A day in my life: Wednesday July 6, 2011

My “new” eating plan is going very well, it’s only been 3 days since I changed some things but so far it works.
The reason I’m not telling yet what I’ve changed is because I want to see how the weekend goes. Weekends are always the most difficult and I want to see how next weekend goes before I dare to speak of a “success plan”.

Running, what’s that? I know I said Monday that I was motivated to run again but apparently I was wrong. Still haven’t run since last Friday. Somehow it seems I’ve lost my running mojo. I hope it comes back soon because running makes me feel good and I need to run if I want to do 2 races of 10 miles and a half marathon in September/October. Running doesn’t come easily for me, I have to work hard to get results. And I don’t get results if I don’t run.

It’s time to stop complaining about it. Sometimes I feel like one of those guys from Grumpy old men: nag, nag, nag about why I am not running. R. thinks and says I whine too much and should just go out there and do it. And you know what he’s right!

So no more whining, complaining, nagging about unhealthy eating and not running on this blog but just DO IT!

Remember this:

There’s no such thing as too early
There’s no such thing as too cold and
There’s no such thing as too far

Yesterday was an active rest day. During lunch I took a walk with K. for 32 minutes. After work I took Bella for a walk of 35 minutes and after dinner R. and I worked in the garden for 1 hour.

Daily Dinner:
Tuesday: Grilled fish, potatoes and a salad of cherry tomatoes, capers, garlic, zucchini with some olive oil and lemon juice, it was delicious (recipe from Jamie Magazine, Dutch edition).

Wednesday: Beef stroganoff with rice (recipe from a Dutch cookbook).

365 days photo challenge 2011

Day 186 Tuesday July 5
Lunchwalk with K.

Day 187 Wednesday July 6
I hung up this poster for the “Dam tot Damloop” in September, which I will be running with a team from work, on the walls of our office. One of them next to my own office so I see it every day and be reminded to keep on running.


16 responses to “A day in my life: Wednesday July 6, 2011

  1. Remember Nike’s ad campaign, “Just Do It.” and get out there and just do it. Sometimes that’s the only way. IF and only IF you continue to struggle, perhaps you want to reconsider the racing. As I told my pysical therapist this morning, I just don’t feel like racing right now. There’s too much going on and I don’t need the added stress of following a training schedule. I’m not worried because I’ve been through times like this before. Maybe I’ll race again, maybe I won’t. But at least for now, I get out there and run 3 or 5 miles several times a week 😀

  2. I always feel better after a run, even if I don’t want to be out there in the first place. Try to keep focused on why you’re running. You know you want to be prepared when you toe the line of the races you’ve registered for.
    I just signed up for my 2nd half marathon. It’s on Sept. 11. When is yours?
    Your dinners look delicious. I need to start cooking more often and making healthier foods.

  3. Running will be there for you when you want it back. I’m sure you’ll come around soon! Love the poster for the race.

  4. Hey Fran. I have been reading your blog, just not commenting as much. Just coming out of a running funk myself I know how hard it is to get motivated. I wish I could have gotten out earlier, it would have been so much easier. Though no matter how people tried to help me out of it, I had to make myself do it. You already know you’ll feel better when you do, but it’s getting there. Keep trying.

  5. Yeah – those funks are hard to get out of. Sometimes you just have to suck it up and get out there.

    Or…. you could take up biking 😀

  6. That’s quite the poster. You better start running as she looks seriously fast! Will you have to look like that to run the race? LOL Get out there and run. I don’t know if I think there is no such thing as too early or too far but I do think there is no such thing as too cold! Or I guess right now too hot. There is always the treadmill. Good luck.

  7. I love that poster! I agree with the other commenters – sometimes, you just have to suck it up and run. Maybe you could schedule some group runs with your coworkers for fun and motivation?

  8. I have faith in you – you’ll be back out there. You are a runner!

  9. Thanks for the kind words Fran! Absolutely love your blog!

  10. Although you are not running, you are still keeping active by walking. That’s good.
    I like your eats.

  11. I love that poster and I know this little dip is just temporary, Fran – you’ll get your mojo back, I just know it! I am so looking forward to our 15K together – I think it’s going to be fun.

    Thanks for all your kind comments, your words always make me smile!

  12. Like Kandi, I always feel better after a run even if I had a bad attitude about running when I headed out the door or turned on the treadmill. I’m kind of in a running slump right now too, but I know that I will get out of it eventually.

    That first dinner looks so good! The salad sounds amazing!

  13. Not sure if this will help but thought I would offer a little “Syl” advice. I find that when I’m in a running funk, the best thing to do is just to lace up my shoes, take my ipod and just go. I say to myself “just 10 minutes” and if I still don’t want to I will just come home…never done it yet. Not all runs are going to be perfect, some shorter than others, but in the end I have never regretted going.
    Can’t wait to hear about your plan Fran. Your meals look great, as per usual 😉

  14. LOVE the poster, and you ARE a runner Fran!!!! You’ll be back in those sneakers before you know it. Yay you! (and yay for the Jamie Oliver recipes!) Have a great day.

  15. It seems the running funk is going around. I’m sure you’ll be out of it soon! Usually when I get in one, I have to almost force myself out. Once I get out there, I wonder why I didn’t sooner!!!

    That running post is great!!

  16. Great food! Like a couple of other people said…Just Do It!!! I feel like a commercial 😉

    The hardest part for me is starting again, but once I do it, I remember how good it feels. Hope you are able to get out there soon.

    The poster looks kick ass!!!

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