A day in my life: Wednesday July 27, 2011

I still have almost 6 months till my membership at my gym ends but I already made the decision not to renew it. At this moment I’m going 1 to 2 times a week and compared to the money I’m paying it’s too expensive.

After more than 2 years of running it’s obvious that I love doing that most. I’ve never did any sort of exercising for such a “long” period. I don’t like using the dreadmill in the gym, it’s boring. I prefer going outside. Last Winter we didn’t have much bad weather and I was able to keep on running outside, I even ran in freezing cold and snow.

At this moment I’m using my gym for swimming and cardio. But I don’t need the gym for these 2 workouts.

After a few times of swimming I’ve noticed I like doing this but I don’t need my membership for the gym for that. We have a public swimming pool in my village where I can go for swimming.

I’m thinking about saving money to buy a new bike. My current bike is a city bike and not really good for longer distances. I would like to have a hybrid bike and bike more for crosstraining.

After my half marathon in October my friend K. and I are going to a Bootcamp class. You can try one for free and the class is not to far from my home and it’s an outdoor class. If I like this I might start this after my membership at the gym ends.

And there’s this little dog called Bella who would love to go more to the forest at the weekends.

Bottom line is that I want to do more workouts outside instead of indoors. Usually the weather in Holland is pretty good for outdoor sports, you can do it the entire year.

Did you ever ended your gym membership and why? Did you regret your decision and go back after a while or was it the right decision for you?

Yesterday morning I had a 3 miler on my schedule. This was an easy run. I just ran and didn’t watch or worry about my pace. It’s taking longer before I need a walking break and I feel it’s going in the right direction. It was a good run.

After work I went to the gym for a swim workout. I swam 660 meters/yards in 25 minutes. It’s time to take it to the next level and add meters to the workout the next time. Another good workout.

And after dinner Bella and I went for a 35 minute walk.

Weather: drizzling rain, no wind, 13C (55 degrees)
Distance: 4.8 K / 3 miles
Time: 00:34:37
Average time: 7:13 /km
Average speed: 8.3 km/hour
Last song on Ipod before finish: Glee – Kiss.

This morning I had to do speedwork: 5 x 400 metres with 400 metres jogging/walking in between. The intervals had to be done at my 5K race pace which I did. The overall pace is a bit slow but that’s because I had to walk for at least a minute after every session. I have confidence that will get better in time.

During lunch I went for a walk with my friend K. for 30 minutes and after work I took Bella for a 30-minute walk.

Yesterday and today were very good days!

Weather: dry, fog, not much wind wind, 13C (55 degrees)
Distance: 5.1 K / 3.1 miles
Time: 00:35:00
Average time: 6:52 /km
Average speed: 8.7 km/hour
Last song on Ipod before finish: Ilse de Lange – Puzzle me.

Daily Dinner:

I don’t have much inspiration this week and fall back on easy recipes: Noodles with vegetables and chicken.

Oven dish of minced meat, mashed potatoes and red cabbage.

365 days photo challenge 2011

Day 207 – Tuesday July 26
Dark sky but you can see the sky is getting better at the right of the picture.

Day 208 – Wednesday July 27
Early morning run in foggy weather, met some cows along the way.



18 responses to “A day in my life: Wednesday July 27, 2011

  1. I have a gym membership now, I hardly go becuase I like you I have been running outside, I also have a treadmill at home. I started taking kickboxing at a different studio and want to cancel my gym membership, but my husband thinks we should keep it, yet he never goes. We will see what happens in the fall.

  2. Because you are brave (unlike me!) and enjoy running in all kinds of weather, it sounds like the right decision to just not renew your membership if you’re not using it. I always get mad at myself when I don’t get to the gym often enough – I hate wasting the money! – and that is a major motivator for me to go. But I do use it a lot in the winter! And when it’s raining 🙂
    We are all different and we all have to do what works best for us – right?

  3. Yes, I quit a gym membership, and later regretted it. About ten years ago, I went to a wonderful, nice,gym. I got there every morning at 5:00am to workout before going to the office. I had a routine, and loved their evening classes too. Then one of my friends convinced me to go to a new gym near our office (it was less than half the price). I did switch gyms, and then didn’t like the new one, so then I didn’t go anymore. Gained weight……
    But, in your case, you’d rather be outdoors running, which is a super good workout. If you change your mind, you can always join again.
    Your chicken noodle vegetable dish looks good.

  4. I almost ended my gym membership for the summer and didn’t. Prob. should have. I do use it a lot in the winter when it is dark after work though.

  5. Glad you and Amy finally got to meet. She told me what a nice visit she had with you.
    I have been holding on to my gym membership for over a year. I have gone maybe twice. The cost is low so that is the only reason I haven’t canceled. Like you I would rather run out side.

  6. My gym membership ended in April but that was ok because I could run outside. Even in the winter, I preferred to run outside. It was convenient in the rain (that I won’t run in) and if it were too dark in the am or pm. I haven’t decided what I am going to do…it seems like a lot of money for just using the treadmill occasionally.

