A day in my life: Wednesday June 29, 2011

I’m tired. That is not my mind but my body. The first 2 weeks of my vacation I’ve been very active. We walked and biked a lot during our vacation, there were a lot of small hills which made my calves tired after a week (note to self: start hill training on treadmill every now and then).

I didn’t sleep very well during our vacation. I usually don’t sleep that good in a different bed. I was up every day around 6.30 am and by the end of the week we both had neck pain because of the lousy pillows.

But what exhausted me most were the hot days we had Monday and yesterday. Especially yesterday was terrible. It was around 35C (95 degrees) and very humid. The only thing to do was sit down and do nothing. My body can’t stand this heat very well and by the end of the day I had a terrible headache and my body felt bloated because I hold fluid when it’s hot. I was really glad that around 8 pm it started to rain, big storm with lots of wind, thunder and lightning but it helped because today it’s much cooler and I’m feeling better already.

I’ve decided to take some rest and don’t run or exercise today and tomorrow. On Friday I will pick up my training schedule again. It’s 15 weeks until my next half marathon, I’ve got time to train for it and will for the next 15 weeks but this week I’m taking things a bit slower because next week normal life which includes work starts again.

You may have noticed that I didn’t mention running during our vacation. Although I brought my running gear I didn’t run once while we were away. I just didn’t feel like running there.

Yesterday morning I put on my running shoes for a short run of 4.8K (3 miles) and it was though. My calves were still a bit sore (we had hills where we stayed) and it was already 27C (80 degrees) at 8 am which is too hot for me. But I pushed through I just kept a very slow pace and walked a lot.

Halfway my route I was forced to turn around because a swan was at the middle of the road ready to attack me (there was another swan with baby swans). I stopped to see if I could pass it but I decided not to try it. When I was a child I was almost attacked by a swan and didn’t want a rerun of that event.  I was almost halfway through my run and just turned around and took the same route back.

Daily Dinner:
Monday: salad with brie cheese, cashew nuts, strawberries and honey-mustard dressing.

Tuesday: Rice with pork and vegetables.

365 days photo challenge 2011

Day 179 – Tuesday June 28

Just 1 water lily blooming in our pond this year

Dark clouds: storm is arriving

R. took this photo of our pond by night


11 responses to “A day in my life: Wednesday June 29, 2011

  1. Fran that salad looks so so so tasty. Something I would love to eat right now for lunch…..Yummy!!!

  2. That kind of heat takes years of living in it to get used to, believe me. Best to just shut down the few times a year you have to deal with it.

    I’m with Marcelle – that salad is calling me! I will have to copy it. 🙂

  3. The salad looks gorgeous!
    The heat was terrible – I too am so glad the storm blew through and washed it all away! It is much better running weather now, thank goodness.

  4. Just say no to bad pillows and sore necks! Believe me, after the last days of my compressed nerve, I wouldn’t wish it on anyone! Do you know, whenever I drive to a vacation, I always take my own pillow? It dooes help me sleep better.

    Here’s to fast recuperation from the heat and you being up and running again!

  5. Cashews, strawberries, *and* cheese? My favorite things!

    Vacations are tiring, aren’t they? Not to mention the heat. It just totally saps me of energy, too. When it is hot and humid- forget about it!

  6. Are swans like geese? They can be nasty. Any animal can be when babies are involved. I would have turned too.
    I also hate hot weather. I just had to go put on a sweatshirt as it is rather cool.

  7. I take my own pillow on vacation as I like a flat one and most places have very thick ones which irritates my neck. Hope your body is feeling much better now that you are home.

  8. The salad looks yummy! Wish I could get to the part in life I can mix veggies & fruit together..lol Oh the beds & pillows on my vacation had me so sore. I almost wanted it to end early so I could sleep normal again. Hope you enjoy your rest days! It is raining & windy here.

  9. Didn’t know swans attack people. Good to know.

  10. I didn’t run on my vacation either. Marathon training to commence in a few days. I wrote up that schedule you sent me on my calendar.

  11. Oh my — that salad looks amazing Fran!! I wouldn’t worry too much about not running on your vacay…you needed a little break. Sometimes we just get burnt out..I know it comes and goes when I feel like running. Lately I’m not feeling it..too much wedding stuff.

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