A day in my life: holiday edition 2011 part 3


First: some of you asked how we take Bella with us when we travel by bike. Well this is how:

Friday we went to the seal rehabilitation centre of miss Lenie ‘t Hart.  Lenie ‘t Hart has been rehabilitating sick and injured seals since the centre was founded in Pieterburen in 1971. The centre has evolved from a simple ‘crèche’ for young seals to a scientific research-based seal hospital, with accompanying facilities such a quarantine, a chemist and modern research facilities. Hundreds of seals are cared for annually. The center rescues seals that have been injured by boats or fishing nets and those that have been sickened due to pollution. The center also rescues orphaned pups. All rehabilitated seals are released into the wild after their rehabilitation period, which lasts from several weeks to a maximum of six months. None of the animals remain in captivity and none of the seals are bred. The center also collects pieces of fishing nets that float in the sea and injure the animals.


This has been the worst day when it comes to the weather, nothing but rain all day. Which was a pity because they had all kinds of activities at the park that day. We went there in the afternoon but were soaking wet within minutes so went back to the house. In the evening it was dry but very chilly and we went back for another look.


Finally sunshine but still a lot of wind. We decided to take a long walk with Bella. We walked 7K (between 4 and 5 miles). Unfortunately I forgot sunscreen and now I’m a bit burned in my neck and on my arms. The rest of the day we took it easy and relaxed at the house and went out for our final dinner.

View from the restaurant where we had dinner


We went home early because today it’s very hot in Holland (35C / 95 degrees), way too hot for me. My body isn’t liking this but after tomorrow it gets cooler again. We were home before lunch and I was happy to see this blooming:

We also have a new visitor in the pond which I don’t like at all, I’m not a fan of frogs.

We had a great vacation, once again it reminded us that we live in a beautiful country. But there’s nothing like home and I’m glad to be back.


14 responses to “A day in my life: holiday edition 2011 part 3

  1. Love your photos! thanks so much for sharing! Bella is adorable in her bike carrier.

  2. I was just going to ask how Bella rides, then realized I had one more post to read. That’s an awesome way to travel with her. She can see it all!!!!

    I can’t wait to get the chance to visit your country. The pictures are always amazing!

  3. I love Bella’s little basket cage! She fits perfectly in it and looks like she loves to go for bike rides…what a great dog!

    The seals are adorable and kudos to Miss Lenie for starting the seal rehab center!

    Glad you had a nice vacation. But what is up with your Texas-like temps?!

  4. Cutest picture of Bella ever in her little bike cage! Kind of reminds me of a hamster ball.

    Seals – also adorable. And that photo of the man behind the table in black looks seriously like the Grim Reaper!

    You know, having a little frog like that means you have a well rounded outdoor habitat for him to want to live there. He will eat your mosquitoes (if you get any).

  5. Oh I love Bella’s basket. So cute! You had some wild weather on your holiday. Personally, I think the frog is adorable!! We have lots, and lots, of frogs. We have a few large ponds on our property and have two different types. In the spring the little one’s croak for hours, it sounds like a concert. In the fall the big guys croak off and on throughout the day. I just love it.

  6. Hey Fran: looks like you had a really nice holiday. I love the pictures of that cottage. I would set up in there and never leave!

    Sounds like your training is going really well now. I know what I need to do but I just can’t make myself do it! I didn’t run all last summer either. I think that’s why I’m so freaked out. I know it’s going to hurt 😛

    Thank you for the encouragement. I’m glad you had such a nice vacation. T.

  7. I completely agree with your ending remarks.
    Does Bella sit easily in the basket? In other words is she agreeable and does she enjoy it? I hope so as it looks like such fun.
    Some of those pictures you took are so beautiful. I really like the ones above and below the sheep. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Bella looks so sweet sitting in her basket. Great vacation!!! Love all the beautiful scenery pictures.

    The seals and sheep are so cute!

  9. What a very cool way to let your little dog travel with you on the bike.
    Love the pictures and glad that you are enjoying your holiday still.

  10. At least you got some nice weather in for your last day! Love the pictures!

  11. Holy temperature swings! Crazy! I’m assuming at home you have air conditioning which is why you wanted to get there?

    Adorable basket for Bella – so clever.

  12. Hi Fran. AWWW….Bella is so cute in her bike carrier. LOVELY, LOVELY photos! Thanks for sharing.

  13. Bella is sooo cute in that carrier on your bike! I love all the pictures! I hope that your sunburn heals up quickly.

  14. You do live in a beautiful country but I can understand how nice it is to be home.
    I love the caged basket you have for Bella. I think Delilah would be too big for me to easily balance her on a bike.

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