  7. Hi Fran!!
    I’d definitely prefer to come to Karlsbad but Carlsbad is just down the street a few miles! Some day, I promise to come to Europe. It’s been a while and I’d LOVE to meet you!
    I share the whole gym membership thing. My husband wanted us to cancel our membership a few years ago and I regretted it. Now we were given a spin bike which we use to supplement our running and or use as cross training. I’d love to go back to the membership but it’s almost $90 for the two of us and there just isn’t anything cheaper around here! I hope you find a bike or can save for one quickly!
    Hey, has your summer weather disappeared already?

  8. I have a low-cost gym membership at the gym at my office. I probably don’t need to be a member since mostly I run outside but I do like some of the programs they offer and I like having the option to cross train or do weights (though I rarely do these things). I did use the treadmill the other day when we were having insane heat and humidity and nobody would run outside with me. I didn’t want to risk it running alone outside in that heat in the middle of the day! So I guess for me it’s worth it to keep the membership for now.

  9. This was the first year that I had to make a decision about buying a gym membership in a long time. The university where I got my PhD automatically charged us a student fee for the gym whether we wanted to use it or not and the college that I taught at in 2009-2010 let faculty use the gym for free. I did get a membership to the YMCA this past fall, and I will probably keep it even though I usually only go 1-2 times a week since I prefer to run outside and I own my own treadmill. But I do like being able to lift and cross-train with a friend a couple times a week, and I figure that I would spend more money on food/drinks if we changed our socializing to going out for a beer or for dinner instead of the gym.

  10. I didn’t quit a gym, but I did stop my (expensive) group workouts with my trainers. I didn’t regret it for a long time, because I was running so much, but once I had to stop running I sort-of wished I could go back…except that there are still a lot of the workouts that I can’t do because of my ankle, and I’m also not working, so I don’t have the money to pay for it. My gym is pretty reasonable and with swimming 5 days a week, I’m definitely getting my money’s worth out of it. Plus with the indoor pool I can swim year-round, so that is nice. However, that’s pretty much all I do at the gym – swim – I don’t do any classes or work the machines, so if I didn’t swim, I wouldn’t bother with it. Gee, could this comment BE any longer? 😉

    I bet that you are going to like the boot camp. Something about everyone working out and suffering (LOL) together is fun! And being able to do it with K. will be extra nice.

    I love that your running is so enjoyable lately. That just makes me smile. 🙂

  11. HI Fran, Sounds like you’ve made the right running choice for you! YAY! I changed gyms a while ago….the old was was starting to charge extra for some classes (the popular ones – yoga, pilates, cardio funk) and paying over and above our monthly fees, and it just seemed like a cash grab. No regrets…where I go now is a little less swanky, but does the trick for much less money. LOVE the photos!!!!! Have a great day!!!

  12. I don’t have a gym membership. I went with my husband to his gym once, and although it was beautiful and full of amazing equipment, I’d rather go outside and run or bike. I run in all weather, sun, rain, snow, hot, cold. Your cow photo is beautiful – so peaceful.

  13. I’m like you, my gym membership runs out in a couple weeks and I am not going to renew it. I can do strength training at home. It’s harder in the winter with all our snow to do stuff outside as I am not a ski bunny 😀

    I can always rejoin at any time if I want.

  14. I am going to be starting a new gym membership. I love the cardio machines! Also, I never have to worry about having to go to the bathroom, or getting a sunburn etc.

    Great job on all your working out! You are a power house!

    Mmmm…red cabbage…must have some soon.

  15. Hi Fran!!! How and the heck are you? So good to finally start reading a few blogs again! I have missed you:) I did actually cancel a gym member ship about 10 years ago. I was working out pretty hard core and went to the gym every day. I did my same routine of running on the mill and then lifting wieghts. I never missed a day but should of. I got to the point of total burn out and it wasn’t fun any more. I stopped going to the gym for 3 months and had no desire to go back. It was 3 years ago where I started running:)

    Take care of yourself! Hugs!

  16. sometimes I wish I had a gym membership because it would get me out and about with other people ;-).
    I am so glad to have running and it brings me much joy to know that you enjoy it so much.

  17. I had numerous gym memberships in the past and all of them were cancelled because it just did not work for me – I did not like exercising where everyone saw me.
    Now that I am doing the running / exercising thing at home, I am successful at this for almost a year now. So gym is also not something for me.

  18. I have gone back on forth on whether or not I would want to cancel my membership. I realize that I don’t use the gym that much if at all during the summer….but in the winter if I didn’t have access to the treadmills I dont think I would ever run. So for me it’s actually more expensive to end my membership in the case that I wanted to turn it back on during the winter. But I also try to hit up classes at my gym…like bodypump and spinning. And have been going a couple times of month. I would miss that too. But I completely agree with your decision to end yours. And if you have everything you need outside then that’s a great deeal.

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