A day in my life: Wednesday July 20, 2011

I don’t have that much to say today. Nothing exciting happening in my life at the moment.

Let me give you an update on my elbow. It’s almost over. I can do a lot more things with it now without hurting it. I had a PT session today and he noticed the improvement too. We decided to go for one more PT session in 2 weeks and after that it should be as good as new.

Yesterday after I walked Bella my neighbor was outside and we talked for almost an hour (R. thought I was out walking all that time but I was chatting LOL). At some point she asked if I still run. People in my neighborhood don’t see me that often because I run early in the morning. Her husband has to leave for work every Wednesday at 5.30 am. One Wednesday he called her around 7.30 am and asked her what she was doing. She told him she was still in bed. He said “you lazy women. I saw the neighbor running at 5.30 am and you are still in bed. I almost had a car accident because I was so surprised to see her at that time”. He was rather impressed that I run this early in the morning. I thought it was a funny story.

Yesterday was an active restday. K. and I had a nice lunchwalk of 30 minutes and after work I walked with Bella for 35 minutes.

This morning I had speedwork on my schedule. But when I turned on my Garmin it didn’t pick up the satellites. I usually wait till that’s finished before I walk out the door but it took a while and I decided to go. It didn’t work right because my first km I did in 8 minutes. I never run 8 minutes or more. That’s when I knew something was wrong. Because I didn’t trust the Garmin and I need it for my intervals I decided to cut the run short and ended up doing 2K (1.25 miles) in 15:44. That’s a pace of 7:52 and not correct. I haven’t run this pace the entire year, not even on my bad running days.
Rescheduled my speedwork for tomorrow morning and hopefully Edward II works properly then.

Daily Dinner:

Macaroni ham and cheese.

Grilled chicken and a potato salad with egg, bacon and spring onions.

365 days photo challenge 2011

Day 200 – Tuesday July 19
Lunchwalk with K.

Day 201 – Wednesday July 20
All the rain we’ve had the past weeks ruined our hydrangea.


13 responses to “A day in my life: Wednesday July 20, 2011

  1. That is a funny story! Love it.

    My Garmin died yesterday but I was out there forever. I guess I need a computer for my bike.

  2. Funny story!

    Mr. Helen’s friends who go to work early see me all the time and get mad because I don’t acknowledge their honking. I tell them I can’t see through the windshield while I’m running so I have no idea if it’s someone I know or a murderer! I am not going to wave so stop the honking LOL.

    Sorry about the Garmin. Hope Edward II is OK and ready to go for you in the morning.

  3. Hope your garmin starts working!! I did a run once where the times and distances were way off. It wasn’t calculating miles or kilometers and I have no idea what was going on. That day’s workouts also wouldn’t load onto the garminconnect site so there must have been sometimg corrupt happening that day. Luckily I was running on a route I knew the distance of so it wasn’t a big deal.

  4. That is a very funny store about your neighbor.
    Hope your Garmin works for your next run.

  5. what a funny neighbour! I could totally see my hubby saying something like that to me.. I admire you so much for getting up so early to run. I like my sleep too much so that’s why I end my day with a run ;-). Everyone’s different but that’s what makes us so unique!
    Hope your Garmin smartens up!

  6. Hilarious that your running ends up shaming your neighbor!

    So glad to hear that your elbow is nearly healed. Good to know that eventually, body parts DO heal (I have my doubts).

    I could be wrong, and I probably am (you know me and numbers, lol), but if you ran 1.25 miles in 15:44, isn’t that more like a 12 minute/mile pace?

  7. Good news about your elbow!

    Love the food pics. I am going to have to make some macaroni and cheese with gluten free pasta. I tried a new one made from corn and it is delicious!!!

    Hope the Garmin is working better tomorrow!

  8. That’s funny about the neighbor. Are you sure he didn’t almost crash from an attractive woman jogging by?

    That mac and cheese looks sooooo good!

  9. Good thing about the elbow! And I have also always admired your ability to get up and run so early – I have never been able to do that!
    Very strange about the Garmin – are you sure it wasn’t measuring in miles??? 😉
    Anyhow – see you Sunday!!!

  10. I see now how your plates you eat out, differ each time in color and shape. How interesting.
    Such a funny neighbor 🙂

  11. Sorry to hear your Garmin didn’t work….thankfully * touch wood * mine has been working perfectly since I got it.
    I would have to eat 2 chicken kebabs….I’m a gutsy one.

  12. I laughed at the neighbor story!!!! Glad the elbow is doing better Fran! have a wonderful day!

  13. Crazy life! Now the garmin is part of our life. I remember when I began to run: no garmin, no internet, no technical shirts, no i-pod, no fuel-bars…. Now we live in a different era.
    Your story made me laugh.
    Enjoy your sunday with Amy.

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