A day in my life: Thursday June 16, 2011

I’m going to change my blog posts a little. I used to post my weekly dinners on Monday, my outfits on Wednesday and the 365 challenge on Saturday.

The Wednesday Fashion Files are coming to an end. You’ve seen most of my outfits by now. Of course I will post new outfits in the future.
I will post the photos of my dinners and the 365 photo challenge in every post from now on.

I had another appointment at the fysio this morning. My elbow is getting better, the tension in my arm was less than last week. I’m trying to rest it as much as possible, only did 1 time of housekeeping last week. I’ve noticed when I’m on the computer longer than an hour my arm starts to hurt and I’m limiting my computer time to approx 2 times 1 hour a day and that helps. This also made me worry a bit for when I go back to work because most of my work is behind the computer. When I told my fysio this he said we will keep working on the arm/elbow till it’s healed. He gave me a massage this morning and I have to come back in 2 weeks. In the meantime I have to massage and stretch it myself.

Busy day today, it’s Fran’s renovation day again. This afternoon I’m getting a haircut and color in my hair, after that I’m doing my grocery shopping. Tonight I have an appointment at the beauty salon for a facial treatment.

Yesterday morning I had speedwork on my schedule. It was tough! I did 2 x 800 metres and 2 x 400 metres. I did those at the recommended pace according to my schedule, that’s good. But for the rest I walked A LOT! But I feel I will get there, just have to keep going. I’m going to adjust my schedule a bit by doing 2 or 3 intervals at the end of 1 run every week. Every distance for my long run I have to do twice. The first one I will run at the recommended (slow) pace, the second one I will run 1/3 at half marathon pace.

Weather: dry, sunny, not much wind, 18C (64 degrees)
Distance: 8 K / 5 miles
Time: 00:56:13
Average time: 7:02 /km
Average speed: 8.5 km/hour
Last song on Ipod before finish: Glee Cast – Go your own way.

Today I needed this for my workout:

Yes, I swam this morning. It was great, swimming is just like biking: once you’ve learned it, you never forget and it felt natural from the first lap. The pool in the gym isn’t very big, a lap is 15 metres/yards. But it’s clean and most of the times when I pass the gym there’s nobody in the pool. I had the pool to myself this morning too. I’m using a program called “from zero to 1 mile”. I had to recount the laps because the program is based on laps of 25 yards. I brought my program in a plastic folio (learned this from Shelley) and brought a stopwatch to see my total time. I ended up doing 660 yards in 30 minutes.

Daily Dinner:
Tuesday: Wraps with chicken, pineapple, peaches and yellow pepper.

Wednesday: Oven dish with pork, red pepper and a crust of tortilla chips and cheese.

365 days photo challenge 2011

Day 162 – Saturday June 11
Wild flowers at the water side.

Day 163 – Sunday June 12
Visiting my Mom.

Day 164 – Monday June 13
R. racing (number 11)

Day 165 – Tuesday June 14
Just a street in my village.

Day 166 – Wednesday June 15
Bella playing with her friend (our neighbours dog, also a Cairn Terrier named Luna).

Day 167 – Thursday June 16
Swimming pool at the gym.


14 responses to “A day in my life: Thursday June 16, 2011

  1. Glad your elbow is starting to heal.
    Have fun with all the pampering today. I need to get color in my hair but I’ve been putting it off for a few months to see what my real hair looks like… not as nice as I wished for sure.
    Your track workout sounds good. I haven’t done speed work in a long time. I found a hill by my house where I think I could do hill repeats. Maybe at lunch today.
    As always, your dinners look so good and I love your daily photos. That photo of your mom is especially nice. Also good to see R. racing.

  2. Your pool is really nice! I should take a picture of mine to show you – very utilitarian by comparison. But hey, it gets us in the water and that’s what is important, right? I’m so glad you liked swimming (and that the card-in-plastic worked for you)!!!

    In running, I always found speedwork to be so hard. Kudos to you for just doing it – and you’re right, it will get better.

    Your mom looks so lovely in that picture. 🙂

  3. Good for you to take up swimming! And glad to hear the elbow is improving…I had to cut way back on my computer time when I had some neck and shoulder issues a few years ago.

  4. Swimming is such great crosstraining. And it’s a great activity to have in case an injury ever comes your way (which I hope it won’t!)

  5. good news on the elbow fran, I hope you continue to heal. That pool looks great and loved viewing all your photos in today’s entry.

    I can’t swim and am afraid but like to take deep water workouts 😉

  6. That dammmmmmmmmm elbow…it really is taking a long time to heal…I wondered if it would be a problem with the computer as well.
    How did if feel while swimming today.

  7. You and Shelley are making me jealous with your swimming. Unfortunately, there is no easy/inexpensive way for me to add that to my repetoire. Oh well. Glad you’re enjoying it. I bet you start to see changes to your body from it too.

    Speedwork is hard. There is no doubt about it. It’s the workout I refuse to do unless I’m training for something LOL!

    Glad you’re continuing to enjoy your time off.

  8. I am sure a little behind but love the new blog look.

    I am sorry to hear your elbow is still causing pain. I hope it starts to feel better soon.

    I have been walking in my intevals also, when I do them. I don’t know why I can’t get back on track.

  9. What lovely photos!!! Have a wonderful day Fran.

  10. Wish I liked to swim. As usual LOVE the pics. I’ll miss your outfits.

  11. My gym doesn’t have a pool. I love your photos. Keep us posted how the swimming is going.

  12. Love the photo of your mom!

    It looks like Bella totally owns Luna LOL!

    You do know that if you are out of clothes for fashion files that it is time to go shopping, right?

  13. Great picture of your Moeder! Nice pool. I love the pool in our building too…especially when I am all alone in it. I don’t know how long it is…I will have to bring down a tape measure and work it out.

    Glad your elbow is healing and that you are able to rest it.

    The doggies look so cute playing together!

  14. Glad you are feeling better.
    Go your own way, I remember the wonderful hit of the Fleetwood Mac: great song!!!
    The pool is very little, I thought that the minimum were 25 mt.
    As usual beautiful pictures.

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