A day in my life: holiday edition 2011 part 2


We are staying close to the Wadden Sea. We have a few Wadden islands and one of them is Schiermonnikoog. On Wednesday we went there. We took our bike and bike 8K (5 miles) to the ferry. The island isn’t big, it has a population of 1.000 people and is almost car-free (only the residents are allowed to drive a car on the island). It’s heaven for bikers and hikers. It’s got beaches and forest. We took our bikes on the ferry and biked the entire day across the island. R. brought his kite and played with it for a while on the beach. The weather wasn’t to great unfortunately: cloudy and very strong wind. We had to bike for about 6K against a very strong wind back from the ferry to our house. I can inform you the muscles in my but hurted the next day 🙂 But it was a great day and a beautiful island.

The ferry

On the ferry boat

Bella is digging a hole at the beach

I loved this house, so adorable


This wasn’t a very good day with the weather, the first day that we had a lot of rain. We decided to stay at the house and relax. In the afternoon we took a long walk with Bella when it was dry for a moment.

The restaurant on the right is where we had dinner

Letting the inner child out to play



13 responses to “A day in my life: holiday edition 2011 part 2

  1. BRRRRRRRRRRR it sure does look cold there as well.
    Its cold here too…I am hating this weather, I told my daughter it was summer and not to bring winter clothing…now she is raiding my cupboards to keep herself warm!!!

  2. Even when it’s cloudy it still looks like a beautiful place to visit! Bella looks so cute on the ferry. I love that you can take her on your bike. That dinner looks so comforting and delicious.

  3. At least you don’t have to worry about sunburn!

    I love boats and ferries. They are so fun!

  4. We have always wanted to visit those islands but haven’t done it yet. My oldest son will have a school trip there next year to do some sailing.
    Nice pictures – I would love to see where Bella sits on your bike!

  5. Love it! Let that inner child out!! 🙂 Glad you are enjoying your holiday!

  6. That light house is spectacular and I love the tiny house, how fun! Thanks for the photos.
    It looks like you’re having a fun and relaxing holiday, will it get any warmer though?

  7. How much do I love that you take Bella with you on your adventures?!? If only that dog could talk…the tales she would tell. 🙂

  8. Sounds like a lovely location. Too bad the weather isn’t cooperating. How does Bella travel with you while you’re on the bike? Do you have a basket for her?? We have biked with Tia, but my husband can carry her under one arm. I’d dump us both if I tried that and I think most people would.

  9. I love the pictures. What did you do with Bella when you biked? Was she in a basket? I would love biking on the island but would prefer the wind to not be there too! You mentioned getting home to your own bed and shower I think. I also like getting home to my own toilet! Enjoy the rest of your break.

  10. Beautiful pictures. I love the islands in north Europe, my impossible dream is a trip there somewhere.
    I spent 2 years in La Maddalena island, when I was in the Coast Guard, to follow many courses. Wonderful places!!!
    Have a good week end. Please say “hi” for me to miss Bella.

  11. I love ferries. Where my Dad is from they used to have a ferry, but apparently they built a tunnel and no more ferry. I loved the kroketten.

    It looks like you are having fun regardless of the weather and that is wonderful!

    Thanks for all the beautiful pictures.

  12. weather is not looking so great in your photos, but it would appear you are not letting that bother you, looks like you are having a very relaxed vacation. And good for you for letting your inner child out to play ;-). How did Bella handle the ferry ride?

    Just thought I would also mention since I moved to wordpress, my updates may not be showing up you will need to re add me in your subscriptions under livesmilerun.com, hope to see you around my new home 😉 .

  13. OMG I am jealous! I wish I was on vacation! Sounds like things are really great right now Fran. And I love the new blog look 🙂

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