these 2 sheep that escaped during my morning run. I love this photo for the combination of the sky, the green and the 2 sheep.

Day 154 – Friday June 3
At a 5 minute walk from my home they made this park and made a small fitness trail in it. We go here to let Bella play with her ball of the leash.

Day 155 – Saturday June 4
More new shoes. The pair on the left are Birkenstocks. To be honest I don’t think they are pretty but they are great for short walks outside. At this moment almost everybody in Holland wears them while a few years ago you were a nerd if you would wear these.

Day 156 – Sunday June 5

Day 157 – Monday June 6
Hello locker room at the gym, it’s been a while.


17 responses to “A day in my life: Monday June 6, 2011

  1. You are doing great! Sorry to hear your elbow is still not healing. You are wise to get physio to look at it. Hope they can heal you up quickly. Love the photo with the sheep too. Very funny.

  2. “Hello locker room at the gym” you crack me up! Listen up. We all go through cycles with our running. You will be back to full running form in no time at all I’m sure. 3 days until vacation – concentrate on that!

    I saw Shelley trying to get you to come to Texas for yogurt. I say come to the East Coast. I’ll give you hand made ice cream, delicious sea food and the beach – for starters…

  3. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. I’m a bit jealous of the nice weather. It’s been unusually cold and wet all May here. And this past weekend was the worst…

    Your are doing great with your workouts. But I totally know what you mean about losing your running fitness level very quickly. I can’t run very often because of my ankle, but I try to run about every 4 or 5 days (just 3 miles). When I miss too many days, it becomes torture… Hope your elbow will be all better soon!

  4. I am with Helen – come to the East Coast! That’s 2 against 1 LOL! I’ll give you fresh roasted coffee and cupcakes!

    I would definitely see someone for your elbow. Lingering joint pain can be so interfering with keeping up your lifting mojo

  5. I love how we all are trying to entice you to visit the States…you must come, and make the grand tour! (And when you visit me, you’ll not only get frozen yogurt, but Paco as well!)

    The picture of the runaway sheep is fantastic. Such a funny, random thing to happen upon! And I have to say again that I adore your garden. It’s just beautiful – I can see why you spend so much time in it when the weather is good!

  6. Way to get back into running, I am getting there slowly also. I plan to run walk my intervals tonight but just knock them out. 🙂

  7. Great pics!!! Hope the physio works out for you and that your elbow is feeling 100% soon.

    I love the runaway sheep pic…they seem to be having a great time!

  8. I heard about the 4 day week you all in Germany had last week. Glad you enjoyed it.
    I like the photos that you have taken. Like seeing what goes on in your life with visuals 🙂
    Well done on the running.

  9. Love your photo’s you’ve taken this week…some really creative one’s there…so well done on that.
    I nearly bought those SOliver sandals as well, but when I tried it on, the middle section hurt me when I walked around testing…so bought something else…without the middle section.

  10. Hi Fran! I LOVE the photos this week!!!!!!!! Especially the sheet shot!!! Hope you have a great week before your holiday!!!! (wow…I’m over “exclamation marking” today, aren’t I? 🙂 )

  11. sounds like a great week Fran, and don’t fret the running will come back to you. I am a firm believer that walking is perfectly ok. I did a bit of it closer to my half between running because I was feeling that I had run too much close to it. There is nothing wrong with taking a walk break while running.

    I loved the photos in this entry especially the sky photo. And it looks like Bella is having a great time on all those walks!

    I see sheep when ever I go to my moms house, she lives on a acreage and heading there the farms along the side of the road have lots of sheep, horses and such. When ever I bike to my moms I love the scenery ;-).

    Oh and I’m on the look out with the mail, however we are in the midst of a postal strike so things are rather slow arriving ;-(

  12. Love the photos! Good luck with your HM training! I walk all the time when I’m training!!

  13. I think it is great you made a physiotherapist appointment. It will be good to figure out what is wrong and maybe get some treatments so you aren’t uncomfortable anymore.

    I love that sheep picture. It reminds me of part of my Germany running route through the field outside Kempen. Sigh. I wish I was there right now.

  14. Good idea to see the physio about your elbow – hope you can figure out what it is soon. Love the sheep picture! And I have never seen gym equipment like that in a public park – cool!
    …and isn’t it funny how the Birkies are so popular now???

  15. PS: I love it that you thought of Forrest Gump in my blog title – that is one of my all time favorite movies and i say that line often!

  16. You’ll get your running fitness back soon enough.
    Hope everything goes well with the elbow doc and you are back in action soon.
    Love that photo of the sheep on your morning run. So cute.

  17. You have great sights to see on your daily runs. That’s awesome!!!

    My training base is completely gone. I’m trying to build it back up, but my legs just aren’t playing along. Some day this silly injury will be behind me, for now I’m just dealing with it. (full marathon in October….I’m starting to get really nervous and wonder if I’ll be able to do it)

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