A day in my life: Saturday July 16, 2011

Random Saturday:
I’m excited! I’m going to have my first blogger meet next week. My blogger friend Amy from Fit and fabulous at 40 who lives in Belgium is coming to Holland for a weekend. We found out that she’s staying at a vacation park 40 minutes away from where I live and we couldn’t pass the opportunity to meet each other. I really look forward to it. As Amy mentioned on her blog: we have never met but we became friends through our blog.

The musical Wicked is coming to Holland (with a Dutch cast and spoken/sing in Dutch) and when the ticket sale started last Thursday K. and I immediately bought tickets for it. We’re going in November and both look forward to it.

I’ve made some adjustments to my training schedule for my upcoming half. My original plan has a speedwork or tempo run on Wednesday but the distances are too long for me to run on a weekday before work, I just don’t have the time for that. I’m talking about 11.2K (7 miles) up to 16K (10 miles).
Experience from my last half marathon schedule is that I shortened almost every long run on Wednesday. I did some research on the internet and found the Hal Highdon half marathon plan for intermediates. I’m going to use his tempo and speedwork runs on Wednesdays. The longest is about 10K (± 6 miles).These distances feel much better for me.

During my vacation I ordered and received a little book that’s called “De 100 leukste lopen van Nederland en België (The 100 most fun/great races in Holland and Belgium). I used this book to make a running bucket list for myself with races I want to do. This is a “moving” list, I will be adding other races when I read about them in magazines or the internet. The races in Italic print are from the book.
I also made a list with European races that seems fun to do.
I probably won’t do every run that’s on the list but for me it’s a tool to plan my races for next year.

It is a dream to run a half marathon once somewhere in the USA but I don’t know if that’s going to happen. But a girl can dream can’t she?

Now here is where you come in: tell me your favorite race from your country and why I should add it to my list. You can find the list on a separate page, it’s at the top of my blog.

It has been 3 weeks since my last long run and I knew yesterday’s run was going to be tough.
Between 4 and 6K I had to run against the wind but that went pretty good. Between 6 and 9K I had the wind in my back and the sun came out which made it pretty hot. The first 7K I ran 10 minutes, walked for 1 minute and after that it became tough and I really had to push myself and take more walk breaks. Gladly Bruce helped me through the last metres of the run. It wasn’t my best run ever but it wasn’t the worst one either, it was a slow one. Which can be discussed over because my pace for this long run was supposed to be 7:24/km so in the end I ran at the recommended pace, it just feels slow. All things considered I was happy to get in a long run again and made the distance I had to do.

Weather: cloudy, partly sunny, moderate wind, 15C (59 degrees)
Distance: 11.2 K / 7 miles
Time: 01:23:06
Average time: 7:25 /km
Average speed: 8.1 km/hour
Last song on Ipod before finish: Bruce Springsteen – Badlands

365 days photo challenge 2011

Day 195 – Thursday July 14
In waiting room at the dentist.

Day 196 – Friday July 15
A random street in the village I grew up and lived for 25 years.

Day 197 – Saturday July 16
Fruits I bought at the market this morning.


16 responses to “A day in my life: Saturday July 16, 2011

  1. Enjoy your meeting with Amy.
    About the half, you won’t believe but i never enclosed speedworks in my schedule: only when I prepared the 10k and the 5k (now no more because I cannot stress anymore my broken leg).
    Race in Italy?
    Marathon: Rome and Florence
    Half: Roma-Ostia
    10 and 12 km in Tuscany everytime.

  2. Well – there is the Lake Placid Half Marathon up here. It is very popular and beautiful! That is about an hour from me, too!

    Regarding the Tour, live coverage starts between 6 and 8 am EST. They do live, then they do 2 recap shows that are shorter.

  3. I am excited for you and Amy to meet. I would love to meet both of you!
    I like the sound of the book that you just mentioned. My favorite half marathon is the one I do in Feb. in Hampton Beach but it is a winter race and would not be everyone’s cup of tea.

    I just tagged you on my blog.

  4. For a fun half marathon in the states, the San Diego (California) half marathon is fun. Every mile, there is a band playing. I heard it is just one big party. My sister in law did it a few weeks ago.
    I like your bucket list of races. It keeps one motivated. I’m not a runner, but would love to get back into it one day.

  5. The Marine Corps Marathon – hands down. I know you don’t want to do a full marathon but it really is my favorite. It’s held in Washington, D.C. the last Sunday of October and the course takes you all through DC and Arlington, VA. You literally get to run by American history. This marathon is also known as “The People’s Marathon” because there are few elite runners and does not pay any of the winners. You run for the glory of it! It’s very well organized with lots of support from both the race organizers and the crowds. The water stops are manned by Marines who will yell for you louder than anyone. Plus, when you cross the finish line? A very handsome Marine will say, “Good job ma’am” and put your medal around your neck!

  6. How fun that you will get to meet your first blogger-friend!!! I bet you two will just start talking like you’ve known each other for a long time – so far, that’s been my experience.

    There is a Nike woman’s race (half and full, I believe) in San Francisco where at the end, you get a necklace from Tiffany’s as your “medal” and it’s handed to you by a handsome fireman dressed in a tuxedo.

    Also? The Rock and Roll marathons in the US are fun. I’d to the half in Las Vegas – they’re holding it on the strip at night – should be amazing!

  7. I’m all caught up! You are doing so great with your eating right now. That is wonderful. And you renewed dedication to your running is admirable. It is good to take inspiration from “You in 2009”. I wish I could! But you’ll be happy to read what I wrote on my blog today. 🙂

    Congrats on losing that 5 lbs!

  8. How fun!!! I’ve never had a blogger meet up, but look forward to the day I do. And you’re going to see WICKED???? FUN!!!! It toured here in June, and I loved it!!!! Love the photos as always. Have a great rest of the weekend Fran.

  9. Yah for meeting a blogger, it’s always exiting but nervous for me as it’s so easy to beone person in your blog and another in real life. I’m sure many who have met me have been disappointed.

    Love seeing all your photo’s and now with new camera the pics are so detailed and sharp. Keep shooting.

  10. Wonderful image of the fruits which you bought at the market yesterday!
    It’s really nice to meet blogger friends. Stefano and I met two running and blogging friends from Australia three years ago.

    Is there a race in Italy in that list, which you wrote, with races you want to do? 🙂

    Have a nice week Fran!

  11. So cool that you are meeting another blogger!!!

    The big race around here is: http://www.aroundthebayroadrace.com/ It started in 1894. It is usually bad weather, but runners are hard core!!!

    Love the fruit pics.

  12. P.S. Yay for tickets to Wicked!

  13. so excited for your blogger meet up that’s so great!
    My favorite run in our city is the half marathon I run, hands down the best route available and the attenance is in the thousands! love it!
    My dream race would be to run the disney marathon in Florida…sigh! one day 😉

  14. I see that you have some pineapple in that picture. Did you buy it like that in the plastic bag or did you prepare it that way? If you did buy or prepare it that way, how long does it stay fresh like that in your fridge?
    Blog meetups are fun – hope you enjoy yours.

  15. My blogger meetup on Saturday was my first too! Hope you have a good time.
    I’ll have to check out your race bucket list. I don’t have any suggestions for you yet but I’ll let you know. I’ve only run one half marathon so far and it’s a good race but I can’t think of any part of it that would be worth the trip from Holland.

  16. I love the idea of doing a running bucket list! I think I’ll have to copy this idea and do a post soon about the races that I really want to do in the future.

    I hope you have a great time at your blogger meet up! I’ve met a few other bloggers (no running bloggers yet, though), and it has been a lot of fun each time!

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